Tigers Finally Break the W Column by Overcoming BJ's

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The Tigers finally got over that hump and can just worry about winning the rest of the season. With a 5-1 victory over the Blue Jays on Wednesday, the Tigers no longer have to fear starting 0-7 again (or 0-162 if you added a two to the Lions record this past season). Huge PHEW.

Tigers got things rolling with Miguel Cabrera's first inning 3-run SHE-OT! (that's 'shot' said differently and quickly, for you baseball n00bs). He followed that up with a mammoth bomb to straight away center. Brandon Inge provided the cherry on top with his third, yes third, home run of the season. With three homers in three games, he's on pace to shatter Barry Bonds HR record. Someone get this guy a cup and tell him to start pissing.

On the hill, Zach Miner did his best, "I'm Jeremy Bonderman in the first inning," impression as he dug himself an early hole, but was bailed out by the Government and Josh Anderson's right arm. He crawled out of the bottom of the first by allowing just one run, despite loading the bases with no outs. From that point forward, it was smooth sailing as he went 5.2 IP with four K's and walking just two. Seay, Perry, and Rodney closed the door, respectively.

Ryan Perry really impressed me as he faced the heart of the Jays order in the 8th inning and retired them in order. One of those outs was a Rios K on a 3-2 slider. The fact that he's throwing a 3-2 slider in his Major League debut should say enough about the kid. I hate to say this, but his presence sort of reminds me of Jonathan Papeldouche, only with a better arm and a better face. Either way you look at it, he's going to be the real deal. Our future closer, in my mind, for sure.

Tomorrow the Tigers will try to even things up against the Blue Jays as 20-year old, Rick Porcello will make his Major League debut. He will square off against LHP Ricky Romero who is also making his first big league start. This is the first time since the installment of the first year player draft (1964), that two first round pitchers will make their Major League debuts against each other. First pitch is slated for 12:37 PM EST (obscure time clearly means it's a big game). I will be in class, Civil Procedure to be precise; and I will be taking notes with MLB.tv up on the left side of my screen. I hope Porcello grants all sorts of 12(b)(6) motions up on Toronto's asses. Go Tigers.

Big ups to Bless You Boys (and The Tao of Stieb) for bringing the picture above to my attention. I'll be sure to stay away from at least that one girl as it appears she has some mean, unforgiving chompers.

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