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Well, Monday night was really shitty. I said this like twenty times in the live blogs, but I'll say it again damnit. I wish I could get in my Delorean and gun it to 80 and re-do the Tigers' Opening Day game and Michigan State's first nine minutes of their loss to UNC in the National Championship game. Unfortunately, the time machine does not exist yet and here I am drunk, naked, and sweating all over my black leather chair trying to figure out if I should sob to the Season Three Finale re-run of the OC or cry on the bathroom floor next to my toilet with a wet towel wrapped around my shoulders instead. I'm conflicted. At least the Red Wings won and are looking good going into the playoffs.

When the other pain wears off, (which honestly will be soon--I'm exaggerating just a little) I'll surely need some electrolytes before I go to bed. Therefore, I'll resort to some Gatorade (or G) to replenish my system. This G commercial, sent by Docksquad Sports, could probably inspire Brian Urlacher and David Ortiz to put down their badminton rackets and crappy Vitamin Water to take a quick sip of this G (that's what she said--the Sarah Palin version).

Speaking of 'that's what she said' you have to take a look at the revolutionary work from the girls at Sportsbroad.com. Yes, I said, "girls." According to their site, they're just a few young girls from Atlanta who like to talk about sports in their underwear. They're more than just girls in their underwear, though. They are girls who know how to relay sports news with an enjoyable humorous twang. Obviously, it doesn't hurt knowing that what's being said is by chicks in their underwear. Good marketing from a good site.

That reminds me, I need to pass the word along about Sharapova's Thigh's "Hot Ladies Tournament Field of 32 Thighs." As the title of the tourney so clearly reveals, it will consist of a field of 32 thighs going thigh-to-thigh under the limelight. Who will prevail as the ultimate thigh? Well, Vegas has their odds geared toward Jessica Alba, as it appears she's in one of the weaker regions of the tournament. Check it out and make sure you give your thoughts on the thight at Sharapova's Thigh.

As I have mentioned before, Detroit4lyfe will soon be moving to a sports network, Bloguin.com. They have a great group of bloggers over there that we're really looking forward to working with. One in particular, as you saw in my Walter Herrmann piece, had an Unsung Player Day yesterday. There were a lot of worthy submissions so I highly suggest you check With-Malice out for those. Another blog that you should be on the lookout for is Motown String Music. It will be a blog devoted solely to the Detroit Pistons on the esteemed SB Nation sports bloggers network. It is set to launch any day now.

Lastly I'd like to express my displeasure with CBS ending the Men's NCAA Tournament coverage with the song, "One Shining Moment," accompanied by a montage of all the highlights from the tourney. I get that it's tradish and all, being from 1987. However, it's 2009 now and the song is flat out-played out. You can argue that we only hear it once a year, but that's not really true. We hear it in our heads every time we think of the NCAA tournament finishing because that's the last thing they leave us with. Therefore, it's exactly like hearing Lady Gaga's Poker Face a million times or any other song that winds up on those 'Now That's What I Call Music' CDs. And quite honestly, "One Shining Moment" is much worse to me than some overplayed song on the radio: The beat kind of reminds me of that freaking Reading Rainbow song. Don't ask me how or why, probably because they're from the same era, but it does. That should provide CBS enough reason to change it up in 2010. Thanks.

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I'm glad someone agrees with me, as been I've railing over the suckitude of "One Signing Moment" for years.

It's a God awful song. Put it to pasture. Even better, destroy all recordings of this piece of 80's tripe, so ensuing generations won't have to suffer through it.

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