Don't Bully Our Bully, But We'll Bully Yours

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Coming into this season everyone doubted the Tigers bullpen. After the Toronto series, everyone STILL doubted the bullpen. Well, the boys are back into town and are giving everyone reason to believe, we have noooothing to doubt.

Our Tagers just completed a Mr. Clean sponsored sweep of the Texas Rangers on Easter Sunday. This weekend, the Tigers bullpen threw nine innings and allowed just one run! That lone run was a meaningless one on Friday in our 15-2, bend you over our knee and spank you, victory. Also, it was given up by Eddie Bonine who arguably shouldn't even be in our bullpen and whose name might imply that such outings come with the territory.

Since Bonine gave up that solo shot to Nelson Cruz on Friday, the Tigers bully has been PERF, or perfect. They've retired 24 consecutive Texas Rangers through eight innings and have two saves. This is not some fluke, critics. This is an indication of what this bullpen is capable of this year. Texas has one of the best Louisville slugger-filled lineups in the league with Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, Michael Young, Hank Blalock and oh, that guy named Josh Hamiton. They can straight mash, but Detroit's bullpen made it look like they were using the chop sticks they got while eating dinner at Somerset Mall's PF Changs.

Yesterday, Fernando Rodney closed out a solid performance by striking out the side and doing a mixture between some type of dance and Joel Zumaya's patented fist pump. Today, he did it the ol' fashioned way by letting them put it in play, a 1-2-3 nonetheless. Nate Robertson threw a perfect two frames yesterday and Brandon "Todd Jones" Lyon bounced back from his miserable outing in Toronto by throwing two perfect innings today too.

Meanwhile, the Tigers had a lot of fun bullying the Rangers bullpen this weekend as they scored 13 runs against them. Today, it was at the expense of fellow twitterer C.J. Wilson. Power surged by Brandon M-Inge's lead off home run in the 8th, the Tigers mustered up the best rally stew of the season to score six runs on five hits and pull off an amazing Easter Sunday comeback victory. Brandon Inge also had a two run single in that same inning. That is probably the first time he's ever had two hits in one inning in a Tigers uniform. I'm sure he's right there with the bullpen spitting in the faces of all those Tigers fans who have relentlessly picked on them. Hopefully, they can keep it up--the good play and the spitting.

Don't look now Tigers nation, but the Tigers are 4-3 and sitting atop the Central Division standings on April 12th! Maybe I should have left off the exclamation point there but for a team that didn't even reach the .500 mark until June 28th last season (80 games), I'm going to enjoy this. Playoffs here we come. Back off.

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