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I'm still considering going to the "Blogs with Balls" June 13th sports symposium in New York City this summer. What do you think? A lot of cool people will be there, like Jimmy Traina for example. He loves loons more than Chip Stevenson, so I'm sure I'll be able to strike up a pretty decent conversation with him about the recently recalled Sunday Night Anti-Debreastants.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering it and so should you. The tickets are only $50 if you get them now. If you decide you want to go I have two quick tips; (1) please be sure to use the referral code: D4LYFE when purchasing a ticket; and (2) let me know if you're going, because we can meet up like creepy cyberspace friends.

So to further promote their all day sports shindig, "Blogs with Balls" along with a couple other big blogs put together this little "Kobe Bryant, tell me how my ass tastes, we can jump over cars too" rebuttal video. You'll be utterly amazed by the results. Watch:

BallHype: hype it up!


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