Your Sunday Night Anti-DeBreastants

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I'll try touch on the most important reasons why it's such a depressing Sunday evening:

First of all, the Pistons just lost a tough one to the Miami Heat as a result of superstar treatment for Dwayne Wade. As Stuckey went up for a shot on the Pistons' last possession, trailing by one, he was mugged by Wade. As a result, Wade got the ball, perhaps even out of bounds, and was able to dish it off to a teammate who was fouled and able to seal the deal. Coach Curry may not have shown the best poise by getting a double technical and automatic ejection, but at least he was defending his team.

Michigan lost yesterday to Oklahoma in a hard fought game to dash their hopes of making it to the Sweet Sixteen. A lot of Michigan fans bickered about the officiating due to the discrepancy in the number of fouls called against Michigan verse the number called against OU. I'll let you make the judgment on that. I wasn't necessarily expecting a win from the Maize 'n Blue, but it's still depressing their season is over. Can't wait for next year.

It's Sunday and Sunday is always depressing. Especially, when you were just on Spring Break for a week and now you have to worry about waking up early for school the next day. Not only do I have school, but I have a lot of work that I have to do in preparation for it. Very depressing.

Lastly, and probably the most depressing news, is that your weekly "Sunday Night Anti-DeBreastants" post will soon be no more. Detroit4lyfe will be joining a large network in the next few weeks and this nugget is not the kind of content they are looking to promote over there. I know what you're thinking, and no they do not promote depression, this--to be quite honest--just isn't the classiest idea ever. I should have you know though, that absolutely nothing else about this blog's content will change. Of course if you miss this post soo much you can't handle your Sunday nights without it, I'm willing to get an email group going with all our most faithful readers and sending out a newsletter every Sunday night with your normal dosage of anti-debreastants. Email me at if you are interested.

I know... I'm depressed too.....

Hopefully Gena Lee Nolin will help. You've seen her on "Baywatch" and as one of Bob's Babes on "The Price is Right." She was also in the Billy Currington music video, "I got a Feeling." Please take Gena Lee as your Sunday night anti-debreastants PRN (no, not porn; that means 'as needed').

All better.

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I saw Gena Lee Nolin in Ann Arbor in the fall of 1997 at a Michigan football game when she was taping a college football segment for Entertainment Tonight or some other similarly silly celebrity gossip show. She wasn't all that.

Well, she sure fooled me. Drug recall?

Anonymous   says 9:38 PM

I jack off to this picture every night

Anonymous   says 9:38 PM

and i even make the moaning noises myself o man does it feel good.

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