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Cuba (during the WBC) -

With their all red uniforms they look like that team in the youth baseball tournaments who always gets laughed at with their colored pants and proceeds to lose by mercy rule in 3 innings 15-0. At these tournaments, you could always tell if a team was good before you even played them simply by how they looked (as childish as that may sound). But let it be known that my childhood team, the Barons, always had very snazzy uniforms and only wore black pants for one game at a very young age before we nixed those when we realized how ridiculous they looked (by the way we lost that game 10-0). Ironically, Cuba is a very talented team in the World Baseball Classic and was just ousted in round 2 of pool play by the reigning champs from Japan.

Chicago Bulls on St. Patrick's Day-

They wore all green uniforms in honor of the holiday that looked absolutely preposterous considering green is not seen anywhere in their typical jerseys. For a team with all red uniforms to switch to green for the day seems a little awkward. The weird thing was that they were playing the Celtics whose logo is a clover leaf. Hmm doesn't it seem like maybe the Celtics should have been the team wearing their typical green uniforms?

These are just 2 of the more recent horrendous uniform sitings across the sports world but here's a list of some of my favorites (or should I say least favorites):

Chicago White Sox (1982-1990) -Chicago White Sox (shorts alternate- 1976)

And no, this is not a softball team.

Philadelphia Eagles (1933, 2007)

Boston Celtics

Pittsburgh Pirates (1970's) -
I don't know what looks funnier, the uniform or the guy in it.

Anyway, that's just a few and I'm sure there are many more so feel free to comment and leave a link to some of the worst uniforms of all time.


Go Spartans (tip off to their road to the Final Four on Friday night against Robert Morris...long lost brother of Phillip Morris)

BallHype: hype it up!


Dupree is definitely the stylish one of the group. After bashing the leggings a lot of players wore in last year's NBA playoffs, he has taken over as the official Detroit4lyfe professional athlete fashion police. Congrats Dupree.

Here are some other ugly unis I've stumbled across in my day:

The old Vancouver Canucks uniforms are especially hideous. They are what V for Vendetta's official uniforms would probably look like. Maybe I'm not giving that guy enough credit though.

Check out the O Oregon jersey. Major bullseye for ugliness. This kid looks like he lost in a game of rock-paper-scissors and had to wear this for the photo shoot. He's not happy.

These purple Kansas State uniforms stink worse than the dude who just farted in the team huddle.

Lastly these Denver Nuggets rainbow colored unis cry out to an Elton John fan base. If I was Dikembe Mutumbo, I would have been wagging my finger 'no thanks' when handed one of these atrocious jerseys to wear.

I'm sure there are more, so let's keep the comments coming for Dupree's good post.

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