Testicle Tuesday Hot and Steamy Link Dump

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It's not often Detroit4lyfe does these, and it's not because we're extremely self centered and selfish. We're just lazy boys and probaly don't want you getting lost at some other website we sent you to when we can just keep you here. (Best chair ever by the way. I will buy it.)

So here it goes: Our nice, hot, steamy, just had a bean filled burrito from Chipotle, link dump.

So, I just became ePals with a guy from Colorado who runs a blog called "Sharapova's Thigh". If you put our "Sunday Night Anti-Debreastant" posts and Sharapova's Thigh of the Week pieces together you'd get a nice balance between sexy thighs and attractive chesticles. That's all guys really look for in a woman anyway, right? My new eFriend is a funny dude and came up with one hell of a blog name despite his allegience to Chicago sports teams (don't worry he's a Cubs guy or else I wouldn't even be ePals with him).

If you like the title of his blog, go vote for it at Zoner Sports, where they are having a tournament to determine the best blog name in the blogsphere. (Don't be afraid to vote for another fellow Detroit blog, "The Wayne Fontes Experience." He's been going at it for a long time now and he deserves the credit.)

By the way, if you don't know what the hell an ePal or eFriend is then just read this Joe Posnanski piece and you'll totally understand.

As we mentioned in our latest Sunday Night Anti-Debreastants, Detroit4lyfe will soon be supported by a big network in the next month or so, Bloguin. They got a great platform over there and will give us a chance to reach out to more fans across the net. Since you're dying to know, our blog will have a template-morph of some of our favorite blogs already on that site: Pensblog, A Stern Warning, Arizona Sports Beat, and Curse of Cleveland. The colors will resemble those of all the professional sports teams in Detroit. It's going to be cooler than Shia LaBeouf thinks he is.

With Malice, another blog over at Bloguin is having a little competition you might be interested in. They are giving away some sort of Mt. Dew Voltage package for the person who submits their favorite non-superstar in the NBA. The person with the best person and reasoning will win the prize. Leave your entries in the comments section to be eligible. Only two people will win and since my Walter Hermann entry will be one of them, there's only one left. Get a move on it.

The prize pretty much sucks, but it's arguably better than what we have to offer: nothing. Either way, it's a really good idea. This all goes hand in hand with their upcoming Unsung Player Day which is also a pretty good idea. (The second link was for calling their prize sucky).

Lastly, today is another sad day in Detroit sports, for we lost longtime Detroit Tigers player/broadcaster George Kell (1922-2009). I never got the luxury of watching him play because I'm too young, but I was blessed to hear him announce games on UPN 50 with Al Kaline for the first decade of my life. I'll always remember coming home late from school, plopping down in front of the TV with my daily poptarts and watching the Tigers play after the latest Simpsons reruns. Ian Casselberry of Bless You Boys , another eFriend of mine, referred to Kell as the voice of baseball for the Tags on TV. Ian writes a great piece remembering Kell that I highly suggest you take a peek at. RIP Mr. Kell.


Ouch! Sucks?
Well, ok - a t-shirt and some Voltage isn't totally awesome, but harsh man, harsh!

Oh... and thanks for the linkin' - and looking forward to you guys joining Bloguin!

ha I'm just messing. I'm always in need of a new t-shirt!

No problem from the linkage & I'm looking forward to joining you guys at Bloguin as well.

Are you guys gonna make out once you go over there too?


I might give him a little kiss on the cheek, just to say 'hello, I'm here safely.'

You going to one up me and dish him out a handy dandy mancandy?


I've pretty much ditched the dAndy ManCandy shizzle except for on blogger since that's what my first blog was set up under. It's a f'd up nickname my boss gave me that stuck. It has no correlation to my sexual orientation. Regardless, I have contacted my warehouse and requested that a bouquet of roses and 2 cases of dAndy ManCandy be sent to the corporate offices of bloguin for you gents!

This conversation is supergay.

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