Pistons Win in Billups' Emotional Return to Detroit

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I don't have much to say about the win itself. What can I say? The Pistons are playing good basketball right now, despite the absence of their all-star guard Allen Iverson. They battled back from a 10-point halftime deficit to pull off a five point victory in the end. That runs the Stones' record to 7-1 without "The Answer" and 30-29 overall. I could go on about this 'correlation', but it's a broken record. It should also be noted that Denver was without Carmelo Anthony.

The real story from this game, to me, was the return of Chauncey Billups to Detroit. Chauncey spent six amazing years with the Pistons, including the championship season in 2004 when he won a Finals MVP. Chauncey was the real deal and everyone, for the most part, loved him and wished they didn't have those pesky restraining orders or else they would hug him.

Anyway, he was welcomed back to the Palace with wide open arms despite the fact he came in playing for the other team. After hearing boo birds for the other four Nugget players, the mood suddenly shifted as Chauncey was about to be introduced. Everyone stood and began to cheer. Pistons' PA-guy, John Mason yelped out his touching introduction, which rhymed beautifully, as the packed house screamed and applauded their little hearts out for Chauncey.

Watching the introduction online gave me goosebumps every single time I watched it (which was about five times). It simply amazes me how awesome the Detroit fans are. FYI- these fans knew exactly what tonight was going to be about.

Fans showed up to the Palace earlier than usual, all so they could thank Chauncey for everything he did for the franchise. Everyone knew they were going to be giving him a standing ovation as soon as it was his turn to be introduced, and everyone knew they were going to show their continuous love for the PG throughout his introduction whether that was through excessive shrieking, clapping your hands, or holding up creative signs.

The standing ovation and cheering lasted nearly two full minutes. This type of reaction toward its players has almost come to be expected from Detroit fans, but then you see it and you can't prevent the hairs on your body from raising. This was an all around truly classy display by fans, Chauncey for embracing it, and John Mason for his fantastic introduction.

Although I could not be at the game, I definitely appreciate the Billups that helped guide the Stones to six consecutive Eastern Conference Finals and a NBA Finals victory and would have been one of the people on his feed hootin' and hollerin' for him during his introduction. Thank you, Chauncey.

Thanks to our friends over at Need4Sheed, we have the Chauncey introduction in its entirety. Check it out and cry a little bit:


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