The NIT has feelings too

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We all know what time of the year it is: It's mid-March Madness and time for the incessant filling out of NCAA basketball brackets, hoping to have that perfect, million dollar one and be the guy who can run around the office saying, "I correctly picked George Mason to go to the sweet sixteen in one of my thirty brackets. I'm so smart. Praise me." And we'll get to all that hoopla, trust me. It's a great year because Michigan is back in the tournament for the first time since my brothers and I would draft teams and play out the games on our five foot Little Tikes hoops in our basement. That's how we filled out our brackets in 1998 and that was the last time the Wolverines were "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" to Will Smith's hit song at the time and slow-dancing their way into the tournament to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." In addition to Michigan being in the tournament for the first time in a long time and Michigan State being their regular ol' self, Detroit hosts the Final Four. What a state-riotic (like patriotic) fest that would be if UofM played MSU in the championship game at Ford Field in Detroit. I think that would single-handedly boost the state of Michigan's economy.

But like I said, we will get to all that hoopla later. Those games don't begin until Thursday and it's Monday night. So as I said, we'll come back to it.

But there is something more important before that time and it's the NIT Tournament, the real tournament's ugly little sister. Detroit4lyfe has a strong allegiance to one of the NIT teams and I won't say who, but you might be able to guess it by looking at our picks: (Click to enlarge)
These selections are the product of a very tedious analytical process, also known as the "whoever the hell I want and no one really cares about the NIT anyway," process.

But if you do care then listen up to my reasoning for selecting Davidson to win it all. For starters they are forever perfect at the Garden (1-0), and they were a 35-foot shot away from knocking off last year's NCAA tournament champ, Kansas in the Elite Eight. They lost the guy who took that shot (Jason Richards), are in a much easier tournament, and still have arguably the nation's best player; so why not?

The NIT is obviously a tournament where big programs tend to take cake walks through, especially if they got snubbed from the real tournament. However, a team like Davidson, with the hot play of superstar All-American Stephen Curry, could be a very dangerous NIT team. You know with their blue collared work ethic and exceptional X's and O's coach Bob McKillop, they are going to come out playing this tournament as if it's the big prom dance and not Sadie Hawkins, especially since they are embarrassed that they choked in their own tournament (BTW-Chattanooga was rewarded for winning the SoCon by given a 16 seed, essentially telling them, "take your tournament bid reward money and use it to buy enough ice for the butt whooping you're about to receive."

Even if I am being extremely ol' Biased Bob Biscigliano, as usual, I definitely see Davidson winning some games, and if they get a March from Stephen Curry reminiscent of 2008 I don't see why they can't shock the world--if anyone is actually paying enough attention to the NIT to be shocked.

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