March Madness is running wild

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Today is debatably the best sporting day of the year: The opening day of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. 16 games over 12 hours. Cinderella taking one last look in the mirror to make sure its ass doesn't look fat in its dress before it runs out onto the court to try to make Bryce Drew-type history. Goliath fighting the urge to look past its opponent with three directions and two hyphens in its school's name. A fresh, sparkling, unmarked bracket waiting to be gradually covered with red lines, called a whore, and then thrown on top of a turd in the upstairs bathroom. Life just doesn't get any better than this.

Through the completion of the first 12 games today, there were no major upsets. Michigan, a #10 seed in the South region, was able to stave off a late comeback attempt by #7 seed Clemson and move onto the second round by defeating the Tigers 62-59. Manny Harris (below) willed the Wolverines to victory with 23 points. Three point shooting was a key, as Michigan shot 10-26 from behind the stripe while Clemson was just 5-22. Stu Douglass should be commended for goading hot-head Terrence "Sheed" Oglesby into elbowing him in his chops, leading to Oglesby's ejection from the game with 16 minutes left. Zach Gibson also managed to make a few nice plays, and while not looking entirely clumsy and silly while doing so on a couple occasions. Since he is like 7' 3", I would still like young Gibson to try to grab a rebound with his hands every once in a while instead of deflecting it backwards like he's Karch Kiraly tipping it to the back row all of the time. Michigan will play the winner of #2 Oklahoma/#15 Morgan State on Saturday in St. Louis.

Congratulations go out to Tyler Hans-bra (below) of the South region #1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels for breaking that jerk J.J. Reddick's ACC scoring record. The Heels rolled over Radford in their first round game in Greensboro, North Carolina, and play the Bayou Bengals, SEC champ (oxymoron) #8 seed LSU, on Saturday. LSU beat Butler 75-71.

Finally, we have an injury report out of Greensboro. The UNC team doctor took a look at Ty Lawson's toe, and told him, "It's just a little boo boo, get out there and play, you woman." Here's a shot of Lawson's injured toe taken in the training room:

It doesn't look too bad. Roy Williams said Lawson will play Saturday or lose his scholarship.

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