Lions Logo Licked...I Mean, Leaked

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A lot has been said lately about the new Detroit Lions logo. People are dying to see it because it's supposed to change the Lions' identities, give them super powers, and make them win at least one game. To be honest, I'm not that excited about the new logo. Who cares? It doesn't change the fact we were 0-16, that we actually need good players to sport the logo, and the last time we hyped up something that dealt with a change in our uniforms we ended up getting rid of them almost immediately because they were stained yellow from Shaun Rogers' underboob sweat and reeked of Matt Millen's armpits. So I have remained reserved during this recent Lions logo frenzy.

Then the new logo above was leaked and I was instantly drawn in by the idea. The logo is perfect. I didn't realize the Detroit Lions were such geniuses.

A Detroit Lion licking his man footballs.

This is Mayhew and Lewand staring fans and critics in the face and saying, "We may have gone 0-16 last year, but who cares? Lick our balls. We're going to win the Super Bowl in 2009-2010. We're licking our chops at the thought of it."

Clearly the new theme that comes with the logo is "all balls baby," and "we won't back down from nothing...not from winning and not from licking our balls." (Should I get another "licking balls" reference in before I end this thing? Nah...)

I'm sold. I can't wait to see it on the helmets come September.

thanks to cousin Matt for providing this lovely image

BallHype: hype it up!


I look at that new logo and just think.....arrrrh.

Who do you think the Lions will take first next month?

The Lions have been pretty deceptive in terms of their thought process, although Schwartz has opened up a little more recently. The latest MLive article, "Lions may not go 'safe" at no. 1" kind of leads me to believe they will in fact pick Stafford.

I agree a QB draft pick would have "more hoops" to jump through in terms of being a successful pick, but couldn't picking Stafford actually be considered a safe pick here, too? Everyone has been telling the Lions that's who they should select ever since they knew they'd be picking #1. To me, it seems like the unsafe pick would be picking someone no one else believes should go #1, because if that person fails everyone says, "we told you to draft Stafford. All the mock drafts said Stafford. You're stupid." I don't know, just seems to me like there would be more pressure for that other #1 pick to succeed since it was solely the Lions choice as opposed to what all the major media and fans seem to believe as well. Obviously, it depends on how you're looking at it and I'm sure Schwartz and Lions could really give two shits about what the media and fans think.

Take what you want from this Schwartz quote:

"I think that's paramount. We need to find a quarterback," Schwartz said. "I've been on the record saying quarterback is the most important position on the team, but there are a lot of different ways to get that quarterback."

But what about Duante? He's a STAR!

I think Stafford will be the one as well. It's a win win for him. If they turn it around, and by turning it around I mean actualy win a couple games this year, he will be a hero. If they fail, then he has the shitty cast members to blame. I just hope he doesn't get killed due to a weak line. I wish him and the Lions the best, even though watching my Gators destroy the Dawgs was great fun!

Who knows WTF the Jags will be like this year! Might be the next 0-16 the way they looked last year....

This new Logo looks weird, but let me tell that Lions are bad. I had heard that one of those guys used to invest his time looking for Viagra Online to be better on bed.

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