Hump Day Look Alikes

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Hump Day usually means it's the middle of the week and everything is all downhill from Wednesday (the hump) into the weekend. To me, whenever I hear someone say "oh, it's hump day" I dismiss it as if they are just exclaiming they're horny.

Without further ado, here are some of my Hump Day Look Alikes:

Cole Hamels and Zac Efron

Cole Hamels is getting very 'Efron' on us with his long hair and soft High School Musical voice. They also share the same bushy caterpillar eyebrows that often need some plucking.

Doug Gottlieb, ESPN College Basketball analyst and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

They sound the same and have that same cynical look in their eye. And if you think Dennis has no basketball knowledge to match Doug's, then you're absolutely wrong. Check out this clip.

Stephen Curry and Barack Obama.

They are both the most powerful and important players on their respective teams. Curry: Davidson and Obama: America
The are both light skinned, skinny basketball players with killer jump shots.
I also firmly believe had Davidson been in the tournament again this year Barack-etology would have picked them to go far. (PS-I would comment on the president's picks but I'm afraid a secret agent would zip line through my window and take me hostage). ((Also, another comparison of Curry could be to poker player, Phil Ivey.)

Julian Tavarez (now of the Washington Nationals) and Freddy Krueger. If you haven't heard this look alike before, now you have. Their crater faces and sick personalities make them long lost brothers. Their job descriptions are also fairly similar. Tavarez uses his fingers to master his pitches to pick apart hitters, while Kreuger uses his blade fingers to ritualistically murder his opposition. You should have all heard by now, Tavarez's quote after signing with the Nationals. Certainly, that must be how free agents signing with the Lions feel like.

Tony Dungy and Soda Popinski

Everyone's played Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Soda Popinski is usually a favorite choice. As is choosing the Colts when playing Madden. Their bald heads, mustaches, and go get-em offensive approaches prove that they are brothers separated at birth.

Paul Pierce and this kid

I used to hate/respect Paul Pierce but ever since last year's NBA Finals, I've just flat out hated him. How can you go from being carried off the floor in a wheelchair to running around hitting big jumpshots? He calls himself the Truth, but there was nothing truthful to those unnecessary theatrics. The only thing that's the Truth is he's a punk and I hope the Celtics die of ghonorreah and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie, son?

I thought the title of this was a novel idea (hump day look alikes), but I wanted to google it just to be certain. Sure enough, I found out that one other site has a Hump Day Humor look alikes section. It would be unprofessional of me not to link to their site now. Here are their look alikes. UGH.

BallHype: hype it up!


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The complications sound to launch when making use of UGG boots to stroll a important length. At the time we find out to walk as toddlers, our ft grow to be easily accustomed to putting on sneakers as we insulate our toes from the floor. This undoubtedly protects our toes from agonizing injuries but can also have an effect on how very well the foot is effective to assistance alone. Effectively created shoes will present some security to the heel region and make it easy for the joints of the foot to get the job done normally. This mix of strength and versatility let our toes to think cozy when we stroll. The UGG boot design and style does not generally offer the balance that some men and women need and the heel generally rolls towards the inner edge of the boot. This can be a indication that the arches of the toes are weakening and may be at chance from a pressure harm and distress and suffering are generally the outcome. If this does take place, employing a Footmedics Activ orthotic can assistance restore the foots natural placement inside of the [url=]UGG Boots sale[/url] boot or putting a Stayfresh Fleece Insole in a further common shoe can offer the insulation mandated in colder climate.

It is significant to fully understand that these challenges do not impact us all and the vast majority of UGG boot wearers are not necessarily probable to create distressing signs and symptoms. Nevertheless, these whose ft definitely have support difficulties are possible to be crafted even worse and [url=]cheap ugg boots[/url] it could possibly get a whereas right before the discomfort illustrates. Utilizing UGG boots to continue to keep your ft warm can make sense but strolling for a longer time distances in them may possibly give you much more than you bargained for. Sacrificing comfort and ease for design can appear at a value.

Preferred UGG-Style boot awful for your toes

The well-known UGG-type boot is well-known for its comfort. But some physicians be anxious that the fashion staple could bring about critical foot problems in the extensive operate. So some podiatrists throughout the region are telling UGG boot lovers to enjoy their procedures.

"It could come to feel cushiony it may possibly truly feel comfy, but it won't necessarily mean they are receiving the crucial arch support that a foot requirements to function correctly," explained Dr. Rock Positano of the Hospital for Special Surgical procedure in New York Area.

Boots Continue to be Preferred

Like assistance hasn't stopped UGG boot lovers like Tammy Mudd of Wilmington, Ohio, from donning the boot with a suede external and sheepskin lining. Mudd, 28, has seven pairs of the footwear in her closet and hardly ever normally takes them off, indicating she would consider any colour or style of UGG boot because she loves them so significantly.

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Stage 1: Tanning.

Sheepskin will have to be saved for a very long time just before they can be adopted on boots. Large vessels that hold from 3,000 to 15,000 liters of salt h2o any place are applied in tanneries. Skins swish slowly but surely within. This is absolutely a small method lasting approximately 10 days till the hides are tanned appropriately that is ready to be lower for UGG boots.

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The second part is called Fleshing which is major for later on processes this kind of as rapid and extensive penetration of chemicals. This stage is mechanical absolutely. Fleshing machine wipes any redundant excess fat and muscle tissue off from interior sheepskin. There is no doubt this assures ease and comfort and also overall health on boots strongly. The most significant portion lies in pickling and tanning phases of later on.

The 3rd element arrives to Scouring which should be the most specialist phase in its whole approach. Surfactants of significant temperature (about 38 degrees Celsius) purify grime and lanolin from the sheepskin thoroughly.

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The fifth element is Tanning now which really should be operated properly, especially caring for the demanded temperature. Adding chromium salts that is necessary in forming cross-backlinks with the collagen is valuable to stabilize the epidermis construction, blocking putrefaction of rotting. As shortly as tanning agent crosses the epidermis, prevent this practice at the moment. Use sodium bicarbonate and high temperature sheepskin to 35-forty degrees Celsius. Are you fascinated why UGG boots are right for each and every time? Below is the remedy. This course of action is finished at temperature of about twenty five degrees Celsius. Due to the shrinkage temperature on sheepskin, it can be elevated to 60-100 levels Celsius in future.

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UGG Australia are the authentic UGG Boots that the superstars have on and have turn out to be so favorite that the phrase 'ugg boots' has become synonymous with the model. Aside from that there are a lot of precise causes to buy the UGG Australia brand only:

UGG Australia offer you the quite highest superior UGGs
They have solid heels that do not buckle
Authentic sheepskin layer retains water out
Lavish, thick fleece is toasty but breathable
These boots will previous many years - you get what you pay back for
They are addressed to be far more resilient to odour all through their life span.

These Ugg boots are as popular as ever in celeb [url=]ugg boots cheap[/url] circles and on the great avenue - they appear good, they feel fantastic, they are even functional and they past. The model is always evolving its products range too - the UGG Cardy and Bailey Button boots are good new variants on the well-liked model that are in need considerably significantly in surplus of the quantities manufactured by the model.

Wellies are one particular of the most realistic pieces of footwear if you dwell someplace like the Uk wherever we tend get the odd shower! The issue is, basic, uninteresting green wellies are not specifically what several fashionista would treatment to walk down the street in. Cue, Hunter. The quintessential and unique welly company have embraced the 21st Century and have welcomed the inescapable fact that the products are now worn by a considerably wider variety of individuals and made use of for a broader collection of pursuits. Around the several years, Hunter Wellies have acquired a lot recognition, but particular pleasure is taken in The Royal Warrants of Appointment as suppliers of water-proof footwear to [url=]ugg boots sale[/url] HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. For the trend conscious however, a collaboration with Jimmy Choo, and the introduction of colors these types of as fushia, violet and silver is the most important recognition. Practicality and vogue in just one pair of boots that's why, were seeing Hunter Wellies on the streets and not just in the fields.

Hunter Wellies are now getting worn as day to working day womens boots and what a excellent way to introduce colour into your wardrobe and onto your toes. The selection is escalating calendar year on calendar year with seasonal kinds offering the most recent colors.
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Wrapped in a taller higher for supreme convenience, it can be worn folded down for a diverse appear and accent

Classic Tall boot for gals capabilities lavish twin-faced sheepskin for the utmost ease and comfort

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The Women's Kalina is a closed-toe UGG shoe that is advantageous, comfortable and attractively intended in a fashionable method. It truly is designed with a entire grain leather-based upper and an outsole of mid rubber. The distinct [url=]ugg boots uk[/url] leather-based weave offers it a simple but incredible and modern layout that grabs your focus. The suede wrapped Poron bed offers you the relaxation that you will need in a going for walks shoe. The Kalina is a leisure, but exquisite women's shoe that would be a wonderful addition for anybody's shoe assortment. UGG provides the Sheldon, which is a high high quality slipper that is robust ample for outside use. The Sheldon's abundant leather-based higher and sheepskin lining will hold your feet heat even in chilly weather conditions. Given that they are also leather footwear, you can dress in UGG slippers close to your property or for a wander approximately the block. On the market in darkish brown and black, the Sheldon will give you a emotion of convenience and luxurious equally in and out of the property.

Many people today these days are involved about the ethics of the brand names they acquire, so you will be completely happy to know that Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the organization powering UGG footwear, is dedicated to both human legal rights and protecting the setting. They use a established of suggestions for [url=][/url] difficulties this kind of as the form [url=]ugg boots uk[/url] of products used to make services and the legal rights of their staff. None of this firm's products are produced with the use of child labor or forced labor, for instance. This firm is also dedicated to acquiring technologies that are environmentally welcoming.

One time you encounter the high quality and workmanship of UGG footwear, you will understand why so countless folks enjoy this brand name. The well known models mentioned over can be located at both their establishments or from approved internet sellers. Irrespective of exactly where you have to stroll, UGG footwear are a authentic luxurious for your toes.
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Other on-line retailers (excluding licensed on-line merchants) generally article initially images of shoe pairs that have easily been copied from the Ugg Australia web page. These pics are not the pictures of the services you will be receiving at your home. Do not acquire brand discover footwear by road vendors, marketplaces and unauthorized retail sellers. Do not have confidence in any world wide web web-site that opens with the lookup of main phrase 'Uggs' or other rather identical time period. Glance engines will screen all the effects acquiring the word as 'Uggs'. Do not easily believe in these web sites. Bear in mind only the official Ugg Australia world wide web web page and its approved retailer net website webpages are reliable. Be cautious if any web online websites include things like Ugg any place in the domain name. If any world wide web web site other than other than has the domain establish 'Ugg' or any connected term, then the choice is just about certain to be

If you had been wanting to know how to spot phony Uggs on line, then we hope you now have a substantially improved approach of how to explore the major thing.

Uggs are the new boot routine from down beneath, and for their acceptance among the celeb group, these merely specially constructed but trendy hunting boots are rocking the way into the souls of further and a great deal far more boot lovers from all above the community. However, when obtaining your Ugg boots on the Earth-extensive-world wide web there are some factor that you want to be informed of, some detail that you may perhaps quite possibly [url=]ugg sale[/url] be aware of and just about anything that you may not be conscious of.

Exploring for low priced Ugg on line is an simple vocation, and you positively would adore to fork out out substantially significantly less on the Internet than you will do at community shopping mall or shoe retailer. Firstly you definitely will need to arrive throughout some different shoe shops by checking at frequently applied motor. You will be permitted to assessment the selling price ranges with the click on on of a button, [url=]ugg boots uk[/url] heading again and forth in involving windows. Also you can take a look at for rates at some well-liked auction world-wide-web webpages like eBay but there will be several faux Ugg you will uncover. Normally there are no noticeable variations in between the authentic and the counterfeit boot.

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