Cowboys Cut Owens, So You Know What That Means, Right?

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The Dallas Cowboys were tired of TO's antics. Personally, anyone who does abdominal workouts on his driveway during an interview, cries while defending his quarterback after a playoff loss, and has an alleged suicide attempt probably has one too many screws loose in the noggin' for my liking. Nothing personal; I just wouldn't want to have to deal with it, either.

Well, the breaking news that the Cowboys have released TO now means that former Detroit Lions WR, Roy Williams will be the new #1 receiver in Dallas. This also means that he will most likely re-emerge as a lethal fantasy WR option. With Housh and Nate Washington already signed with other teams, Dallas can't exactly go out and sign someone that will fill Owens metaphorical size 19 shoes (obviously, they could still make a trade, but seeing as their trades with Detroit have been absolutely awful, they might want to stay away from trades for a while--sit the next few plays out if you will. I digress). Roy Williams will have to be the man. Did Jerry Jones know this would happen when he signed Williams to that extension? I'm sure he knew TO would be gone before it was all said and done, but probably didn't know he would be gone this soon as a result of them cutting him.

This also begs the question as to what kind of market there is for a guy like Terrell Owens. Detroit Lions fans I know will not be able to help themselves and ask the question, in that soft voice where you know if you say it you're going to get in trouble but you say it anyway, "... could we sign him...."

Uproar!! Of course we can't sign him, he has the same team cancer disease Matt Millen had and he'd be way too expensive.

But could it be possible? That same soft spoken voice used to ask such a consequential question. Imagine Terrell Owens, somehow well behaved now because he realizes he only has so much time left to win a Super Bowl, lining up alongside Calvin Johnson... (probably the last team he would sign with though if he realized he only had so much time to win a Super Bowl, ha!)

To think that signing Terrell would also make the Lions the single greatest thieves of another team in the history of the NFL. Think about it; we traded Roy Williams to Dallas for their #20 pick, got a starting CB Anthony Henry for a very washed up Kitna, and now could sign Terrell Owens (an upgrade from Roy). Combine that trade and we would get the #20, TO, and a starting CB for Roy Williams and Jon Kitna. Hardly fair for the Cowboys.

This isn't an option though, is it? A huge problem, aside from money and attitude, is who would be throwing to him. Personally, with his talent I could be QB-1 with Calvin and a guy of Terrell's talent and throw for over 4,000 yards--and I'm not diabetic either. However, TO could ruin a rookie QB like Stafford with his general lack of QB charisma. I don't know. Maybe Culpepper could handle him? He did handle Moss for all those years. Either way though, do the Lions really want as much controversy at their camp as a New York Yankees camp. That's about how much controversy TO can stir up.

I mean it's a long shot, but the question has to be posed. Calvin Johnson, TO, and Bryant Johnson would most certainly make up the best WR corps in the NFL. For a team that is pretty depleted at QB right now, they could use any talent at WR they can get. It just doesn't sound feasible in terms of the type of money he would demand and his general attitude towards lyfe. He needs to shut up and play, but he is without question very good. I'd sign him in a heartbeat on Madden 09 where attitude and salary caps are tameable.

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