Coach K is as hot as the brush fires on Franklin Street, is Kyle Singler getting uglier?

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The UNC men's basketball team won the regular season ACC title outright today for the third time in five years after beating the Duke Blue Devils 79-71 at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill.  It was the sixth time in the last seven meetings that the Tar Heels defeated their Tobacco Road rivals, and the win pushed UNC's advantage in the all-time series to 130-97.  

It was a lovely afternoon in Chapel Hill.  The thermometer hovered around 80 degrees outside, Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Bobby Frasor, and a few other pine-riding seniors who look more like "Saved by the Bell" extras than Division I basketball players said their goodbyes to the Dean Dome faithful, Hansbrough's father wept openly, (when his son was introduced in opening ceremonies, at the urinal at halftime after initiating his stream, when Tyler fouled out to a standing ovation with 20 seconds left, when he couldn't find his car in the parking lot after the game, and a few other times,) UNC students used the occasion as an opportunity to burn their textbooks on Franklin Street and thereby be excused from final exams, and Coach K belittled reporters in the post-game conference.  More importantly, in the lockerroom after the game, Kyle Singler finally revealed himself as the long-lost younger brother of Rocky Dennis from the movie "Mask":

In other news, in Mexico City the Dominican players remembered to add the Boli to their
 "Bananas 'n cream 'n Boli" flavored protein shakes this morning, and were able to hold off the Panamanian entry in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in an elimination game today.  A-Roid talked to reporters before the game, and claimed not to know where he injured his hip, who is prescribing pain medication for him, or which pharmacy he picks said
 medication up from.  He did encourage interested media members to check back in with him a week from now, however, at which time he assured he will be able to provide this information.  

In the first important non-curling related sporting event to take place on Canadian soil since the Blue Jays played in and won the World Series in 1993, Toronto is hosting a WBC group in the first round.  The USA is playing Venezuela tonight in this group after defeating Canada 6-5  in their first game.  This game features no fewer than 5 Detroit Tigers in the respective starting line-ups, with Curtis Granderson starting in centerfield for the U.S., and Armando Galarraga on the bump for Venezuela, which also features Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonzez, and Carlos Guillen in the 3-4-5 heart of their batting order.  The opener for the U.S. against our friends to the north was a thriller, with J.J. Putz closing it out in the 9th with a runner on second and 42,000 screaming fans in the stands.  I haven't seen that much hatred for Americans in Canadians' eyes since George W. was re-elected, Pam Anderson married Kid Rock, (you're better than that, Bobbie), or when the Winnipeg Jets closed up shop and moved to Phoenix, where, let's face it, Miley Cyrus draws a bigger crowd than the Coyotes would if they ever made it to a Stanley Cup final.  


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