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The Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team is going Dancing Thursday.

#10 Michigan (20-13) plays #7 Clemson (23-8) in Kansas City at 7:1o pm EST in the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. It sure beats going to a bad fraternity party or, worse, playing in the NIT. I feel the same way about the NIT that George Bush (Will Ferrell's version) feels about France: It's full of pus*ies and di*k grabbers. It's about time the proud Michigan basketball program returned to the limelight. In that vein, here are the 5 best Michigan basketball teams from the last 20 years:

5) 1997-98

This team beat Duke, went 26-9 (11-5 Big Ten), secured the trophy for winning the inaugural Big Ten tournament, and garnered a #3 seed in the NCAA tournament before bowing out to UCLA in the second round. Robert Traylor (below) was the most talented player on this squad, although he spent more time in the McDonalds on South U. gobbling up Big Macs than he did in the weight room. Louis Bullock was the point guard and Robbie Reid was without a doubt the best Mormon shooting guard in the country. Maceo Baston never really fulfilled his potential, and Jerod Ward was a complete bust. Travis Conlan (St. Clair Shores Lakeshore) and I once did landscaping together in Ann Arbor. He trimmed a nice hedge.

4) 1993-94
This edition of the Wolverines featured the Fab 4, as Chris Webber (Detroit Country Day) had been selected #1 in the 1993 NBA draft. Jalen Rose (Detroit Southwestern, below) was the leader and Juwan Howard was the low-post presence. They finished 24-8 (13-5 Big Ten) after losing in the Elite 8 to eventual champion Arkansas and their "40 minutes of Hell", led by coach Nolan Richardson and star forward Corliss Williamson. Williamson would torture me again a decade later when he attempted to sabotage the Detroit Pistons run to an NBA title in 2004 by jacking up as many bad shots as he could immediately upon entering each playoff game from the bench.
3) 1991-92
This was the coming-out party for the "Fab 5" (below): Center Chris Webber and small forward Jalen Rose from Detroit, power forward Juwan Howard from Chicago, and guards Jimmy King and Ray Jackson from Texas would revolutionize college basketball. Baggy shorts, trash talking, and a creative, crowd-pleasing style of play were introduced to a country which was somewhat polarized by this brash group of freshmen. They went 25-9, beating Temple, Ohio State, and Cincinatti on their way to the national championship game, where they lost to Duke.
2) 1992-93
The Fab 5 returned as sophomores with targets on their backs the size of Britney Spears' stretchmarks. We knew this team was special in December when they beat North Carolina and Kansas on back-to-back days to win the Maui Invitational. They went 30-5 (15-3 Big Ten) and beat UCLA, Temple and Kentucky in the NCAA tournament before losing a rematch with UNC in the national title game. One testament to how good this team was: Eric Riley, who enjoyed a seven-year career in the NBA, was a senior on this team. He averaged just 5 points a game.

1) 1988-89
Steven Spielberg couldn't have scripted this season any better. The team featured no fewer than seven future NBA players: Glen Rice, who broke the record for points in one NCAA tournament, Rumeal Robinson, who hit the free throws in overtime to beat Seton Hall in the championship game, Sean Higgins, who buried the infamous baseline buzzer-beater to knock out Illinois in the semis, Loy Vaught, Terry Mills, Mark Hughes, and Eric Riley (redshirted). They went 24-7 in the regular season, yet Bill Frieder agreed just prior to the NCAA tournament to coach Arizona State the following season. Barking that "A Michigan man will coach this team", athletic director Bo Schembechler immediately replaced Frieder with Steve Fisher for the Dance. Fisher led Michigan to a title in an improbable run.

Let's hope the spirits of proud Wolverines past lift the team on Thursday as we embark on the Beilien era of Michigan basketball. Go Blue!

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