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Sunday Night Depression has hit me like a 103 MPH Joel Zumaya fastball to the temple.

This weekend, I returned to my ol' college stomping grounds. Although I had an amazing time seeing friends and watching my old baseball team take three out of their first four games, I also realized there are some gray hairs growing on my testicles. The four hour drive home today helped me realize I'm no longer a toys r' us kid and I'm just old balls. Old balls who is going to be up late Sunday night, on barely any sleep, doing work for tomorrow. If that's not depressing enough, then I don't know what is.

The Pistons are on ESPN tonight against the Cavs, which could ease the mood if they snap their five game losing streak. The way they have been playing recently though, the Stones are probably going to make things worse. (In fact, the game started and it is already making me more depressed. They are talking about how bad the Pistons have been recently and Doris Burke is announcing. That's a low blow.)((Update: 5:22 left in the first quarter and the Pistons trail by 11. Feed me some meds!))

I am going to start popping some of these anit-debreastants. Since the depression is pretty bad this weekend, we are going to up the dosage. This weeks Anti-DeBreastsant Babe of the Week is.... Sarah Varone.

Sarah Varone was the host of some Italian show called, "Bueno Domenica" which ended sometime last year. I have no idea what the show was about, but from watching a few clips on YouTube it looks as if it's some type of semi-strippers variety show where skimpily clad women do random things while looking ridiculously hot. It looks almost identical to what I'm hoping heaven will be like.

As for some of the shows highlights, I have three personal favorites that put a girl riding a barroom bull to shame. One is a Twister-like race between Varone and some other voluptuous vixen wearing next to nothing. My other favorite is the "Surf" clip where Varone gets on an unstable surf board and tries her hardest to stay on while also trying to keep her way too small (or is it?) outfit from revealing her boobies. And then who could possibly overlook this scene from one of the shows:

Other relevant facts about Varone: She went to college and has a degree in psychology. She wants you to know that because she doesn't want the media painting a picture of her as the typical brunette bimbo. That's nice, Sarah, but I really don't care.

I think one peek at this girl will cure you well beyond SND and a ten second "room clean."

(Warning: This video clip contains profanity and a whole lot of cleavage)


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