A-Rod is A-Roid

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Drugs are bad because they do bad things.

Today it has been leaked that Alex Rodriguez, arguably the best all around player in the Major Leagues for the past decade, tested positive for two different anabolic steroids in 2003 -- the year he was the home run leader and MVP while playing for the Texas Rangers.

Although testing positive for steroids was not punishable then, this simply confirms that past 15 years or so, the steroid era of baseball is forever tainted and A-Rod's reputation is completely ruined.

Many thought that A-Roid was going to shatter the home run record, and ultimately, be known as one of the best hitters in MLB. However, those hopes and dreams of a clean A-Rod showing people it can all be done without steroids is now tarnished.

I find it interesting that this news came out almost six years after the fact and less than a week after A-Roid's divorce with his wife was finalized. Could she have been the one that tipped authorities? No, I'm just trying to start a rumor. (Actually, apparently the MLB and the Union had an agreement that they would forever suppress Rodriguez's test results. However, when the Feds subpeonaed MLB requesting ten records of past test results, they took all of them. Therefore, there will be a long legal investigation as to what exactly happened and who leaked this information to the press. This is an entirely different story, however)

Either way you look at it, A-Roid took steroids. He serves as the cherry on top of a corrupted time in baseball.

For all the people that loved making fun of A-Rod because he came off as a little gay (Gay-Rod), made too many errors (E-Rod), and loved Derek Jeter a little too much (creepy); he will now have to hear all the jokes that come with him testing positive for steroids.

While drugs certainly do bad things to your body, as in shrinking your man parts (as shown above -- look how high up A-Roid has to dig to scratch his nuts). This goes beyond doing bad things to your body. It compromises the entire MLB.



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