Pistons Really Reeling

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The Heat was brought. Pistons lost to the Miami Heat tonight, their seventh loss in a row! I don't know if they are trying to be cute and do their best Detroit Lions impression right now or what, but I don't like it one bit. With the loss, they have fallen below .500 for the first time since George Blaha went with the comb over. It's been a long ass time.

Dwayne Wade, who will be a free agent in 2010, had 31 points and a career-high 16 assists. He dropped more dimes than Michael Phelps at a University South Carolina frat party. Too soon? Well, ok. While the Pistons were doing their Lions imitation, Wade hiked up his shorts and pulled off his John Stockton impression with ease against a nosediving team.

The passion that may have existed before, no longer shows in the Pistons. They are boring, lethargic, and did I say boring? Winning is never boring, and when Iverson came into town the Pistons stopped doing that. He's in my perma dog house right now. I want him to go back to rapping.

As for Rodney Stuckey, where are you pal?? Where is the Stuckey that went off for 40 points against the Bulls in late-December and averaged around 18 PPG for the next month? Since the beginning of February, Stuckey has averaged a measly 8.7 PPG. That's a 10 point difference! Is the NBA all in my head and it's actually a video game and the user controller decreased the minutes per game in the settings. thus making it impossible for Stuckey to score more than ten points per game??? I'm baffled by it.

It's evident that this team is not gellin' and the last person i want to blame is Coach Michael Curry. However, if they do not make the playoffs with the talent they have, it would be an absolute travesty. It'd practically be similar to the Tigers last season, to a lesser degree. They have to make the playoffs, or else it's nearly inevitable that Michael Curry is going to catch the majority of the slack, even if it's undeserving.

Personally, I think he needs fresh faces and I think that's what he is going to get after this season. It's clear that none of these veteran players, ahem Iverson and Sheed, respect him, There's no doubt that the Pistons will follow through on making changes this off season after last season's fraudulent promise and non-delivery. The way this off season should go is simple: Iverson...gone. Sheed....peace, your gray patch is irritating, and weird, now. Hooper....ok, you can come back another year. The Pistons goal is to maximize that cap space so they can go out and mack on some of the hot free agents that will be available come this off season and 2010. I admit, I'm giddy at the thought of that.

That being said, I'm still frustrated and upset with the way things are going for the Pistons. It makes me want to Chris Brown somebody.


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