Pistons Need a Slump Buster

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Whenever you're in a rut, you need that pick-me-up. In sports, that rut is called a slump and that pick-me-up is typically a nice quick Slump Buster (or steroids--whichever you prefer).

The Pistons are in dyer need of a Slump Buster. They have lost eight games in a row (gag) and the schedule isn't getting any easier on them. There is a possibility they will have lost eleven games in a row by next Tuesday night, unless of course they get that Slump Buster . They play Orlando tomorrow on ESPN, Boston on Sunday on ABC, and Denver on Tuesday. Hopefully, the nationally televised games will give the Pistons more reason to want to show up and play good basketball instead of showing America how pathetic they can be, like the last two games they played on national TV.

As we all know, if the Pistons continue to play this MC Hammer poor they may be the odd team out of the Eastern Conference playoffs, especially if they continue to lose at this rate. (It's science--if they lose out, they will not make the playoffs.) Let's not think like that quite yet. The Pistons are still seventh in the conference and that's with having played probably the worst basketball in the NBA their last 15 or so games. They have the talent to turn it around. All it takes is one Slump Buster to make you feel good about yourself again.

The main criticisms of the team have predominantly been centered around Allen Iverson, Coach Curry, and Rasheed Wallace. Yesterday, Rasheed Wallace was ejected after he threw a towel at a ref for T'ing him up. Sheed was given the initial technical for viciously knocking a towel out of a ball boy's hand on the way to the bench after a soft call. Today some Detroit sports reporters were actually toying with the idea that the Pistons should release him for the final quarter of the season because of his latest ballistic antics.

As for Iverson, he is day-to-day with a stiff back and will probably be out of action against Orlando. This could be a good opportunity for Curry to get the ol' Stones (save Chauncey) ready to play and show what they can do without Iverson. If the Pistons can win a tough match up against Orlando without AI, on national television, it will not only take some heat off of Michael Curry (before we do that though: Why was Hermann brought into the game last night to take a last second shot?), but could also prove that the actual cause for this year's collapse is mainly due to Iverson being Iverson and nothing else. (Tough to sample that on one game, I know, but it could make for entertaining discussion.)

Either way, the team needs to take a good long look in the mirror and go out and get that Slump Buster quick, so they can potentially run with that momentum for the rest of the season into the playoffs. Otherwise, it's going to be a much longer offseason than expected, full of watching OC reruns and getting drunk at little league baseball games. (the major team changes will still ensue).

Here is the Sheed ejection from last night, courtesy of the now ironic Need4Sheed.com website (what will come of that site when he is gone?):


Terry Foster...you suck. Lets get real, it would be absolutely idiotic for the pistons to release wallace and leave them severely shorthanded down low for the stretch run...soooo you're dumb.

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