Not Such a Super Monday...

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What a miserable Sunday, right? The Pistons crumble in the fourth quarter against the Cavs, MSU loses another home game, I'm hungover, our All-American eight time gold medalist Michael Phelps is revealed bong ripping in the British tabloids, the Steelers win the Super Bowl on a touchdown with 35 seconds left, and life's supposed to return to normal Monday????

I never trusted Phelps so I can't say I'm entirely surprised by the photo that has unveiled our "American hero." There's nothing trustworthy about a guy who has a 6,000 calorie intake and still looks like one of the starving from Zimbabwe. That SI picture, the one where he looks extremely high and goofy, the eight gold medals around his neck look like a heavy cloak, much heavier than him. He's also apparently friends with Ravens QB, Joey Flacco. I don't know what it is, but I've never trusted a man with a unibrow before in my life. Letting eyebrow hairs extend beyond normal boundaries says a lot about a man (or woman's) character.

The Super Bowl was phonomenal despite a somewhat dull third quarter. A lot of people would have said the Cardinals would be the worst team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl if they pulled it out in the end. I don't necessarily agree with that, but it definitely would have felt very similar to the Cardinals winning the World Series in '06 against our Tiggers, mainly because they have the same name and everyone was betting against them throughout. Chip says he threw up in his mouth at the thought of it and I did too-- more so because my fettucine alfredo does not mix well with a chocolate shake. However, any team that clinches their division by Week 14, beats handily a good Carolina team on the road in what I thought was their biggest game of the year, and has potentially four Hall of Famers on offense, can't be that bad. I haven't done the research though. Either way, I don't feel like we need to get into that debate because the Stillers pulled it out in the end. If you think the Cardinals are the worst runner-up in NFL history, we could get into that.

The NFL will be receiving an ear full as to why they did not have that Warner "fumble" challenged. It's the Super Bowl for goodness sake. Personally, I don't think it was conclusive enough to reverse the call, but at least humor the Cardinals and the people watching from afar, judging, judging, and judging. Maybe they knew something I don't know, but I'm thinking 95% for sure they should have took a quick peek at that replay to make sure it was actually a fumble. Oh well. Congrats Steelers.

Sunday is washed away and it's now a blah Monday morning and everyone knows it. I swear, if one more person says they have a case of the Mondays I'm going to lose my shit. I need some Red Bull.



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