Matt Cassel Dreamlights Go Out

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The light bulb that flickered above all the overly-optimistic Lions fans, who had dreams of signing NE Patriots' QB Matt Cassel this off-season, was shattered to pieces. The Patriots slapped the franchise tag and a mushroom stamp on Cassel, virtually guaranteeing that he will be with the team next season.

Cassel was destined to be the big free agent on the market this off-season, but the Patriots whipped out their jack of spades, allowing them to trump any offer proposed to Cassel. The Patriots can also decline the right to match any offer, which in turn would land them two first round draft picks from the team that signs Cassel. The franchise tag dollar amound sits at $14.65 million for one-year.

Obviously, the Patriots are doing this because they are unsure if Michigan Alum, Tom Brady will be ready. If the Patriots feel Brady will be healthy enough to play, they can trade Cassel and don't have to pay him the designated franchise tag salary.

This is the part where I talk about how good Cassel is supposed to be and rattle off his stats from the past 8 years, which happens to be a measly 15 games. Honestly, I don't care. I think he's overrated/hyped and the Lions weren't going to sign him anyway, especially now with the number one pick --most mock drafts have us drafting a quarterback.

Now, if Matt Millen were still around, it would be a different story. I'm thinking, he'd possibly offer a $100 million over 6 years that the Patrios couldn't possibly fathom matching, so the Lions "win" for the first time since August and have to give up two of their first round picks. Lions use their late rounders to draft a couple guys who are in the Army and aren't eligible to play in the NFL, a couple guys from the Southern Conference, and then tell the press they are more ready than ever with Matty under the helm -- applicable to both Matts.

Sure enough, Cassel gets hurt when that black hole some might call an offensive line allows salivating defenders through for uncontested tackling drills. Therefore, the Lions have to resort to washed up more than Mr. Clean veteran, Daunte Culpepper. It'd be highly likely the Lions would wind up as the first team to go 0-16, twice. Luckily, Matt Millen is not here.

Long story short, the Lions were not going to get Matt Cassel this off season, they never were; and thank the Ford (err, the Lord -- can we thank the Fords for anything?) that Matt Millen is gone.



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