Join Detroit4lyfe's First Ever Live Blog: Davidson vs. College of Charleston

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Saturday, February 7th 2009 (tomorrow), Bob Biscigliano will be doing something very special for the first time in Detroit4lyfe's....lyfe.

As is mostly done on, Bob will be doing a live blog during the Davidson/College of Charleston NCAA basketball game.

The game will start at 6 PM ET with Dick Vitale -- making his ever first appearance to Belk Arena -- calling the action.

Bob will be logged in, ready to go at 5:50 PM ET, so make sure you're at with your trigger finger on the refresh button for continuous game analysis. If Stephen Curry stops to tie his shoe before an inbound play, you will hear about whether he uses the bunny rabbit or the loop, swoop, and pull technique. If Brendan McKillop hits a three pointer with his eyes closed, Bobby Biscigliano will certainly tell you. Bob will be all over everything.

In addition to live blogcasting, he will also be chatting live, for other related discussion, via's live chat feature. All you need to do is click the webbychat button located on the right side of the screen.

Bob encourages all to join in and make this a fun and pleasant experience. If all goes well, Bob plans on writing many more live blogs, most likely during March Madness, Opening Day, or during the professional sports' playoffs, of which all Detroit teams will undoubtedly be involved.

So grab a beer, grab your computer, click your bookmark (because Bob knows you all have one) and be a part of something truly special.

(this post has been written in the third person because it makes Bob sound a whole lot more legitimate, just like Rickey Henderson).

((Speaking of Rickey Henderson, Bob has a great story his college baseball coach told his team -- that you may or may not have heard before, but because his coach told it, it makes it that more truthful because he's been around big leaguers for years. Anyway, Rickey was entering the bus when he was with the Padres and appeared to be looking for an open seat. Steve Finley leaned out of his seat into the aisle and shouts to Rickey, "yo man, sit wherever you want. You have tenure." Rickey looks at him perplexed and retorts, "Ten year? Man...Rickey's been playing atleast 16 or 17 years."))

Bob'll see you all tomorrow



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