Introducing Your Sunday Night Anti-DeBreastsants

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In the grand scheme of things, I don't think there is any day more depressing in an average week than Sunday--especially once it's Sunday evening.

I understand that there is Sunday Night baseball during the spring/summer, football all day during the fall/winter, and important college basketball games sometimes. That can make a lot of people look forward to Sunday, unless, of course, your team is never on Sunday Night Baseball, you root for the Lions, and you attended a small mid-major college that will barely ever (if ever) play as part of CBS' Sunday games.

But it doesn't matter who you are. Sunday is nothing but trouble. For most people it signals the end of the weekend and you have to prepare for school or work in the morning. If that's the case, nine times out of ten, you have to do something to prepare for that--whether it be a homework assignment or a project for work. It's awful because you spend the entire evening dreading the next day, prepping for it, which in turn makes it much worse than Monday itself. (I know all about having "the case of the Mondays," but I think living it is much easier than fearing it an entire 12-24 hours beforehand)

Chip Stevenson calls it 'Sunday Night Depression.' He has coined that phrase and it couldn't be closer to the truth. It's genius because it's so true.

Anyway, the real reason I am writing this post is because we must do something to remedy this "Sunday Night Depression" (something regularly prescribed drugs or 'more cow bell' can't do). Something crazy, something absolutely huge and revolutionary.

And I think I have that cure (at least temporarily): Hot Babes. Not just any ol' hot babes, though. Your weekly babe-age of Sunday Night Anti-DeBreastsants.

I've noticed recently that almost every big time sports blog has a "Babes of the week" or "random babes" section (most of the time completely unrelated to sports). Well, this I guess will be sort of like that, except it's for a purpose far better. It's for curing that Sunday Night Depression. You now know that when you're feeling a little blue on a Sunday night, you can count on us to have some Anti-DeBreastsants up for goggling. Disclaimer: If you think about how pathetic your life is, it's Sunday Night, and you can't find an attractive woman to date, this will probably have the exact opposite effect, thus, making you even more depressed. Try not to let it do that to you, please. This is meant to provide you with an escape from your depression.

With all that gibberish being said, this leads me to the introduction of the first Sunday Night Anti-DeBreastsant Babe: Minka Kelly.

Minka Kelly is the hottie from the NBC hit show, "Friday Night Lights," (Lyla) and current girlfriend, I think, of Derek Jeter. If she's anything like she is in the show, she's pretty much everything you could possibly want in a female and, certainly, thinking about her will no longer make you feel depressed. She is wholesome, has a cute accent, a nice tan, and, I imagine, really smooth skin (she definitely moisturizes). I could go on, but it would probably get increasingly creepier. Pass judgment for yourself.UNITY


Wasn't she the one who cheated on her paralyzed boyfriend... Oh so promiscuous.

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