Getting Old: Pistons Lose Again

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The only thing getting older than hearing about how bad the Pistons are right now is Pistons owner, Bill Davidson. Look at him. He looks like a mix between dying Tobin Bell from Saw IV and Davey, the referee in Eight Crazy Nights. But I would say the line between which is older is wearing thin.

Tonight, the Pistons were given an ol' fashioned Hulk Hogan ass kickin' by the Milwaaaukee freaking Bucks, giving the Stones their fourth consecutive loss (currently the second worst streak in the NBA to none other than the NBA's worst team, the Suckramento Kings) and the distinct privilege of having a very uncomfortable, constipated-like feeling in the conference standings. Right now, as it stands, the Pistons would be the 7th seed, playing Lebron in the first round. However, with 30 games left in the season, and being just two games above .500, I fear the Pistons may not even make the playoffs!

Call me Crazy Karl, but it's definitely a realistic possibility. The Pistons are not just in a slump, looking for that mediocre slumpbuster to help them emerge from their funk. They have been playing sub-.500 basketball ever since the "Irony of a Nickname" arrived in Motown, and our Elmers Glue departed, near the beginning of the season.

Only four games separate the Pistons between the playoff spot they uncomfortably sit in now and the earliest vacation they could have in over six years. It's an uneasy feeling that does not sit well with me--especially after having three fattening pepperoni hot pockets for dinner.

Something needs to be done, but I don't know what can possibly be done to help without making some dramatic trade that just doesn't seem possible at this point if it isn't already in the works. This team is old and completely played out. Coach Curry has tried everything with the lineup rotation, short of starting Walter Hermann pantless with a tuxedo t-shirt on. (That just might work actually). Tonight, they started McDyess, which proved to be a great move for his stats (24 and 14), but not so much otherwise.

This leaves me with only one question: What Will Joe Do? I am once again turning to my WWJD bracelet and looking for a better 'answer' this time. Will he pull off a miracle deadline deal a la Sheed 2004 or will he stand Pat Summit and let this team sink like Leonardo DiCraprio?

Time will tell, but the season--and Bill Davidson--is not getting any younger.


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