Chris Cooley Isn't the Only One Who Got Punked

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Recently, Chris Cooley wrote a post talking about how Larry Fitzgerald punked him after a touchdown in the Pro-Bowl because Fitz left CC hanging during the celebration.

Observe this video....[UPDATE: Within minutes of me posting, all of these Pro-Bowl videos were removed from YouTube. Hogwash!] [UPDATE #2: Within hours after original update, said videos are back up on YouTube. Did I fart?]

If you didn't see the game, that touchdown catch happened as time expired in the first half. What Cooley fails to mention in the blog is the referee lays an inconspicuous hip check on Fitzgerald's ass, sending him to the turf. Fitz proceeds to punk Cooley pretty good for a jumping hip bump with Arizona teammate (for how much longer?) Anquan Boldin, as Chris states in his blog post. In fact, Cooley looks exactly like I did the other day at the gym.

I was playing in a 5 on 5 pick up game and I hit a very important two-pointer (ones and twos) to bring my team within one, late in the game--10-9 in a game to 11. I'm fired up as hell, not because I'm the lone white guy on the court and hit a big bucket, but because the guy who was guarding me was talking shit all game. Apparently he did not appreciate me playing defense on him. (I don't play that street ball undisciplined basketball--I play "Junkyard-Dog deny him the ball" defense). Anyway, that's not the point of the story though. After I created sweet string music, I furrowed my eyebrows and clenched my jaw like I was for real, ran backwards like I was white-MJ, and put my left hand up ASSUMING someone wanted to congratulate me.


I realized no one was high fiving me after a few seconds and finally looked around. No one cared. Instead, I just looked like a (JJ) Putz with my hand up and a serious game face on.

We lost.

Cooley, I know how you feel.

Also, notice how Fitzgerald gets caught up in the moment--that, or is trying to be silly--and tries to titty bump with an AFC player after he hoes Cooley. The AFC player, since he was just standing watching Fitz catch the ball, appears as if he almost gets caught up in the moment too because I swear it looks like he is about to chest bump an NFC player! Almost. Instead, he dogs Fitz like Fitz dogged Cooley.

Pretty funny series of events here, all around. Let it be a lesson. Never leave a guy hanging, it hurts feelings.



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