Who Gave Us Amnesia?

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I swear to G-O-D someone gave us amnesia. Someone smashed a bottle over our heads, knocking us out cold for a very long time, took us to our respective domains, and kicked our blog back almost three weeks to make us think it's December 23, so that we wouldn't be aware of our embarrassing three week post-less blog streak. It's either that or someone was without a computer for nearly two of those weeks and then drank way too much this past week with a few of his best friends to put down any words that would be remotely cohesive or comprehensive. Trust me. I tried it and it was gibberish, riddled with spelling mistakes. Whichever one of these is true, it's completely unacceptable and I apologize. Bob "The Wild Card" Biscigliano is back, bitches. Yeehawww!

Allow me to recap real quickly what has happened recently to get you caught up on things because I know without us you're seriously wondering, "Was there a sports world apocalypse?"

  • The Red Wings have gone 4-1-1 since our last post, including the Winter Classic butt humping victory at Wrigley Field on New Year's Day. Ty Conklin played goalie for the first five of those games while Chris Osnotsogoodthisyear nursed a sore inguinal or hip adductal. However, he did play terrific in the last of those games, in a 3-2 shootout win. Pavel Datsyuk scored his signature breakaway goal during that very shootout, undressing Minnesota goalie, Josh Harding. If only it undressed Josh Hartnett instead, right? No? Okay, well here is the goal:

  • The Pistons have gotten freaking serious since a tough loss @ Atlanta on December 21. They have won seven straight and allowed 90+ points only twice during that streak. Rodney Stuckey has gotten extra-serious during this span, as he dropped 40 points against the Bulls and then 38 against Sacramento on Jan. 2. He has been the leading scorer for the Pistons in the majority of these seven wins. Despite the Pistons' recent resurgence, they remain 5th in the Eastern Conference, which is cool with me because not only will I be able to go to their first round games here in Atlanta (assuming the Hawks' rank holds up too), this Piston team will definitely sneak up on people and change their socks.

  • The Tigers are still on their off-season. They are still pursuing some bullpen help. Rumor has it, that Jason Isringhausen, Brandon Lyon, and change-up heavy John Eshelman are all possible solutions. The Tigers also have a bunch of arbitration cases coming up, most notably one concerning Justin Verlander.

  • Last and certainly the least, the Detroit Lions finished out their illustrious season with two losses to finish with a record breaking 0-16. The Lions broke a million records this season, so I will not get into those. Basically, any record that has you saying, "wow that's pathetic" after hearing it belongs to the Detroit Lions. The Lions will have a lot of draft picks in this year's draft allowing them to revamp things and turn it around next year like the Falcons and/or Dolphins did this year. It all depends on whether or not they use their picks wisely, obviously. Hopefully, they trade away the first pick for more picks in the first or second or later rounds. This team needs a complete renovation and more picks will allow that and take the monkey off their backs in terms of the pressure/tough decision that entails having a number one overall pick.

More posts to come.



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