The NHL: Taking a Bite Out of Crime

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Jarkko "Are the double letters really necessary?" Ruutu of the Ottawa Senators fights like I used to when I was 12. After getting shoved into a corner, always resort to the last feasible option of force.

Your teeth.

33 year-old Ruutu did just that. After being "face washed" by Buffalo Sabres player Andrew Peters and shoved up against the boards, Ruutu discreetly, and viciously, chomped down on Peters' thumb. Apparently, the bite went through Peters' glove, drawing blood.

Peters received a penalty for starting the little scrum, but Ruutu did not.

While Peters tattled and cried, just as my brother would back in the day when I'd bite his easy-to-target chubby forearms, Ruutu calmly put some drops in his bloodshot eyes and sat peacefully on his respective bench.

Today, Ruutu was suspended for two games without pay for his actions by the NHL. A two game punishment seems a little soft to me, but I guess the mobility of the thumb in those big ole' gloves make them useless anyway, so what's the problem in a guy taking a little chunk out of one?

Check out the bite. Yummy.

I'd also like to add that I think it is complete horseshit that the NHL is the last link on the header. There is no reason SOCCER should even be an option, let alone ahead of the NHL. Also, while college football and basketball may be more popular than the NHL, I still think since the NHL is a professional sport and the players get paid for playing, they should receive seniority over college sports in the link-rankings, assuming those are ordered that way for a specific reason. Consider this petty complaint just another reason why I hate the new layout. Get better



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