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Earlier this week I had a post about NBC hiring Matt Millen and quite possibly endorsing cancer as a result of their acquisition. Beyond my endless berating of Millen, I displayed a video of the guy boasting that the Falcons were going to beat the Cardinals and that he'd be willing to bet his four Super Bowl rings and his family on it. Clearly, his pick would prove to be wrong. Very wrong. I wasn't the only one to pick up on this. Bill Simmons, aka the Sports Guy touched on it in his most recent piece, "Award-winning picks for Round 2." If you haven't read this or any of his work, then you are a fit for a straight jacket because his shit is downright good. Here is the excerpt if you've read it already and don't want to fish through it:

The Bird Who Crapped On My T-Shirt Right Before the 2004 Baseball Playoffs Award for "Best omen heading into a game"
… like everyone else who backed the Cards, I couldn't have been happier when Millen picked the Falcons to win. He didn't just pick them, either. He was adamant about it. I think I broke my personal record for "Fastest time calling in more money than I already had on one team." I was like the Usain Bolt of gambling; I think I banged out another Cards bet in 9.85 seconds. Let's add this to Playoff Manifesto 5.0 and make it the new No. 1 rule: Any time Matt Millen inexplicably appears on a studio show, picks a playoff team to win and seems confident about that pick, bet the house on the other team as fast as you humanly can." And you thought Millen couldn't bring joy to football fans.

Once again, here is the video of Millen "adamantly" picking the Falcons to beat the Cardinals.


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