Ohio Doesn't Dot Their 'i' in 'Stupid'

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I've heard so many times that Ohio State University, for some reason or another, has a running reputation of having some of the dumber undergrads in the history of the United States. I don't know where this stereotype started and I don't have any real scientific facts to back it up. To refute what seems to be an unfair claim about the University as a whole (probably created by UofM fans) I can tell you that Detroit4lyfe contributor Chip goes to Ohio State graduate school, a top tier law school at that, and he's one of the smarter people I know. Case solved. It's just a stereotype that Ohio State haters created, right?

Maybe, but guys like B.J. Mullens do not help the Ohio school's cause. Observe this video I found at Ace of Sports:

You would think that Ohio State, with as big of an athletic program as they have, would teach their "student"/athletes some professionalism or at least proper interview etiquette; even if the interviewer happens to be a 20-something year old Carson Daly wannabe. Nothing classy, tasteful, or smart about this interview. B.J. Mullens straight up bashes Michigan basketball, the state of Michigan, and reinforces all Ohio State stereotypes. Also, notice how 'Carson Daly', a fellow Ohioan, really dug deep for the flashy word, "opinion." I think the added hand gesture really accentuated it nicely.

When I clicked on the YouTube link for this clip to look at all the comments about it, one in particular really caught my eye:

"Look, Greg Ostertag had a child."

Personally, with his pale skin and the bushy unibrow I think he looks more like Joey Flacco. Either way, he's StupId....

(Update: Michigan did in fact lose to Ohio State so he might not be THAT dumb. Then again, I'm writing an article on his awful interview and not his win. That should tell you something)



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