Yankees Not Distracted in Vegas

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What happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas. Let's get serious. Your wife will find out about your Vegas vacation sexually deviant behavior when random diseases start to flare up; and the world will certainly know if the Yankees have been throwing their money around at top free agents at this year's Major League Baseball Winter meetings, just like they do every year.

Good for them, though.

At least they are not blowing it all on strippers and black jack tables as that appears to be the case for so many other teams who will come home and say, "Darn, we didn't get to spend any money on free agents this year," when this year we all know that's code for, "we got drugged up and blew all our money on Trish and Ginger. They can't play left field or close for us, but they let us get to third base with them in the back room for fairly cheap. In fact, they gave us a better deal than those Red bums from Cincinnati."

I think you get the picture.

While Vegas, stereotypically, isn't the ideal place to get real business done, it hasn't changed anything for the New York Yankees. They appear to be doing just fine in dishing out absurd figures to the top free agents available, no matter who they are. For example, today they have allegedly reached a preliminary deal with CC Sabathia that would make him the richest pitcher ever from a single contract. The deal is supposedly seven-years for $161 million. If he signs on the dotted line, I will puke in my mouth a little bit.

What about AJ Burnett? Apparently, upon discovering that there was another pretty good pitcher on the market, the Yankees took a late stab at him by throwing, oh roughly another $100 million his way. Again, that is typical Yankmees business right there.

Now, I heard a rumor that Theo Epstein offered a cocktail waitress $60 million to be the Red Sox fourth starter and the Yankees offered her $80 million because they need pitchers too and don't want the Red Sox getting any advantages. That's not true, just a rumor, but I think it goes to show that the Yankees know what they need, and go out and get it done no matter what.

I'm not a Yankee fan by any means. Hell, I hate them. I want them to be inside the stadium when it's demolished (except for maybe Jeter), but a fan has to respect its team when they continuously try and live up to its tradition of winning, at all costs. Even if it means passing up on a few lap dances, in the midst of dishing out some of the biggest contracts the MLB has ever seen.

I just hope Dave Dombrowski didn't sign the cheaper Adam Everett so he could play more craps.



Anonymous   says 2:41 PM

This is probably the WORST blog ever written on the FACE of this earth!!! And who wants to see some dude's meat??? (as seen below). Not to mention....where is the new write-up on the Puts to Mets deal??? THis crap is SLACKIN'

Anonymous   says 3:17 PM

I disagree with the gentlemen, or skank north of me.. Since their is more of a lady audience now. I liked it, because I wish I was a Yankees fan right now.

Anonymous   says 4:06 PM

You used the WRONG "there!" Learn the English language fool!! Yankees suck a tiny Cooley cock and outspend other teams to win! It takes true strategy to win on a budget like the Rays have done. The manwhore above makes no sense.

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