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Word through the grapevine is some cat created a facebook group advertising this blog. As a result, there are a ton of new female readers. I'm supposed to turn into Shania Twain and be impressed by that? This won't change anything. I'll continue to be mocho-rude and disrespect Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus at all the opportune times, while still relating it to sports somehow. Every other post, to be exact. Do not bust my balls for this, ladies. It's just who Bob "I love David Archuleta" Biscigliano is. I can't change who I am and neither can you.

As for the non-Detroit contingency that has drunkenly stumbled across this blog and bravely signed off on comments as Anonymous, I applaud you. It takes a real big adult to do what you have done, while you sit there in your poop stained Flintstones boxers, sucking back a Squeeze-It like it's Visanthe Shiancoe. A "Detroit sucks" line is always a good one. Keep 'em coming.

Lastly, I want to share with you a little excerpt from Lil Wayne's Blog on ESPN. Chip was so kind to share this with me earlier this evening.

I do watch a lot of college basketball, and I really need to address something in the blog before I move on. Steph Curry, you are amazing. Did you see how he gets those text messages from his mom before the games with an inspirational quote and then he goes and writes it on his tennis shoes? I love that so much.

He wasn't looked at heavy coming out of high school 'cause of his little body. The ACC schools thought he would get pushed around, so they passed him over. Now he is the ultimate underdog running circles around everybody, and I love him so much for that. I think he needs to stay another year to work on his body, but he's going to be fine in the NBA because he actually has a shot, and that's really all you need. Tuesday night West Virginia was posting him up every chance they got, but he still fought his way through it. And did you see that game where they double-teamed him the entire time like he was T.O. and his team still won by 30? I didn't get it. I was not with that coach's thinking. But it just shows you what kind of man Steph is because even though he didn't score a point his expression never changed. He never got frustrated. That just show's you who he is.

Essentially, Lil Wayne loves everything about Stephen Curry. Everyone does these days. If you read other parts of the blog, you'll also notice that Lil Wayne gets a new tattoo like it's a morning paper. He mentions three different Jimmy Valvano quotes that he either already got tattooed on his body, or will get on his body. I love the Valvano speech, and as I said before, am truly inspired by him, but getting all the best quotes tattooed on your body might be a little much. I hope he doesn't do that with everything sweet he comes across, or else I wouldn't be surprised if he had the entire Braveheart movie script tattooed somewhere on his body. No doubt he has the Obama President-elect speech on his chest. Oh well.



you better believe weezy is showin steph love. keep the bro posts coming for the legitimate readers.

fuck chicks, i just wanna dance

Anonymous   says 6:07 PM

Bobby B. once told me that he would give his right nut for a date with Britney Spears...what were you thinking?? Look at that mug shot!

I did? I don't have any friends named anonymous. Leave Britney alone!

Mr. General,

Sometimes I feel like the Scissor Sisters and I.....Don't feel like Dancing, Dancing! Keep reading, pal.

Scoooooba Steverino   says 3:06 AM

If your first name starts with a B and your last name ends with an "o" or "y" then science has proven that you have a 99.99% chance of turning GAY during your midlife crisis. But don't let that get you down Bobby B. I'm sure switch hitting will make your life much more satisfying.

Anonymous   says 2:25 PM

i'm a girl and i'm reading cause of the facebook group AND i still enjoy it. Hate on Miley as much as you would like!

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