Visanthe Shiancoe Puts Chris Cooley to Shame

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I'm pretty sure everyone in the sports world remembers the wee-wee blunder Chris Cooley had earlier this year. In case you forgot, read this article. Basically, in quick summary, Chris Cooley took a picture of his playbook while it was on his lap and posted the picture on his website. The only problem, if you call it a problem, was he was blogging naked and his member was visible in the photo. Now he caught a lot of slack because the ratio of 'hot dog to thigh' was not very impressive to say the least. As if it couldn't get more embarrassing for the Redskins tight end, another tight end has recently decided to go around showing what he works with between the trenches.

Visanthe Shiancoe, TE for the Minnesota Vikings, was exposed in the locker room during a post game speech that was aired on FOX. I googled for the video of it more times than David Archuleta probably did and am proud to say that I finally came up with a good slow motion peek. Click here if you liked the movie Big Black Snakes on a Plane. If you were brave enough to watch the video, then you know exactly what I'm talking about in the title of this post. David Archuleta certainly knows what I'm talking about.

Shiancoe says that he was embarrassed about the whole ordeal. What a very humble human being. If only I were so humble.



Anonymous   says 4:46 PM

The writer of this post and poster of the above-mentioned links is obviously a homosexual...who else would compare the sausage sizes of 2 grown men who wear tight pants and play tackle the other man in tight pants each week??? Obviously this Bob Butt-piratelioni has some issues...

Anonymous   says 4:51 PM

is it really an issue to be gay? Look yourself in the mirror. Long and hard.

Anonymous   says 9:11 PM

Look at the other man's butt long and hard...haha

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