Tigers Trade for Edwin Jackson

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Tigers continued to wheel and deal at the Winter meetings as they pulled off another trade late last night, this time with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Tigers will send Matt Joyce to the Rays in exchange for RHP Edwin Jackson.

Jackson, who was tied for the Rays team lead in wins last year at 14, is only 25 years old and will definitely bolster the Tigers starting rotation. As it stands now, he's slated as the fourth starter behind Verlander, Galarraga, and rehabbing Bonderman. That will leave Dontrelle, Gum Time, and Zach Miner competing for the fifth and final spot.

Personally, I like the trade because it clearly makes our starting rotation stronger. Nevertheless, the deal was merely a second option. It's kind of like when you go to Blockbuster and they don't have The Dark Knight, so you have to settle for Hancock. I like Will Smith, so it's cool, but I'm just saying. In the Tigers case, they weren't able to win over Seattle and get hometown hero, J.J. Putz so they settled for the Jackson deal. At the same time though, they didn't have to part ways with Jeff Larish, the guy Seattle demanded be a part of any deal involving Putz.

Tigers are not finished with their off season moves, as they still need to address the holes in the bullpen. It appears as if they might plug 80 year old John Smoltz in there, as there seems to be mutual interest. The name sounds nice, but the ailing arm doesn't. Why not just get Jimmy Morris for cheaper? I guess we'll see what happens.



Anonymous   says 9:15 PM

Tigers are doomed!! If they wanted to get better they should've made a move for sheets or peavy. This is a minimal addition that will not lead them to a playoff victory!

Anonymous   says 10:22 PM

Who is Bob B.?? He sounds like a bitter fan from Detroit. Probably a 47 year-old who's life passed him by and is now going through a mid-life crisis because he will die before the city of Detroit brings home any type of championship!!

Bob B. here. Who are you, coward that goes by name of anonymous? Detroit won a championship no longer than 6 months ago. Check your stats.

Anonymous   says 6:04 PM

Well if it wasn't football, baseball, or basketball then what's the point?? NONE!! Who wants to live in Detroit? NOBODY!!

Anonymous   says 6:06 PM

Don't forget the Shock won a championship this past summer too. That is basketball. And last time I checked, there are humans living in Detroit, a fair amount of them in fact.

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