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Red Wings will look to pick up their fifth straight victory in Dallas tonight. Marian Hossa has been playing video game good since his early season slump and Jiri "I'm Just Happy to Be Here" Hudler has scored five times in the last six games. Detroit really knows how to put the puck in the net and I will not be surprised to see them continue to do that against a very shaky Dallas team. The Wings are so good at scoring, they might even get some sloppy thirds from Elisha Cuthbert, since former Red Wing, Sean Avery won't be in uniform to stop them.

Interesting story in the NHL today comes from Washington. The Capitals are apparently dressing their Web site designer as a backup goaltender because one is hurt and their other's flight won't get in on time. The guy, Brett Leonhardt, is 6'7" and played some Division III hockey, but you'd think the team would have a better alternative than their web page employee. I guess it's not quite as bad as telling Dave Coulier to lace up the skates because he wore a hockey jersey in a great TV show, but it's still pretty bad. I really hope he gets to play. One thing's for sure, he is going to get so many facebook friend requests. Good for him.

The Pistons meanwhile will try and prevent their current streak from continuing as they have lost three straight. Pistons have been pretty awful lately. Detroit takes on the Indiana Pacers tonight in what would normally be an automatic win. However, the Pistons have managed to lose to the likes of the 76ers and Wizards lately, so certainly this is no gimme. Phil Jackson was on PTI today and he said the Pistons will come around and be one of the premiere teams in the East. He's a pretty smart dude, so I'm going to believe him. AI and the boys need to just get their chemistry figured out and things will be okay. You get pretty spoiled when your team wins the division six out of the last seven years and has made it to the conference finals the last six, so I need to keep that all in perspective.

GREAT news all around for the Detroit Lions today. First, Dan Orlovsky will start in place of Daunte Culpepper on Sunday because Culpepper's hurt. Orlovsky has not started since he fractured his thumb in week 9. This is good news for both the people who want to see 0-16 and for the people like me, who want to see the Lions win out. For those of you who want to see the Lions go 0-16 this is good news because it further disrupts an offense that just spent the last five weeks getting used to Culpepper, if you want to call that a 'cohesive' offense. Also, Orlovsky is surely rusty, and probably pissed he lost his job to a guy off the streets who hadn't put on a helmet (that we know of) in over a year. This could definitely spell disaster. The pinch of good news this brings to people like me who just want to see the Lions win is simple: Orlovsky in his few starts was better than Culpepper has been and the Lions were the closest they may ever be this season to winning during the Orlovsky games.

Another good piece of news for the Lions actually comes from Dallas. There is apparently beef between Terrell Owens and Tony Romo because Tony likes Witten more. This, in addition to the fact that it's Decemeber, will certainly benefit the Lions if the Cowboys allow this to affect them on the field. The more the Cowboys lose, the better the Lions first round draft pick from the 'boys is. It's way more fun to cheer against the Cowboys for a better first round pick than to cheer against your own team for one.

The last piece of good news for the Lions comes from the media. First of all, the Lions are getting tons of face time on sports shows because they are so bad. Any publicity is good publicity, right? Also, Barry Sanders was named the number one Heisman winning NFL star on Sportscenter. Nice little dosage of Lions greatness, mixed in there with the bad. Nuff said.

Last note: Greg Oden's ESPN the Magazine commercial reminds me of the Gheorghe Muresean Snickers' commercial. Two tall retards.



Manny Freshness   says 9:40 PM

WHO CARES ABOUT HOCKEY??? Uhhhhh, anyone?? Not a single hand is raised?? Oh yeah, this is the U.S., not Canada.

Bob B's #1 Fan   says 9:47 PM


A simple, undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made. Brought to life in the South Park series, when Mr. Derp made a guest apperance at South Park Elementary as the chef for a day, followed by hitting himself in the head with a hammer and exclaiming "Derp!"

Uhhh, like OMG (spelled out O M G just like a blonde like totally would like say to like one of like her friends like totally)!! This is like the Bestest Blog EVER!!!

Anonymous   says 10:27 PM

U do kno that Greg Oden is being sarcastic in that ESPN commercial right?

Anonymous   says 10:34 PM

It can still remind bob of the muresan commercial, derp! Haha

Anonymous   says 3:10 AM

I think we should make a poll...titled: Who likes to show off their meat more in the locker room?

The Candidates:
1) Andy Carter
2) Visanthe Shiancoe

Bobby B. Please make it happen.



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