Stephen Curry's Fake Mustache Not Fooling Anybody; Carries Davidson to Win

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The only thing that was worse than Stephen Curry's mustache was his shot...for most of the night.

Chip thought it was 1970s pornstar night at the Madison Square Garden and that Steph, despite his status, didn't think he was above the silly games. Contrary to popular belief, I don't think MSG had any pornstar promotions going on tonight. Instead it had one of the best shooters in the country on display in game one of ESPN's Jimmy V classic double header between No. 22 Davidson and West Virginia.

Curry looked at times as if he had been playing outside at the North Pole. He missed 11 straight shots and couldn't buy a bucket of popcorn at the concession stand, let alone a basket. What was an early Davidson 11 point lead had dwindled and turned into a four point deficit with less than five minutes to play. Curry was frustrated and his mom was yelling at him that he was 'overshooting.' Davidson was getting out rebounded, rebound after rebound opportunity, and it looked like as if Bob Huggins' depleted West Virginia squad was going to squeak out an ugly victory.

That was until Stephen Curry decided to further prove that he's the Truth. It was as if a tinker bell named Dick Vitale, with 4 minutes 57 seconds left, tapped Curry on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "You're a P-T-P baby!" Stephen Curry who only had 14 points with less than five minutes left to play scored 13 points in the final minutes to hip thrust his Wildcats teammates to victory.

The real dagger came with 37 seconds left to play and Davidson down one, Stephen Curry hit an NBA range 3-pointer to put his team up two, and up for good. He went on to hit two free-throws and the Cats would win by three.

Stephen Curry looked awful for most of the game, turning the ball over and missing shot after shot. He did have some very good assists throughout the course of the game and finished with 10 to go along with his 27 points. Statistically, not a shabby 'off' day.

Ben Allison, a red-shirt freshman from the Great Britain, had a very formidable day. He had a few hustle rebounds and a couple slamma jammas which earned the respect of his coach, Bob "The Godfather" McKillop. During a timeout, McKillop wrapped his hands around Allison's head and said, "How about you come over for dinner tomorrow night, schmoogins?" He pinched his cheeks and sent him back on the court. Good moment.

Andrew Lovedale continued to show great strides in looking like a complete basketball player. At times today, he looked like Kevin Garnett. I don't have HD, but I think he's still just Andrew Lovedale. I hope he doesn't get too confident with those turn around J's. I did not like how confident Boris got with those shots last year.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say how touching the Jimmy Valvano story is. The way he faces cancer in the face and said, I'm going to continue to live full days despite his illness is admirable and inspirational. His 1993 ESPY speech, given just months before he passed away is priceless and that is why I have included it here below. I urge you to watch it and dare you to live life with his passion. Always remember: laugh, think, and cry. A great man who touched my heart with similar passion through his own battle through cancer always taught me UNITY. I'll take all four.



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