Former Michigan State Star Shoots Himself In the Leg

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I just thoroughly enjoyed a minute and a half walk through an LSD trip on my way to concourse B at the Detroit airport. It was a good thing I was listening to Coldplay too.

Speaking of drugs, Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg the other day with a gun that he was not permitted to carry. Luckily, it's not life threatening, so we can commence with the shit-talking. Honestly though, what in Cheddar Bob's name was he thinking?

I know that NFL players live in fear after Sean Taylor's unfortunate death, but you'd think Burress would at least get a permit for that bad boy and learn how to use it before carrying it with him to a club.

It's shocking really.

Plax has been doing his darned best to distract the defending champions Giants this season. First he skips practice and doesn't return the team's phone calls leading to his game suspension and now he shoots himself. The Giants aren't acting phased at all, as they just beat up on Washington a few days after Plax's latest incident and hold the NFL's best record at 11-1.

Plaxico will most likely not play another down for the Giants this season, as he will either be released or benched indefinitely. The Giants are clearly fed up with the guy.

As for what's next for Plaxico's real-life livelihood rests on the shoulders of the New York Justice system. Right now, he faces a Class C felony which comes with a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years. There is an opportunity for that charge to be lowered, but the state doesn't have a tough case proving that Plaxico had a gun in his possession considering he shot himself with it.

The Lions may be 0-12 but at least no one is going around shooting themselves. In fact, the Lions probably have the best manners in the NFL.



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