Davidson Spots Mocs 95 Points, Stephen Curry Scores 41

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Most knowledgeable people would think that Davidson was going to beat the Chattanooga Mocs tonight with blind folds on and candy canes. As it turned out, Davidson had to unveil their eye balls and hit a couple key free throws with seconds remaining to hold them off, 100-95.

In what looked like an easy home game before tip-off, against a 1-5 Chattanooga team, Davidson's defense decided not to show up and squeaked out a five point victory in the end.

Stephen Curry scored 41 points like it was as common as brushing his teeth before bed time. Archambault scored 20 off the bench, and Andrew Lovedale had a career-high 18 rebounds, 14 of which were in the first half, redeeming himself from a poor rebounding effort against West Virginia this past Tuesday.

Now, I was not able to watch the game because shockingly it was not on national television, but 95 points against a conference opponent is pretty disturbing. The No. 22 team in the nation should not be allowing 95 points against a Southern Conference opponent that had five losses and had been averaging about 70 points per game against much, much weaker opponents through six games.

I can think of only two excuses for this type of game: a) They were toying with them. They allowed them to score as many points as possible, while trying to pad their stats b) It's exam time at Davidson. With exams going on the players were probably thinking way too much about their Dr. Guasco or Dr. Roberts final exam to worry about playing defense. Also, they probably had next to zero student fans there to cheer them on. I bet half the student body didn't even realize that this was going to be the 22nd straight victory at tiny Belk Arena. They must have worn their vocal cords out during the midnight scream.

Anyway, a win is a win and No. 22 Davidson will take on No. 20 Purdue on December 20th. The game will be televised nationally on CBS. I can't wait for this game. It's going to be a doozy.

A little side note: Purdue basketball/athletics advertises their big games on the front of their website and the Davidson game is not on there. They are in for a small triscuit cracker treat if they think they are going to walk all over the team from small-town Davidson, NC. Go Cats.



Yo, Bobby B....did you photoshop Curry into the picture below and then repost it?? I sense a striking familiarity between the two shots. Maybe you are a trick photographer...

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