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It snowed 10 inches in the greatest Detroit area late last night (see what I did there?) and it continues to pour down like the dandruff off the head of that creepy kid in middle school who made a death wish list in art class, which explained why he mysteriously sat in the corner all the time. Anyway, while most of the state sits inside drinking their hot chocolate, eating biscuits, and watching soap operas, I got busy shoveling the snow off my driveway. Most people hire a plowing company to do it for them because they're either rich or lazy or both. My family may be rich and lazy, but we also have balls. The men grab their shovels and get to work like the good 'ole days. After a couple hours of manually zamboni-ing our driveway, the snow formed banks at the edges. We contemplated starting the hose to freeze the surface so we could play some good, tough hockey on it, eh, but we decided against it. The job was complete, we lifted our shovels in the air like it was the Stanley Cup, screamed Victory at the top of our lungs and laughed in the faces of all our neighbors whose driveways were still hidden under the foot of snow because plow trucks can't freaking plow it unless they can actually get to it. Plus, it's just fun to do.

Moving forward.

Last night, the Red Wings absolutely destroyed the "best" team in the NHL, 6-0. Pavel Datsyuk scored twice and had two assists to lead the Wings in scoring and Ty Conklin had 24 saves en route to his sixth NHL shutout. The regulation loss for the Sharks was their first since November 9th, and only their fourth of the season. Wings were in control the entire game and the outcome was very similar to those I have when I play as the Wings in NHL '09 on Xbox, obviously. Right, CJ? The Wings play again on Saturday, if snow plows have done their job at the airport so the Kings can actually get into town. Otherwise, I imagine the Wings will win by forfeit, which would be awesome and easier.

Pistons play the Utah Jazz tonight at the Palace. They are currently on a three game winning streak after defeating the Pacers, Bobcats, and Wizards. Although the first two wins were not that pretty, the Stones played real tough in the Washington game. Hopefully they can carry that momentum forward with them and Iverson can stay out of trouble.

Davidson plays Purdue on CBS tomorrow. I don't have to tell you twice to watch that because I'm sure it is already a part of your Saturday schedule. Nostradamus said Stephen Curry will score 37 in a 4 point victory.

Last and certainly least, the Detroit Lions play the Saints on Sunday at Ford Field. The 0-14 Lions are trying very hard to go 0-16, but hopefully they will fail. The main reason I want the Lions to do well on Sunday is because I am playing the esteemed Mike "I have Big Hands So You Know What That Means, Right?" Haendler in the "You are Clipped" Fantasy Football League (YACFFL) Championship Game at the Thunder Dome and he has Drew Brees starting at QB. Sure enough, Febreze is projected to put up astronomical numbers because he is playing the Lions. I guess it's automatically assumed that a game against the Lions will result in any player scoring 13 touchdowns with a thousand yards. I think ESPN forgot that Jake Delhomme didn't even throw for 100 yards against these same lowly Lions. Either way, I need the projected total to be tamed. While I wouldn't mind if all Brees' passes were to one of my WRs, Lance Moore, I know that won't happen, so I need the Lions' D to step up their game one time this year and win one for their loyal fan, Bob. Perhaps Ernie Sims can get all Florida State on Brees' ass and knock him out of the game on the first play? I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.

I need you all to root for the following players come Sunday. Go to a local sports bar, order ten pitchers of beer (milk if you are underage) and cheer your special hearts out for these players: Dr. Philip Rivers, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson, Lance Moore, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Chris "Grower Not a Shower" Cooley, Browns D/ST, and my kicker, the heart and soul of my team, TBD because I'm waiting to see who will have the best match up/weather conditions.



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