Purdue Destroys Davidson, Exhausted Curry

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I said it before the season started and I'll say it again. Stephen Curry will not survive an entire season carrying the entire Davidson basketball team on his back. He will need rest, time off, whatever, but will not be able to handle the hugemungus workload he has thus far for an entire season and then expect to lead them back to the Elite Eight and hopefully even further.

Saturday, the exhaustion was evident. Stephen Curry missed the most shots in a single game than he ever has in his illustrious college career. 21. It was clear from the beginning as he would take the ball down the court, dish it off, and then continuously run in and out of Purdue defenders trying to get open for a shot. Davidson was smothered and they looked like a West Meck. High School team against their Big Ten opponent. It was embarrassing.

I don't want to say anything more about the situation.


Blogs Don't Have Snow Days

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It snowed 10 inches in the greatest Detroit area late last night (see what I did there?) and it continues to pour down like the dandruff off the head of that creepy kid in middle school who made a death wish list in art class, which explained why he mysteriously sat in the corner all the time. Anyway, while most of the state sits inside drinking their hot chocolate, eating biscuits, and watching soap operas, I got busy shoveling the snow off my driveway. Most people hire a plowing company to do it for them because they're either rich or lazy or both. My family may be rich and lazy, but we also have balls. The men grab their shovels and get to work like the good 'ole days. After a couple hours of manually zamboni-ing our driveway, the snow formed banks at the edges. We contemplated starting the hose to freeze the surface so we could play some good, tough hockey on it, eh, but we decided against it. The job was complete, we lifted our shovels in the air like it was the Stanley Cup, screamed Victory at the top of our lungs and laughed in the faces of all our neighbors whose driveways were still hidden under the foot of snow because plow trucks can't freaking plow it unless they can actually get to it. Plus, it's just fun to do.

Moving forward.

Last night, the Red Wings absolutely destroyed the "best" team in the NHL, 6-0. Pavel Datsyuk scored twice and had two assists to lead the Wings in scoring and Ty Conklin had 24 saves en route to his sixth NHL shutout. The regulation loss for the Sharks was their first since November 9th, and only their fourth of the season. Wings were in control the entire game and the outcome was very similar to those I have when I play as the Wings in NHL '09 on Xbox, obviously. Right, CJ? The Wings play again on Saturday, if snow plows have done their job at the airport so the Kings can actually get into town. Otherwise, I imagine the Wings will win by forfeit, which would be awesome and easier.

Pistons play the Utah Jazz tonight at the Palace. They are currently on a three game winning streak after defeating the Pacers, Bobcats, and Wizards. Although the first two wins were not that pretty, the Stones played real tough in the Washington game. Hopefully they can carry that momentum forward with them and Iverson can stay out of trouble.

Davidson plays Purdue on CBS tomorrow. I don't have to tell you twice to watch that because I'm sure it is already a part of your Saturday schedule. Nostradamus said Stephen Curry will score 37 in a 4 point victory.

Last and certainly least, the Detroit Lions play the Saints on Sunday at Ford Field. The 0-14 Lions are trying very hard to go 0-16, but hopefully they will fail. The main reason I want the Lions to do well on Sunday is because I am playing the esteemed Mike "I have Big Hands So You Know What That Means, Right?" Haendler in the "You are Clipped" Fantasy Football League (YACFFL) Championship Game at the Thunder Dome and he has Drew Brees starting at QB. Sure enough, Febreze is projected to put up astronomical numbers because he is playing the Lions. I guess it's automatically assumed that a game against the Lions will result in any player scoring 13 touchdowns with a thousand yards. I think ESPN forgot that Jake Delhomme didn't even throw for 100 yards against these same lowly Lions. Either way, I need the projected total to be tamed. While I wouldn't mind if all Brees' passes were to one of my WRs, Lance Moore, I know that won't happen, so I need the Lions' D to step up their game one time this year and win one for their loyal fan, Bob. Perhaps Ernie Sims can get all Florida State on Brees' ass and knock him out of the game on the first play? I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.

I need you all to root for the following players come Sunday. Go to a local sports bar, order ten pitchers of beer (milk if you are underage) and cheer your special hearts out for these players: Dr. Philip Rivers, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson, Lance Moore, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Chris "Grower Not a Shower" Cooley, Browns D/ST, and my kicker, the heart and soul of my team, TBD because I'm waiting to see who will have the best match up/weather conditions.


I ALWAYS Only Button One Button on My Sweaters

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Pretty soon Chip will be done with stupid law school exams, like I already am, and he will start posting for us again. Until then, I have been watching the following video over and over again thinking about how we used to have such great times together and that soon they shall return. Just two bros, bro-ing it up.

Lions Do Whatever It Takes to Lose

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One good thing about today's game: Jason Hanson is now the NFL's all-time leading field goal kicker from 50+ yards. Cheers to having the NFL's best kicker.

It almost appears as if the Lions have hopped on the 0-16 bandwagon and are purposely trying to lose. In what was a very winnable game in Indianapolis turned into just another Sunday's work for the now 0-14 Detroit Lions.

Detroit sure does know how to keep real fans on the edge of their seat though. Down 21-13 in the fourth quarter, Orlovsky resembled an NFL quarterback and led his similarly impersonating team on a Detroit Lions circa 1957 epic drive that resulted in a remarkable touchdown run after the catch by Calvin "Megatron" Johnson. The Lions' drive had good play calling, big third down pick ups, and shockingly even a little swagger. I hadn't seen a Lions drive like that since I personally drove the team down the field in a Madden 2006 video game. It was stellar. To cap things off, the Lions ran an amazing two-point conversion play that succeeded. It was so amazing that Chip even texted me that the Lions were going to the Super Bowl. I couldn't have agreed more as the Lions looked confusingly good. I must have looked silly in all my Lions gear jumping up and down in the bar, dousing the people in the booth next to me with beer like they were the head coach and the Lions were well on their way to the 'ship.

All that only to have the Lions revert back to their true colors of Honolulu Blue and shit.

The Colts followed the uncharacteristic Lions drive with an easy touchdown drive of their own to all but seal the deal. In the end, Indianopolis were the victors, 31-21 and the Lions remained overfeated.

Lions play their final home game of the season next Sunday against a Saints team that no longer has anything to play for, but pride and perhaps a better draft pick. It should be a very good matchup. I'm guessing there will be about 700 yards passing in that game; about 500 coming from the Saints. We shall see.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are reading this and the Sunday Night game is still going on, please, please root against the Cowboys kicking any field goals or scoring more than three touchdowns. I am currently up 3.5 points in my fantasy league and my opponent has Nick Folk, the Dallas kicker. If anyone is in the Dallas area and wants to kidnap the man, I'm all for that too. I'm guessing that the chances of preventing the Cowboys from scoring at least one touchdown and kicking a field goal are pretty slim, but either way I'll be praying for laces in all night long.

Sometimes the way the Lions play it makes me think the water boy poured an entire bottle of muscle relaxant into their Gatorade jugs. Observe.

Davidson Spots Mocs 95 Points, Stephen Curry Scores 41

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Most knowledgeable people would think that Davidson was going to beat the Chattanooga Mocs tonight with blind folds on and candy canes. As it turned out, Davidson had to unveil their eye balls and hit a couple key free throws with seconds remaining to hold them off, 100-95.

In what looked like an easy home game before tip-off, against a 1-5 Chattanooga team, Davidson's defense decided not to show up and squeaked out a five point victory in the end.

Stephen Curry scored 41 points like it was as common as brushing his teeth before bed time. Archambault scored 20 off the bench, and Andrew Lovedale had a career-high 18 rebounds, 14 of which were in the first half, redeeming himself from a poor rebounding effort against West Virginia this past Tuesday.

Now, I was not able to watch the game because shockingly it was not on national television, but 95 points against a conference opponent is pretty disturbing. The No. 22 team in the nation should not be allowing 95 points against a Southern Conference opponent that had five losses and had been averaging about 70 points per game against much, much weaker opponents through six games.

I can think of only two excuses for this type of game: a) They were toying with them. They allowed them to score as many points as possible, while trying to pad their stats b) It's exam time at Davidson. With exams going on the players were probably thinking way too much about their Dr. Guasco or Dr. Roberts final exam to worry about playing defense. Also, they probably had next to zero student fans there to cheer them on. I bet half the student body didn't even realize that this was going to be the 22nd straight victory at tiny Belk Arena. They must have worn their vocal cords out during the midnight scream.

Anyway, a win is a win and No. 22 Davidson will take on No. 20 Purdue on December 20th. The game will be televised nationally on CBS. I can't wait for this game. It's going to be a doozy.

A little side note: Purdue basketball/athletics advertises their big games on the front of their website and the Davidson game is not on there. They are in for a small triscuit cracker treat if they think they are going to walk all over the team from small-town Davidson, NC. Go Cats.


Pistons Win, Wings Lose, and Step Brothers is A Good Movie

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Pistons won 114-110 tonight against the Pacers, ending their three game skid. Rip Hamilton scored 28 and AI had 17 to lead the Stones. Iverson moved into 17th on the NBA's all-time scoring list. With the Cavs winning their millionth game in a row tonight, the Pistons' win prevents them from falling back yet another game in the Central Division. As it stands now, the Pistons are 7 games back. Lots of season left.

The Red Wings lost 3-1 in Dallas, ending their winning streak. This came as quite a surprise considering Dallas gives up a lot of goals and Detroit typically scores a lot. It was the opposite tonight as Ty Conklin continued to struggle in net. It's okay, I don't have him on my fantasy team or anything.... Shit.

I watched Step Brothers tonight for the first time since I saw it in theaters. I think it's a classic flick with some great lines worth sharing at the dinner table. I have posted a video of one of my favorite scenes because it not only involves one of my favorite songs of all time a capella, but it is also just freaking funny. Will Ferrell's biological brother, the driver, is a real douche bag in the movie, but he's a funny douche. A 'funny because it's so true' type of douche. Enjoy.


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Red Wings will look to pick up their fifth straight victory in Dallas tonight. Marian Hossa has been playing video game good since his early season slump and Jiri "I'm Just Happy to Be Here" Hudler has scored five times in the last six games. Detroit really knows how to put the puck in the net and I will not be surprised to see them continue to do that against a very shaky Dallas team. The Wings are so good at scoring, they might even get some sloppy thirds from Elisha Cuthbert, since former Red Wing, Sean Avery won't be in uniform to stop them.

Interesting story in the NHL today comes from Washington. The Capitals are apparently dressing their Web site designer as a backup goaltender because one is hurt and their other's flight won't get in on time. The guy, Brett Leonhardt, is 6'7" and played some Division III hockey, but you'd think the team would have a better alternative than their web page employee. I guess it's not quite as bad as telling Dave Coulier to lace up the skates because he wore a hockey jersey in a great TV show, but it's still pretty bad. I really hope he gets to play. One thing's for sure, he is going to get so many facebook friend requests. Good for him.

The Pistons meanwhile will try and prevent their current streak from continuing as they have lost three straight. Pistons have been pretty awful lately. Detroit takes on the Indiana Pacers tonight in what would normally be an automatic win. However, the Pistons have managed to lose to the likes of the 76ers and Wizards lately, so certainly this is no gimme. Phil Jackson was on PTI today and he said the Pistons will come around and be one of the premiere teams in the East. He's a pretty smart dude, so I'm going to believe him. AI and the boys need to just get their chemistry figured out and things will be okay. You get pretty spoiled when your team wins the division six out of the last seven years and has made it to the conference finals the last six, so I need to keep that all in perspective.

GREAT news all around for the Detroit Lions today. First, Dan Orlovsky will start in place of Daunte Culpepper on Sunday because Culpepper's hurt. Orlovsky has not started since he fractured his thumb in week 9. This is good news for both the people who want to see 0-16 and for the people like me, who want to see the Lions win out. For those of you who want to see the Lions go 0-16 this is good news because it further disrupts an offense that just spent the last five weeks getting used to Culpepper, if you want to call that a 'cohesive' offense. Also, Orlovsky is surely rusty, and probably pissed he lost his job to a guy off the streets who hadn't put on a helmet (that we know of) in over a year. This could definitely spell disaster. The pinch of good news this brings to people like me who just want to see the Lions win is simple: Orlovsky in his few starts was better than Culpepper has been and the Lions were the closest they may ever be this season to winning during the Orlovsky games.

Another good piece of news for the Lions actually comes from Dallas. There is apparently beef between Terrell Owens and Tony Romo because Tony likes Witten more. This, in addition to the fact that it's Decemeber, will certainly benefit the Lions if the Cowboys allow this to affect them on the field. The more the Cowboys lose, the better the Lions first round draft pick from the 'boys is. It's way more fun to cheer against the Cowboys for a better first round pick than to cheer against your own team for one.

The last piece of good news for the Lions comes from the media. First of all, the Lions are getting tons of face time on sports shows because they are so bad. Any publicity is good publicity, right? Also, Barry Sanders was named the number one Heisman winning NFL star on Sportscenter. Nice little dosage of Lions greatness, mixed in there with the bad. Nuff said.

Last note: Greg Oden's ESPN the Magazine commercial reminds me of the Gheorghe Muresean Snickers' commercial. Two tall retards.


Womanizer, Baby

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Word through the grapevine is some cat created a facebook group advertising this blog. As a result, there are a ton of new female readers. I'm supposed to turn into Shania Twain and be impressed by that? This won't change anything. I'll continue to be mocho-rude and disrespect Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus at all the opportune times, while still relating it to sports somehow. Every other post, to be exact. Do not bust my balls for this, ladies. It's just who Bob "I love David Archuleta" Biscigliano is. I can't change who I am and neither can you.

As for the non-Detroit contingency that has drunkenly stumbled across this blog and bravely signed off on comments as Anonymous, I applaud you. It takes a real big adult to do what you have done, while you sit there in your poop stained Flintstones boxers, sucking back a Squeeze-It like it's Visanthe Shiancoe. A "Detroit sucks" line is always a good one. Keep 'em coming.

Lastly, I want to share with you a little excerpt from Lil Wayne's Blog on ESPN. Chip was so kind to share this with me earlier this evening.

I do watch a lot of college basketball, and I really need to address something in the blog before I move on. Steph Curry, you are amazing. Did you see how he gets those text messages from his mom before the games with an inspirational quote and then he goes and writes it on his tennis shoes? I love that so much.

He wasn't looked at heavy coming out of high school 'cause of his little body. The ACC schools thought he would get pushed around, so they passed him over. Now he is the ultimate underdog running circles around everybody, and I love him so much for that. I think he needs to stay another year to work on his body, but he's going to be fine in the NBA because he actually has a shot, and that's really all you need. Tuesday night West Virginia was posting him up every chance they got, but he still fought his way through it. And did you see that game where they double-teamed him the entire time like he was T.O. and his team still won by 30? I didn't get it. I was not with that coach's thinking. But it just shows you what kind of man Steph is because even though he didn't score a point his expression never changed. He never got frustrated. That just show's you who he is.

Essentially, Lil Wayne loves everything about Stephen Curry. Everyone does these days. If you read other parts of the blog, you'll also notice that Lil Wayne gets a new tattoo like it's a morning paper. He mentions three different Jimmy Valvano quotes that he either already got tattooed on his body, or will get on his body. I love the Valvano speech, and as I said before, am truly inspired by him, but getting all the best quotes tattooed on your body might be a little much. I hope he doesn't do that with everything sweet he comes across, or else I wouldn't be surprised if he had the entire Braveheart movie script tattooed somewhere on his body. No doubt he has the Obama President-elect speech on his chest. Oh well.


Tigers Trade for Edwin Jackson

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Tigers continued to wheel and deal at the Winter meetings as they pulled off another trade late last night, this time with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Tigers will send Matt Joyce to the Rays in exchange for RHP Edwin Jackson.

Jackson, who was tied for the Rays team lead in wins last year at 14, is only 25 years old and will definitely bolster the Tigers starting rotation. As it stands now, he's slated as the fourth starter behind Verlander, Galarraga, and rehabbing Bonderman. That will leave Dontrelle, Gum Time, and Zach Miner competing for the fifth and final spot.

Personally, I like the trade because it clearly makes our starting rotation stronger. Nevertheless, the deal was merely a second option. It's kind of like when you go to Blockbuster and they don't have The Dark Knight, so you have to settle for Hancock. I like Will Smith, so it's cool, but I'm just saying. In the Tigers case, they weren't able to win over Seattle and get hometown hero, J.J. Putz so they settled for the Jackson deal. At the same time though, they didn't have to part ways with Jeff Larish, the guy Seattle demanded be a part of any deal involving Putz.

Tigers are not finished with their off season moves, as they still need to address the holes in the bullpen. It appears as if they might plug 80 year old John Smoltz in there, as there seems to be mutual interest. The name sounds nice, but the ailing arm doesn't. Why not just get Jimmy Morris for cheaper? I guess we'll see what happens.


Yankees Not Distracted in Vegas

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What happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas. Let's get serious. Your wife will find out about your Vegas vacation sexually deviant behavior when random diseases start to flare up; and the world will certainly know if the Yankees have been throwing their money around at top free agents at this year's Major League Baseball Winter meetings, just like they do every year.

Good for them, though.

At least they are not blowing it all on strippers and black jack tables as that appears to be the case for so many other teams who will come home and say, "Darn, we didn't get to spend any money on free agents this year," when this year we all know that's code for, "we got drugged up and blew all our money on Trish and Ginger. They can't play left field or close for us, but they let us get to third base with them in the back room for fairly cheap. In fact, they gave us a better deal than those Red bums from Cincinnati."

I think you get the picture.

While Vegas, stereotypically, isn't the ideal place to get real business done, it hasn't changed anything for the New York Yankees. They appear to be doing just fine in dishing out absurd figures to the top free agents available, no matter who they are. For example, today they have allegedly reached a preliminary deal with CC Sabathia that would make him the richest pitcher ever from a single contract. The deal is supposedly seven-years for $161 million. If he signs on the dotted line, I will puke in my mouth a little bit.

What about AJ Burnett? Apparently, upon discovering that there was another pretty good pitcher on the market, the Yankees took a late stab at him by throwing, oh roughly another $100 million his way. Again, that is typical Yankmees business right there.

Now, I heard a rumor that Theo Epstein offered a cocktail waitress $60 million to be the Red Sox fourth starter and the Yankees offered her $80 million because they need pitchers too and don't want the Red Sox getting any advantages. That's not true, just a rumor, but I think it goes to show that the Yankees know what they need, and go out and get it done no matter what.

I'm not a Yankee fan by any means. Hell, I hate them. I want them to be inside the stadium when it's demolished (except for maybe Jeter), but a fan has to respect its team when they continuously try and live up to its tradition of winning, at all costs. Even if it means passing up on a few lap dances, in the midst of dishing out some of the biggest contracts the MLB has ever seen.

I just hope Dave Dombrowski didn't sign the cheaper Adam Everett so he could play more craps.


Visanthe Shiancoe Puts Chris Cooley to Shame

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I'm pretty sure everyone in the sports world remembers the wee-wee blunder Chris Cooley had earlier this year. In case you forgot, read this article. Basically, in quick summary, Chris Cooley took a picture of his playbook while it was on his lap and posted the picture on his website. The only problem, if you call it a problem, was he was blogging naked and his member was visible in the photo. Now he caught a lot of slack because the ratio of 'hot dog to thigh' was not very impressive to say the least. As if it couldn't get more embarrassing for the Redskins tight end, another tight end has recently decided to go around showing what he works with between the trenches.

Visanthe Shiancoe, TE for the Minnesota Vikings, was exposed in the locker room during a post game speech that was aired on FOX. I googled for the video of it more times than David Archuleta probably did and am proud to say that I finally came up with a good slow motion peek. Click here if you liked the movie Big Black Snakes on a Plane. If you were brave enough to watch the video, then you know exactly what I'm talking about in the title of this post. David Archuleta certainly knows what I'm talking about.

Shiancoe says that he was embarrassed about the whole ordeal. What a very humble human being. If only I were so humble.


Stephen Curry's Fake Mustache Not Fooling Anybody; Carries Davidson to Win

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The only thing that was worse than Stephen Curry's mustache was his shot...for most of the night.

Chip thought it was 1970s pornstar night at the Madison Square Garden and that Steph, despite his status, didn't think he was above the silly games. Contrary to popular belief, I don't think MSG had any pornstar promotions going on tonight. Instead it had one of the best shooters in the country on display in game one of ESPN's Jimmy V classic double header between No. 22 Davidson and West Virginia.

Curry looked at times as if he had been playing outside at the North Pole. He missed 11 straight shots and couldn't buy a bucket of popcorn at the concession stand, let alone a basket. What was an early Davidson 11 point lead had dwindled and turned into a four point deficit with less than five minutes to play. Curry was frustrated and his mom was yelling at him that he was 'overshooting.' Davidson was getting out rebounded, rebound after rebound opportunity, and it looked like as if Bob Huggins' depleted West Virginia squad was going to squeak out an ugly victory.

That was until Stephen Curry decided to further prove that he's the Truth. It was as if a tinker bell named Dick Vitale, with 4 minutes 57 seconds left, tapped Curry on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "You're a P-T-P baby!" Stephen Curry who only had 14 points with less than five minutes left to play scored 13 points in the final minutes to hip thrust his Wildcats teammates to victory.

The real dagger came with 37 seconds left to play and Davidson down one, Stephen Curry hit an NBA range 3-pointer to put his team up two, and up for good. He went on to hit two free-throws and the Cats would win by three.

Stephen Curry looked awful for most of the game, turning the ball over and missing shot after shot. He did have some very good assists throughout the course of the game and finished with 10 to go along with his 27 points. Statistically, not a shabby 'off' day.

Ben Allison, a red-shirt freshman from the Great Britain, had a very formidable day. He had a few hustle rebounds and a couple slamma jammas which earned the respect of his coach, Bob "The Godfather" McKillop. During a timeout, McKillop wrapped his hands around Allison's head and said, "How about you come over for dinner tomorrow night, schmoogins?" He pinched his cheeks and sent him back on the court. Good moment.

Andrew Lovedale continued to show great strides in looking like a complete basketball player. At times today, he looked like Kevin Garnett. I don't have HD, but I think he's still just Andrew Lovedale. I hope he doesn't get too confident with those turn around J's. I did not like how confident Boris got with those shots last year.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say how touching the Jimmy Valvano story is. The way he faces cancer in the face and said, I'm going to continue to live full days despite his illness is admirable and inspirational. His 1993 ESPY speech, given just months before he passed away is priceless and that is why I have included it here below. I urge you to watch it and dare you to live life with his passion. Always remember: laugh, think, and cry. A great man who touched my heart with similar passion through his own battle through cancer always taught me UNITY. I'll take all four.


Big Baby Cries When Daddy Yells at Him

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Check out this video of Glen Davis crying because he didn't like what Kevin Garnett had to say to him. At first, Davis refuses to listen to what KG has to say to the team. KG grabs him by his ear and pulls him into the huddle and that's when the Big Baby hears what sets him over the top. Apparently, Davis was not playing nice with his brothers and sisters and got the brunt of it in the huddle brought together by daddy. Davis was later seen at the end of the bench whining to his fellow teammates, letting his tears express most of his frustration. Absolutely hilarious. Almost as funny as Dwayne Wade crying in his wheel chair when he hurt his shoulder.

Also, I highly recommend you watch ESPN right now. Trust me, you have nothing better to do. Do it. Steph Curry. Do it.


Tigers Acquire Laird from Texas; Pass up on Jake Taylor

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Tigers have sent two minor league prospects to Texas in exchange for veteran catcher Gerald Laird. The prospects the Tigers sent to Texas were right-handed pitchers Guillermo Moscoso and Charles Melo.

With the first official trade of the Winter Meetings, the Tigers have found their starting catcher and will pass up on the opportunity of signing Tom Berenger. Laird threw out 21 out of 74 would-be basestealers while recording a .986 fielding percentage and allowing six passed balls in 2008. He batted .276 over 344 at-bats this past season with 24 doubles, six home runs and 41 RBIs, including a .299 batting average on the road.

I like this trade. Obviously the Tigers needed a catcher and we probably got the best one on the trading block. Only 133 days until Opening Day and only 130 days until I see the Tags play the Braves at Turner Field for their final two spring training games.


Lions Improve to 0-13

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I have nothing to say. The Lions could have won today vs. the Minnesota Vikings but sure enough faltered when getting into Minnesota territory all day long. The biggest play of the game came on 4th down and 8 inches at the Viking six yard line and Daunte Culpepper (who is 6'4 260 pounds) could not gain the 8 inches for a first down. Bob Biscigliano gains that first down ten out of ten times by getting a freaking erection, let alone thrusting his body forward. It is absolutely ridiculous, and inexcusable that Culpepper could not pick up that first down. As Chip said, he should be cut.

That being said, it probably would have been too much to ask for the Lions to actually get that first down and then pick up a touchdown. Hell, they didn't do it any other time they were in Minnesota territory. I guess they got what they deserved.

Lions will attempt to lose next week in Indianapolis against a Colts team that absolutely destroyed the Bengals today. I'm really looking foward to that match up.


Lebron Breaks Pre-Game Routine for Stephen Curry

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Lebron normally takes a pre-game nap, but changed that routine today for Davidson's Stephen Curry. He was sitting courtside for Curry's game against NC State in Charlotte.

Steph and Lebron are pretty good pals now, ever since Curry captured the King's heart with his darling performance during last year's tournament run. Stephen has hung out with Lebron before and worked camps with him. Saturday was no different as they exchanged text messages before the game. Lebron thinks very highly of Stephen, but what's funnier is the quote James had after his game about how he relates to Stephen by basically putting down both their teammates:
"His team isn't the best but he makes those guys play hard and they compete in every game they're in and they compete against teams some people say they shouldn't beat," James said. "I can relate to that."
I'm not sure I would be too happy if I was a Cleveland Cavelier or even a Davidson teammate right now. Maybe I'm overreacting. Then again, one thing Lebron fails to realize is, if he had Bob McKillop as his coach, he would have a much better chance at winning a championship with his current team. That's for sure.


Stephen Curry Puts on a Show for the King

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Stephen Curry might look like a baby, but he plays like a King. Especially when the King himself is in the building supporting him.

With King Lebron James, arguably the best basketball player on planet Earth, sitting courtside watching his buddy, Stephen Curry dropped a career high 44 points (again) on North Carolina State en route to a #22 ranked Davidson five point victory, 72-67.

Curry and the Cats were down 16-7 when Lebron James made his way to his seats midway through the first half. That's about when Curry slung his team over his shoulders and carried them. He scored 21 points in the first half on 6 of 14 shooting as the Cats went into the break down four.

In the second half, both teams started off cold, but Davidson never trailed by more than five. Curry then exploded. He answered every NC State basket with a driving layup or a running jumper off the glass with a kiss! Not even Coach Patsos could stop him right now.

With a little over a minute remaining in the game and the Cats up one, Steve Rossiter grabbed an offensive rebound and found Curry who was standing in South Carolina. With the shot clock winding down Curry did not hesitate to put it up. Swish. Money in the Wachovia Bank on Main Street in Davidson. Curry did a little dance number, that I've seen him do so many times at Davidson parties, and then he pointed to the King, who was walking onto the court with his arms raised straight up into the air like he was surrendering to the 20 year old phenom. Cats were up four at this point, and it was as good as over.

Late in the game, with the final seconds winding down, Lebron was shown swaying back and forth to the music as Davidson was about to finish off the game with a W. I think it's safe to say that Lebron LOVES Stephen Curry and Davidson Basketball.

Davidson will play again on Tuesday against West Virginia in the Jimmy V Basketball Classic. The game will be televised live from the Madison Square Garden on ESPN. More national exposure for the Davidson Wildcats. Holler.


Air Guitar Hero

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I have been passed this video of an eleven year-old child rocking his little air guitar soul out at the Rutgers football game. He was given an entire song's worth of jumbo-tron time while his father sat behind him filming it. I know people playing the air guitar can kind of be a Streisand move, but it's really rockin' the shit in this video. This is truly inspirational to all air guitarists, everywhere. Absolutely phenomenal.

PS- I'd also like to add that I would absolutely love to punch the person in the face who is jumping up and down trying to steal this kid's 4 minutes of fame. You're bouncing up and down is not funny, talented, or amusing. Sit down, shutup, and enjoy the air guitar.

Okay...I May Have Done It.

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I just got done with my second law school exam and I need a little relief. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but I'm too busy learning the ins and outs of how to pass law school exams. So far I hope I'm 2-2. Enough of that boring nonsense, let's get back to the grind.

O.J. Simpson. Okay, I know he might have killed his wife and her boy toy, but c'mon. Look at that face. How can you stay mad at him? Well, he just got sentenced to at least nine years in prison, with up to 33 years for his latest crime. The Judge repeatedly said that the sentence had nothing to do with paying him back for the 1994 acquittal. Sure. Anyway, he's 61 years old, so it's almost safe to say that he'll be in jail when he goes to another life where it's okay to kill your wife, not brush your teeth, and take law school exams for fun. For his sake though, I hope the Juice doesn't take that weak Bill Cosby impression into prison. He won't last a month.

Speaking of mergers and acquisitions, the Lions are happy to hear that the federal Judge blocked the NFL from suspending five players for violating drug rules. Why are they happy? Well, because two of the players are Minnesota Vikings best defensive tackles, the Williams brothers, who aren't actually brothers. The Lions are satisfied with the ruling because they didn't want to have to win a game when the Vikings didn't have their best team on the field. They certainly have that shot now. Thanks, Judge. Lions are well on their way to 1-12.

Tigers personnel will be in Vegas next week for the Winter Meetings. I'm hyped for that. I'm praying for a solid shortstop, closer, backstop and some titty bar stories from Dave Dombrowski.

Back to studying...


Former Michigan State Star Shoots Himself In the Leg

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I just thoroughly enjoyed a minute and a half walk through an LSD trip on my way to concourse B at the Detroit airport. It was a good thing I was listening to Coldplay too.

Speaking of drugs, Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg the other day with a gun that he was not permitted to carry. Luckily, it's not life threatening, so we can commence with the shit-talking. Honestly though, what in Cheddar Bob's name was he thinking?

I know that NFL players live in fear after Sean Taylor's unfortunate death, but you'd think Burress would at least get a permit for that bad boy and learn how to use it before carrying it with him to a club.

It's shocking really.

Plax has been doing his darned best to distract the defending champions Giants this season. First he skips practice and doesn't return the team's phone calls leading to his game suspension and now he shoots himself. The Giants aren't acting phased at all, as they just beat up on Washington a few days after Plax's latest incident and hold the NFL's best record at 11-1.

Plaxico will most likely not play another down for the Giants this season, as he will either be released or benched indefinitely. The Giants are clearly fed up with the guy.

As for what's next for Plaxico's real-life livelihood rests on the shoulders of the New York Justice system. Right now, he faces a Class C felony which comes with a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years. There is an opportunity for that charge to be lowered, but the state doesn't have a tough case proving that Plaxico had a gun in his possession considering he shot himself with it.

The Lions may be 0-12 but at least no one is going around shooting themselves. In fact, the Lions probably have the best manners in the NFL.



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