Some Detroit Game Day Thoughts, Doused with a Fantasy Football Story

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  • Wings take on the Penguins in a rematch of last year's Stanley Cup Finals. Franzen is back (and has already scored). The game is currently in the 3rd period with the Wings up 3-2. I'll let you know if anything changes throughout this post. It is on "national" television on VERSUS. As I have stated before, I can't wait until the NHL is back on ESPN. NBC games are fun though.

  • Pistons play the Kings tonight in Suckramento. The Pistons are ohhh and two in the Allen Iverson era thus far. The guy can play, but they better start winning. I'm not too concerned. However, I am concerned about Iverson looking like a drunk guy who passed out and got drawn on. (That's former NE Patriot cheerleader in that picture-BTDUBS) No wonder he wears sleeves all the time. I'd be embarrassed too.

  • I would like to venture back to last night where I was a part of the best fantasy football game that I have ever coached. Going into last night's game I was tied with Dupree in our Detroit4lyfe fantasy football league. I had Boldin and he had Gore and Fitzgerald. Late in the game, Dupree was up 8. With about 3 minutes remaining, Boldin caught a touchdown pass that tied it all up. 49ers get the ball and march down the field, despite not being able to get the ball to Frank Gore. A couple passes thrown his way were either over thrown, dropped, or whistled dead by refs right when he caught them.

    Anyway, Shaun Hill throws a terrible INT and the Cardinals get the ball back with just over two minutes to play. I think for sure that we're going to tie. Instead, the Cardinals decide to stupidly throw the ball on first down, instead of trying to run the clock out, and complete a pass to Fitzgerald. I'm down a point now, 130-129. Cardinals get stuffed on 2nd down so I'm thinking, well if they threw on first down they will for sure throw on 3rd and short to get the first down and run this clock out.


    They get stuffed on the run again. 49ers get the ball back and basically all my hopes and dreams are gone out the window.

    But wait right there, Dennis the Menace.

    The 49ers march down the field, again without getting the ball to Frank Gore. At this point I'm praying for a quick 49er touchdown so Arizona will get it back and have to throw. Instead, the 49ers get down to the 2 yard line, take forever to run the "spike the ball" play with 11 seconds left. Arizona decides to waste its last timeout at this point in time, virtually sending me into suicide watch.

    Then the unimaginable happens.

    Frank Gore comes in and gets a handoff and stumbles around the corner on his way to an easy touchdown that would put me out of my misery. Instead, he falls, lunges forward to get back to the line of scrimmage.

    I still lose.

    Not yet!

    The play is challenged and replays clearly show that Gore's knee was down about a yard behind the line of scrimmage.

    "So what?" you say?!?!?!

    Quit asking questions. Let me tell you all about it, Dr. Maguire. Gore was at 22 carries 100 yards before that run. This means he drops to 99 yards on 23 carries after this challenge. Dupree loses 2 points because he loses the point you get for every ten yards and the bonus point you get when a RB reaches 100. Therefore, I win if Gore doesn't score on the final play. And sure enough, not only does he not score, but he doesn't even get the carry!

    I doused my girlfriend in champagne and went to bed. Greatest fantasy football game I've ever coached and been a part of. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen

  • Datsyuk just scored.



Anonymous   says 10:20 PM

Do u honestly think that we want 2 read about ur stupid fantasy game? I could not even follow the story it was written all over the place. I have no idea what u are talking about and I would not care if I knew. U r dumb

Anonymous   says 10:25 PM

All over the place? It was all right there for you on the page. Maybe spell the words out next time, take a deep breath and slow down a little. Or maybe you should take a gun and just blow your fricking head off for not understanding how fantasy football and football work. That's pathetic.

I thought it was interesting, Bob; and that person doesn't know how to spell at all.

Enrique I.

Anonymous   says 10:59 PM

Fantasy Football = America

Who names their kid anonymous??

Thanks for the support Enrique and Anonymous #2. Anonymous #1, I understand it's not WNBA season and you're a little tense because of that, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and let you off the hook here. Don't bring that shit in my house again, though. You understand, Curly Sue?

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