My First A.I. TV Experience of the Season

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Tonight is the first time I've stayed up past 12:30 on a school night since I've started grad school. I probably lose 17.3 (repeating of course) "Sweet Like Zack Morris" points for having revealed my normal bed time, but I don't care. At least, I'm not like my buddy C.J. who went to bed at 9 PM. I just hope he didn't forget to change his 'oops I crapped my pants' and take out his dentures before slipping under the covers to read his favorite Jane Austen novel to fall asleep to .

Anyway, the reason I'm up so late is because the Pistons are on the west coast and on TNT taking on the Golden State Inferiors and I have yet to see A.I. and the Stones play on TV this season. It's too bad Golden State is about as fun to watch as it is to watch that guy who uses a bottle of gel a game on his hair shoot free throws. It's painful, actually. A Stones game is a game though and I'm happy to get the chance to watch them.

As for the Pistons, honest-to-blog, I'm psyched. First of all, the Pistons have a fresh image with Iverson. In addition to that, it appears they are playing with a lot more swagger, and enthusiasm than what I have noticed in past regular seasons. For starters, they didn't wait until the fourth quarter to flip the switch tonight. They did almost let this game slip from their fingers in the fourth quarter, but thanks in large part to Sheeeed, they pulled out the win. Rasheed hit two big threes and after some selfless passing, slammed home a MONSTER-I'm screaming because it's under my bed-dunk to shush the Bronzen State crowd. In the end the Pistons walked away with a 107-102 victory and Allen Iverson received an interview courtesy of Craig Sager and another one of his terrible suits. (AI didn't clown him like KG has before though).

Iverson finished the night with 23 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assists, a pretty cool fist pump, and a couple TNT interviews. I have to admit, he looks pretty good in a Stones uniform, in a completely heterosexual sort of way.

The last point I want to make before I go to bed is regarding my first thoughts on Coach Michael Curry. I could totally feel his presence and obviously I wasn't actually at the game. Thanks to Chip, I heard more about the Pistons feelings toward former coach, Flip Saunders in a Free Press article about Chauncey Billups. As the article states, under Curry the players feel like they "got somebody that can control and keep everybody right." I don't know how it came across to me through TNT, but I could just tell the players look up to him and definitely respect the way he runs things. I don't know how I could tell, maybe it's because of the HD or because I was sitting really close to the television set so I could hear things because my woman was in bed sleeping. Who knows? Anyway, I really like Curry as our coach and I'm hoping he's successful. Doug Collins feels the same way.

Real test for the Pistons will be tomorrow against the Lakers. Apparently they have a pretty good basketball team and coach over there, too. I guess we'll see. It will be on ESPN--TNT's much hotter and more experienced (sluttier) sister.


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Anonymous   says 6:45 AM

If you were a real fan then you would have seen the first couple of games with AI. I question your fanhood.

Ps. I heard that C.J. kid works real hard and needs his rest.

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