Michigan Offense: Crazed and Blue; Translation: It Sucks

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I've been watching the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry game as I study and just couldn't take it anymore without voicing my opinion. This Michigan offense is absolutely atrocious. I've never been in so much pain watching a football offense's sad attempt to convince people they are actually trying to move the football. I swear I'm going to have nightmares of Mesko endlessly punting me in the balls.

I know Threet and McGuffie aren't playing today. Originally, I thought that was going to be somewhat of a blessing. McGuffie's okay, if you're cool with mediocrity. Threet is good if you like failure. However, Sheridan makes Threet look like freaking Archie Manning.

To think this game was even close for two and a half quarters, baffles me. The defense actually played more than adequate for that time period. Being on the field for 40 of the first 45 minutes will catch up to you though. Sure enough, it did and OSU just took a 35-7 lead.

Yeah, Michigan has seven points. Sun shines on a dog's ass every now and then. Brandon Miner actually poked a few holes in that buckling offensive line. Even then, if it weren't for his fourth down touchdown run from the two, Michigan would be scoreless.

Rich Rodriquez insists on running his offense. I understand these issues are long gone considering Michigan is 3-8, the worst team in the university's history, and we should start working for next year, but honestly, why are we running QB draws with a guy that makes Joey Harrington look like Michael Vick (when he's running, not killing dogs). Draw plays only work when you have an explosive runner. I don't see any lear jets connected to the shoulder pads of any of the Michigan QBs or RBs.

At first, I was thinking, "Michigan's offense is almost as bad as the Lions." Then I got real with myself. Michigan's offense is absolutely worse than the Lions'. First of all, the Lions are arguably an NFL team. Michigan is definitely not an NFL team. The Lions have Calvin Johnson, the Wolverines have no one who can create offense on his own. All the Lions have to do is get the ball into Calvin's hands and anything can happen. (Whether the Michigan coordinators are better than the Lions is an entirely different issue that I'm not going to tackle). When the Lions are on offense, I surprsingly get curious, and interested as to how they might do. When Michigan has taken the field this year, I cringe.

It's been tough watching Pryor today knowing that he could be wearing the maize n blue. Then it's even tougher to think about all the recruits we need in order for us to get better next year, and losing 42-7 to our 109 year old rival will not help keep recruits from attending Ohio State over Michigan. Take Chip for example, Ohio State won him over.

Anyway, long story short, maybe I'll get more out of watching Warren Sapp/Kym Johnson on Dancing with the Stars tonight.



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