If I Was GM of the Lions: Part 2

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I just got this Lions t-shirt about 4 weeks ago for 4.99 off ebay. I plan on wearing it in to work everyday when I become the new Lions GM. Anyway, someone recently came up to me on the street and inquired, "if you had to keep two Lions who would they be? And if you had to drop two Lions, who would they be?" After some heavy drinking, and some soul searching, I finally have my answers.

If I had to keep two current LIons players, I would keep Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith:

Calvin is a no brainer. He is probably the most talented WR in the NFL and if there is ever any doubt, I would just direct you to watch video shown here in Chip's piece. I want to believe so badly that the Lions are not going to let this talent go to waste. Anything short of a Herman Moore-like career in Detroit would be a complete and utter failure for this guy's talent. That being said, it would be just as big of a disappointment to see this guy go anywhere else and exploit defenses like he's very capable of doing, if he's thrown to. I would let go of my wife before giving up this guy.

Kevin Smith has put up some decent numbers when he actually gets carries and uses his magnifying glass to find holes to run through. Just like we thought when we drafted him, we got a steal and if given an offensive line that actually creates some room for him, he could be a more than serviceable running back in the NFL. He's not the next Barry Sanders by any means, but he's also not Ron Rivers or Tatum Bell (he definitely hasn't been caught stealing duffle bags). Kevin Smith is very deserving to be a number one running back and I want him to be successful in Detroit for many years to come.

If I had to drop only two current Lions, I would have a fat ass SB ring on my left ring finger. Uhhhh...Dropping more than two current Lions would be the reasonable, and RIGHT, answer here; to put it lightly. I'd rather not single only two players out and say, "they gots to go," when every other guy is just as culpable as the next. IF you hold a gun to my head and tell me I MUST pick two or else my brains will be splattered to the wall, I will very easily, and quickly, say that George Foster and Shaun McDonald "gots to freaking go, please don't shoot me."

First of all, George Foster is taking time away from our first round draft pick. There is no excuse for our first round draft pick to not be playing week in and week out. I don't care if he's hurt, pregnant, or blind. If we draft a lineman in the first round, we better be prepared to play him and get him experience to get better and better as games/season wear on. Secondly, Foster gets flagged for roughly 13,000 false starts, 200 holdings, and allows 30 sacks a game. How Marinelli even considers this guy to start, let alone play, in any games I will never fathom.

My reasoning for wanting Shaun McDonald gone is more personal than anything else. My personal dislike for him has logic behind it though. To put very bluntly, I've never liked this guy. Don't get me wrong, he put up some decent numbers last year in Martz's offense, at first. Then latter part of the season, he decided to drop more important balls than five 13 year old kids going through puberty do. I thought for sure the Lions were going to be smart enough to cut him loose before this season. Now that the Lions are 0-9, and he's still here, 5'10, and dropping passes, I can't imagine stomaching another LIons season with him lining up with the likes of Calvin Johnson. "Hes gots to go, please."

If you have any other thoughts on what I should do when I become GM of the Lions let me know. I'm well on my way, though. Refer back to my other article I wrote about being the Lions GM if you haven't already read that.




Anonymous   says 10:00 AM

Great article!

Calvin Johnson and Ernie Sims for keepers.

Rudi Johnson and Paris Lenon for people to let loose.

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks Anonymous. Really appreciate the support. I completely overlooked Sims. I could definitely buy into your two choices if we had to keep just two.

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