Detroit4lyfe's Week 10 Picks

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Bobby Biscig's Week 10 Picks
Having games on Thursday totally messes with my man-strual system. I had to skip my classes this morning, so I could go to church and pray for a Lions victory, amongst other things, like I always do before the first game of the week.

Anyway, let's get to the picks. My record rests at a dismal 25-17 going into this week, so I've decided to get serious. These picks were definitely not easy to make this week. Some really great games lined up for our viewing pleasures.

My game of the week is going to be the one that I will be in attendance for: Saints @ Falcons. Falcons are proving that they are for real and Saints are going to come in hungrier than John Madden on Thanksgiving Day. They need a win, badly to stay in the NFC South Mix. I'm looking for a big offensive day out of both teams. Maybe 1,000 fantasy points for Roddy White and three 90 yard touchdown receptions from Devery Henderson would be really cool for my fantasy team. In the end though, I think the Saints will go marching home with a victory.

As if they didn't have enough issues, Detroit has a big one at QB this week. They are claiming they don't know who their starter is but it appears Daunte Culpepper has been getting most the snaps in practice this week. Today is Thursday. Frankly, I think they're better off starting the Eat 'Em Up Tigers dude. Lions still win, obviously.

After having picked Cinci to pick up their first win last week against Jacksonville correctly, this part of the picks will be a weekly focal point for high risk gamblers. My upset special for this week will be Seattle at Miami. Miami is 4-4 after having some very impressive wins against some very reputable football teams. However, I think they are exactly the type of team that will lay down for a very bad football team that is the Seahawks. Seahawks win, Seahawks remain in 2nd place at 3-6, and Holmgren still retires at the end of the season.

Those are my picks, now I'm gonna go grab one of my Hannah Montana kleenexes and pick my nose. Yeah... I 'accidently' bought kleenex boxes that have Miley Cirus on them.

Chips's Week 10 Picks

Man oh man, this is a tough week for picks. I might not be as successful as I normally am, but I still expect to get at least 12 of the 14 games right.

First thing's first, I have confidence in Brady Quinn and the Browns. It helps that Denver's defense is awful, but I also expect Quinn to be pretty good- he's had over a year's worth of practice time and the Browns have more talent than their record would indicate. It's tough to go with a qb making his first start, but I'll bite on that game.

Moving on, it doesn't matter which quarterback starts for the Lions- Daunte Culpepper or Drew Stanton- because all the Lions do is win and I don't see that changing this week.

I see Green Bay beating a punchless Vikings team in Minnesota because Aaron Rodgers is completely recovered from his sprained shoulder and the Vikings are still starting Gus Frerotte.

I picked Kansas City last week in my upset special and they rewarded me so I'm giving them another shot. I really just see the spread being way too big when they are playing a San Diego team that has struggled on defense.

Lastly, I picked the Monday Night Football game even though no one cares about it. Seriously, could there be a less compelling game? Cardinals win big.



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