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I appreciate everyone who stuck it out through our rocky template transition. I think it's finally safe to say that we are back hotter than before. The change is exactly like Uncle Jessie's evolution from his 80's mullet to his 90's sleek look. Both are sexy in their own way, but it's obviously the polished look that's going to seal the deal with Aunt Becky. Have Mercy.

Anyway, here are some things I probably would have blogged about had I not been at the blarber (blog barber) getting this new due.

  • Pistons fell to 4-1 Friday night, losing their first game of the Allen Iverson era. Someone must have hacked into the NBA settings and changed Devin Harris' player rating from a mediocre 65 to a 95 because he went off like he was being controlled in a video game. He scored 38 points and that was really all the Jersey Nets needed to pull this one out. Seeing highlights, Iverson looked pretty good offensively and almost carried the team on his back near the end of the game. Unfortunately, Harris was too much to handle. I was gamecastin' so I didn't see, but I hope AI wasn't marking Harris. If he was, we could be in a lot of trouble.

  • Red Wings came out of hibernation last night and recaptured the pride the Pistons lost to New Jersey right back as they beat the Devils, 3-1. Our own Adam Banks in Marian Hossa scored twice. He is now tied for the team lead in goals with eight.

  • Interesting note from the Wings game. The Devils goalie, Kevin Weekes, is african american. That's about as rare as having a black president or a black kicker in football. Weekes is trying to be the Obama of the NHL, trying to attract diversity to a sport that has for so long been heavily populated by caucasions. I'm definitely cool with unity. Good job, Weekes.

  • Last night, I played whirly ball. As you can tell from the picture, it's essentially lacrosse in bumper cars. It's 5 on 5, intense as hell action. I love it. I did realize shortly into my 2nd game that I can't shoot. I can pass like freakin' John Stockton but my shot resembles that of Michelle Marciniak. Either way, I was a winner. I think my team won the first six games while I was holding down the #2 red car. In all, my team finished 9-1. Also, if there would have been sportscenter highlights I probably would have been on the top ten, for sure. I was facing the opposite direction coming from underneath the opposing goal, I get a pass in the middle and get smoked, sending my body and neck in opposite directions that it probably shouldn't do as a matter of physical law. Anyway, one of my teammates was driving right by me toward the goal so I just give him a little give and go flip as the ball touches my racket, no look obviously because my eye balls were somewhere on the electically charged surface from the hit I just took. Needless to say, my teammate drives right in for an easy shot. From that point on, I was known as the Jason Williams of Whirly Ball.

  • Story completely unrelated to sports. I was writing this post late last night when all of a sudden I heard a loud crash and my entire apartment went dark. I look outside to see what the fuss is and a Silver Beatle was resting horizontal in the road, right in front of one of the main power lines. I guess what happened was some drunk idiot was driving down my street too fast, probably drunk, and slammed into the pole, knocking out the power all along the street. Sure enough a police officer blowing his whistle, directing traffic while they fix the line wakes me up in the morning. All I could really say as I rolled around my bed was what Happy Gilmore said when he was run over by a slug bug: "Volkssswagen."

Okay, I have to go now, I have some cementing I need to finish up on before I go to the Falcons/Saints game.



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good luck, clown.

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