Livin' on a Prayer, 0-12 Lions Are 3/4 Way There

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I was in attendance for today's Thanksgiving Day slaughterhouse and honestly, I felt like I was at a sold out showing of James Cameron's Titanic as opposed to a football game. In the words of my twelve year old niece who was sporting my over-sized authentic Herman Moore jersey, It was absolutely "brutal."

I stuck it out for its entirety, as I took in all the boo birds, haplessness and $5.75 not-that-jumbo hot dogs. There really isn't much to say without being completely redundant week after week, so I won't. In concise summation, the Lions turned the ball over a minute into the game, were down seven a minute thirty into the game, at one point had a delay of game penalty after taking a timeout, all on their way to losing a close one, 47-10. That's about it.

A funny thing happened while I was sitting in my seat late in the game. A dude from about ten rows behind me who was yelling the entire game ran down the aisle to the front row, stripped his jersey off his back and threw it out onto the field as far as he could about ten feet in front of him. He turned around started to walk back up the aisle, assuming he was leaving. However, before he could get even a few rows, he was stopped by security and brought back to where he intentionally disbanded from his Calvin Johnson jersey. Everyone thought he was probably going to be escorted out of the stadium as throwing anything out onto the field is a major no-no. Instead of being put into painful, pound me in the ass prison, he was merely handed his jersey and told- your punishment is taking this back. It was rather funny. What a great way to deter crime in Detroit- make everyone wear a Lions jersey and attend games. Crime would go down tenfold.

Three quarters of the way to 0-16, next week is our real last chance at preventing that from happening. My hopes are bleak at this point.


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Allen Iverson Says 'Thanks, But No Thanks' to Thanksgiving Day Practice

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I'm really glad Allen Iverson thinks he's 'money bagz' and has it tattooed on the outside of his left hand just to prove it because he's about to cough up a bunch of it for skipping practice early morning Thanksgiving Day. Head Coach Michael Curry said that he faces a 'hefty' fine and does not know whether or not Iverson will play Friday vs. the Bucks. Curry named Stuckey as Iverson's replacement in the starting lineup. Apparently there was a lot of griping from Pistons players about there being a practice at all and Iverson obviously showed his displeasure by not showing up at all.

As I'm sure you already know, Iverson has a history of missing practices and went on a tirade about missing practice under Larry Brown in 2002. Here it is:

I'm sure this came as a surprise to the Pistons organization, especially after this:

I mean seriously, we're just talking about practice.


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Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner: Davidson Wins by 30 Points Despite 0 from Curry

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Bizarre. The nation's leading scorer, at 35 PPG going in, was held scoreless the other night against Loyola (Md.)

When I looked at the score on my phone when I was in the car heading home from the Detroit airport, I took a quick peek at the box score. I noticed Stephen Curry was on the bench and had 0 points on 0-3 shooting. I thought two things- either he was hurt, or Coach Bob McKillop was giving him a much needed rest against an unworthy opponent as the Cats were playing their second game in consecutive nights. I was hoping it was a game off, obviously because I don't want him hurt but he will eventually need them so that it's certain he's fresh for the tournament run.

I was wrong.

Loyola's coach wanted to 'contain' the impossible so he proceeded to put two guys on him the entire game. They weren't just on him though, they were draping him. Curry could barely get the ball, let alone get a shot off to score. He shot three times in 32 minutes!

Early in the game, once Curry realized what was happening, he would run to the corner and stand there and let his teammates take on Loyola 4-3. Davidson may not have the deepest team in the nation, but it's safe to say they are good enough, and with Bob drawing up the plays, to beat others when they have a man advantage. They ended up winning by thirty.

The quote after the game by the Coach of Loyola (Md.) was priceless as all he cared about was making sure Stephen Curry didn't get his patented 30 points, or any points for that matter.

"We had to play against an NBA player tonight. Anybody else ever hold him scoreless? I’m a history major. They’re going to remember that we held him scoreless or we lost by 30?”
And that my friends is why Jimmy Patsos is the head coach at Loyola (Md.) Go Cats.


Detroit Lions Fall to 0-11; Admit They Don't Know How to Win

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What was different about this week than other weeks? Well, nothing except the Lions found a way to blow a 17 point lead this week. Shaun Cody had a pretty good post game quote.

"No one is quitting, but we don't know how to win,"
That doesn't bode well for any Lions fans, like me, who are still hoping that 0-16 does not happen. I really hope the Lions figure out that it takes a higher number on their side of the scoreboard than the other side to win a game. It's science. It's downright pride, common sense, and brain cells all meshed together.


Michigan Offense: Crazed and Blue; Translation: It Sucks

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I've been watching the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry game as I study and just couldn't take it anymore without voicing my opinion. This Michigan offense is absolutely atrocious. I've never been in so much pain watching a football offense's sad attempt to convince people they are actually trying to move the football. I swear I'm going to have nightmares of Mesko endlessly punting me in the balls.

I know Threet and McGuffie aren't playing today. Originally, I thought that was going to be somewhat of a blessing. McGuffie's okay, if you're cool with mediocrity. Threet is good if you like failure. However, Sheridan makes Threet look like freaking Archie Manning.

To think this game was even close for two and a half quarters, baffles me. The defense actually played more than adequate for that time period. Being on the field for 40 of the first 45 minutes will catch up to you though. Sure enough, it did and OSU just took a 35-7 lead.

Yeah, Michigan has seven points. Sun shines on a dog's ass every now and then. Brandon Miner actually poked a few holes in that buckling offensive line. Even then, if it weren't for his fourth down touchdown run from the two, Michigan would be scoreless.

Rich Rodriquez insists on running his offense. I understand these issues are long gone considering Michigan is 3-8, the worst team in the university's history, and we should start working for next year, but honestly, why are we running QB draws with a guy that makes Joey Harrington look like Michael Vick (when he's running, not killing dogs). Draw plays only work when you have an explosive runner. I don't see any lear jets connected to the shoulder pads of any of the Michigan QBs or RBs.

At first, I was thinking, "Michigan's offense is almost as bad as the Lions." Then I got real with myself. Michigan's offense is absolutely worse than the Lions'. First of all, the Lions are arguably an NFL team. Michigan is definitely not an NFL team. The Lions have Calvin Johnson, the Wolverines have no one who can create offense on his own. All the Lions have to do is get the ball into Calvin's hands and anything can happen. (Whether the Michigan coordinators are better than the Lions is an entirely different issue that I'm not going to tackle). When the Lions are on offense, I surprsingly get curious, and interested as to how they might do. When Michigan has taken the field this year, I cringe.

It's been tough watching Pryor today knowing that he could be wearing the maize n blue. Then it's even tougher to think about all the recruits we need in order for us to get better next year, and losing 42-7 to our 109 year old rival will not help keep recruits from attending Ohio State over Michigan. Take Chip for example, Ohio State won him over.

Anyway, long story short, maybe I'll get more out of watching Warren Sapp/Kym Johnson on Dancing with the Stars tonight.


All Rise for Judge Bob

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I want the people of the court and the people who read this blog to know that Chip and Bob's final exams are quickly approaching and will take a toll on the number of posts we write from here until the middle of December. If you have a problem with that I will hold your ass in contempt of this blog and throw you into the blogosphere prison where you will be humped in the butt by big words and shopping gossip that you clearly don't understand anything about.

We will certainly try and bring you quick updates, cool photos, videos, or even quick one liners to enjoy, but I cannot promise you anything at all. It is in your best interest, as it is in the interest of any reasonable person, to check back to this blog every ten minutes to make sure we haven't written, or posted, something that will totally blow your mind away like a stick of dynamite.

While we are trying to fill our brain with every element for different intentional torts, adverse possession and a freaking contract, you are probably going to be crying and endlessly clicking the refresh button on your browser. That is exactly what we want you to do. Keep clicking. We'll be back before you can say and fathom, "the Lions won a football game."

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Detroit4lyfe's Week 12 Picks

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Bob Biscig's Picks
Last week I went 11-5 which improves my record to 47-25. I know I did not submit this before the Thursday night game commenced. However, I went to a college with an honor code and on my honor I was going to pick Cincinnati to cover. It doesn't look too good for me right now. Cinci trails 20-7 in the 4th.

As much as I would love to pick Atlanta as the game of the week for the third consecutive week, I think I am going to switch things up this week. San Diego vs. Indianapolis is huge. The Colts are fighting for separation in the AFC Wild Card and the Chargers are merely looking to get back into things, absolutely needing a win. For the reasons I have stated, the fact I traded for Phil Rivers in one of my fantasy leagues and because it's the Sunday Night Game all make it a very enticing game for people to watch.

My upset special was almost correct again last week. However, It turned sour quick as the Titans were able to come back from an early deficit and still cover over the Jaguars. This week my pick is the Lions. I know, I know. I pick the Lions every week. This week is different. They are playing the Bucs at home, Culpepper finally has more than a few days of practice under his belt and he may in fact know the entire playbook finally. That being said, everyone is hoping for an undefeated Titans vs. the winless Lions for a hilarious Thanksgiving math up. My gut that's anxiously waiting for a Thanksgiving meal tells me this won't happen somehow. Whether it comes from a Jets win or a Lions win (definitely will cover at least) I'm not sure. I will guarantee though that It will happen with one of them, but my guess goes with the Lions, obviously.

Chip will bring you his picks sometime before Sunday.


Big Aristotle: Shaq Feeds Us Some Knowledge

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It's pretty late and I'm pretty hungry. I haven't delved into my tub of cookie dough yet and I'm not hungry enough to tell Shaquille O'Neal how his ass tastes. However, I couldn't help but laugh when I read the Pistons' game wrap up explaining how Shaq, also known as the Big Aristotle, was ejected.

Rodney Stuckey went up for a layup and Shaq committed a flagrant two foul on him that sent Stuckey crashing to the floor on his chest. A flagrant two foul is grounds for automatic ejection. The call was reviewed and upheld by Chief Justice Referee Ken Mauer. The Big Aristotle disagreed fullheartedly, and used a very scientific defense:

"The laws of physics say that a body in motion stays in motion. So if you have two objects meet in the air, the smaller object is going to fall much harder," O'Neal said. "I've never been the type of player to take anybody out, so I obviously went to the ball. The little guy ran into a brick wall."
Aside from Shaq's wisdom, this has been a shitty day. Period. P-U-R-E-U-D. The Pistons lost, Lions lost, tomorrow's Monday, I have a paper due, exams are quickly approaching, I probably have pink eye, and probably didn't even wipe my ass all that well after an afternoon poop (which most likely goes hand in hand. It sucks.) Excuse my freaking French.

Where's the cookie dough at?


A Sailor??? My Mayne!

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I'm a big Kenny Mayne fan. He's got all the ideal characteristics of a top five human being. Whenever I'm feeling blue, I know he can make me giggle and feel better inside. During my means to procrastinate from studying, I began watching his "Mayne Street" episodes on ESPN. They really tickled me and in turn, I laughed. I highly recommend you watch them as well. I have placed a few of the funny videos about the show below. Make sure you check it out.

Another good interview is of Evan Mintz. Although, I didn't like him in the first Mayne Street episode, this interview is very, very blogworthy.

Sheed's New Tattoo

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I always like to hear about NBA players' tattoos (especially when they are absolutely ridiculous). Sheed has a couple famous ones- the bulldog on one of his arms and the Egyptian style one on his other arm. Well, I guess this offseason he got a new one and it's freakin enormous...

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Detroit Doesn't Do Defense Anymore

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Detroit is known as a blue collar, hard working, bring your lunch pail to work type city. We like to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, and the whole city has always embraced our gritty nature. We use mustard packets, not Grey Poupon. We like grass stains and skinned knees more than hair gel and cologne. We drive American cars and trucks, not BMWs and Mercedes.

Our sports teams usually follow the hard working mold that the city embodies, often leading to successful yet unglamorous teams (Pistons anyone?). As the rest of the country cringes at the thought of another defensive battle between their team and a Detroit team, we can't wait to see another opponent turn the ball over after a 24 second violation or one of our defensemen sacrifice his body to block a shot on the ice.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a disturbing trend in Detroit sports lately. Offense, not defense, has become the focus of our teams, and it has not been paying off. Instead of slowly squeezing the life out of our opponents with suffocating defense, our teams across the board are simply trying to outscore the other team. Not only has it led to fewer wins and more losses, but they are also at risk of losing a fan base that is suffering economically more than any other area in the country because the fans can no longer relate to the teams' style of play.

It's not just one or two of our teams either. It's literally every sports team we have.

1.) The Detroit Red Wings- After winning the Stanley Cup last year and leading the league in defense by allowing a measly 2.18 goals against, the Wings went out and bought the premiere free agent on the market: Marian Hossa. He certainly has been a good addition and is 4th in the league in points.

On the other hand, as Hossa has improved the Detroit offense, our defense has really suffered. Our goals against average has increased over a full goal a game to 3.33, and we have dropped from first in the league in that category to the bottom half of the league. Just the other night, the Wings were up 5 to 2 in the 3rd period and ended up losing 7 to 6 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Unacceptable.

The Wings' record still is obviously stellar at 10-2-3, but it's damn near impossible to win anything in the playoffs with a Swiss cheese defense.

2.) Detroit Pistons- Ever since Ben and Rasheed Wallace teamed up to take home a championship in 2004, team defense has been the Pistons' calling card. That is, until now.

The trade for Allen Iverson was a signal that Joe Dumars does not believe that defense can win championships anymore. It was an indication that in the NBA world, the easiest way to win is to run and run and run and just hope that at the end of the game your team has more points than your opponent.

This year, the Pistons are giving up 95.5 points per game, more than a 5 point increase from last year, and I've already seen players like Beno Udrih, Devin Harris, and Mikki Moore have big games against us. The ghost of Ben Wallace's past is rolling over in his grave at the sight of those names tearing up the Pistons' defense.

3.) Detroit Tigers- In 2006 when the Tigers went to the World Series, pitching and defense carried them. Their 3.84 team ERA led the league as the pitchers dominated while the hitters scored just enough runs to win.

During the past couple of offseasons, the Tigers have focused on adding offense at the expense of pitching and defense. The additions of Gary Sheffiled, Edgar Renteria, and Miguel Cabrera arguably added some punch to the lineup, but the other side of the coin has suffered.

This past year, the team ERA ballooned to 4.9, good for 3rd to last in the American League. Needless to say, the Tigers did not reach their goals in 2008 and are now left with no money to spend on pitchers and an aging lineup.

4.) Detroit Lions- Do I even have to say it? The Lions have the 2nd worst defense in the whole league and have drafted offensive players in the first round of the draft 8 out of the last 10 years. Really smart.

This trend away from defense throughout the Detroit sports world is disturbing . Not only is it risky in terms of winning since our success has been based on defense for so long, but it also risks losing a fan base that values hard work and sacrifice above anything else. What ultimately happens to Detroit sports as we move closer to what everyone else in sports is doing remains to be seen, but I, for one, am nervous about it.

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My First A.I. TV Experience of the Season

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Tonight is the first time I've stayed up past 12:30 on a school night since I've started grad school. I probably lose 17.3 (repeating of course) "Sweet Like Zack Morris" points for having revealed my normal bed time, but I don't care. At least, I'm not like my buddy C.J. who went to bed at 9 PM. I just hope he didn't forget to change his 'oops I crapped my pants' and take out his dentures before slipping under the covers to read his favorite Jane Austen novel to fall asleep to .

Anyway, the reason I'm up so late is because the Pistons are on the west coast and on TNT taking on the Golden State Inferiors and I have yet to see A.I. and the Stones play on TV this season. It's too bad Golden State is about as fun to watch as it is to watch that guy who uses a bottle of gel a game on his hair shoot free throws. It's painful, actually. A Stones game is a game though and I'm happy to get the chance to watch them.

As for the Pistons, honest-to-blog, I'm psyched. First of all, the Pistons have a fresh image with Iverson. In addition to that, it appears they are playing with a lot more swagger, and enthusiasm than what I have noticed in past regular seasons. For starters, they didn't wait until the fourth quarter to flip the switch tonight. They did almost let this game slip from their fingers in the fourth quarter, but thanks in large part to Sheeeed, they pulled out the win. Rasheed hit two big threes and after some selfless passing, slammed home a MONSTER-I'm screaming because it's under my bed-dunk to shush the Bronzen State crowd. In the end the Pistons walked away with a 107-102 victory and Allen Iverson received an interview courtesy of Craig Sager and another one of his terrible suits. (AI didn't clown him like KG has before though).

Iverson finished the night with 23 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assists, a pretty cool fist pump, and a couple TNT interviews. I have to admit, he looks pretty good in a Stones uniform, in a completely heterosexual sort of way.

The last point I want to make before I go to bed is regarding my first thoughts on Coach Michael Curry. I could totally feel his presence and obviously I wasn't actually at the game. Thanks to Chip, I heard more about the Pistons feelings toward former coach, Flip Saunders in a Free Press article about Chauncey Billups. As the article states, under Curry the players feel like they "got somebody that can control and keep everybody right." I don't know how it came across to me through TNT, but I could just tell the players look up to him and definitely respect the way he runs things. I don't know how I could tell, maybe it's because of the HD or because I was sitting really close to the television set so I could hear things because my woman was in bed sleeping. Who knows? Anyway, I really like Curry as our coach and I'm hoping he's successful. Doug Collins feels the same way.

Real test for the Pistons will be tomorrow against the Lakers. Apparently they have a pretty good basketball team and coach over there, too. I guess we'll see. It will be on ESPN--TNT's much hotter and more experienced (sluttier) sister.


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Detroit4lyfe's Week 11 Picks

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Bob's Picks

It feels good to be myself again. After going 11-3 last week, my record now sits at 36-20. Still not good enough. I will continue practicing all week to better myself.

Week in and week out the Lions have the highest spread against them. This week it is 14 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Personally, I love that because it makes it so much easier to pick them to cover every weekend. I pick them to win this week, obviously.

My game of the week involves my current city: Atlanta. Atlanta hosts Denver in a very important game for both teams. Despite being 6-3, Atlanta isn't even in the playoff picture right now. They are sitting on the outside looking in. They desperately need to continue winning, especially at home, to keep up in the Wild Card Race. Don't worry, though. John Abraham said after last week's win that you can go ahead and ink them into the playoffs. Meanwhile, Denver is holding a game lead in their respective division and coming off a big win themselves. This will be a very good game, but I see Denver pulling it out in the end because Coach Shannahan is more savvy in these big games.

My upset special involves those pesky Jaguars that walked all over the Lions last week. They play the undefeated Titans and I really think the Jags are better than their record shows and the Titans are not as good as their record shows. I could be completely off with this pick, but then again, all these highlighters I've been sniffing would probably explain it.

Chip's Picks

I havent trusted the Patriots under Matt Cassel until now so the Jets will probably win by 30. I think the Dolphins are pretty good but not good enough to cover a 10.5 spread. The Lions march into Carolina and win, obviously. Kurt Warner will fan the flames of his MVP talk this week at Seattle and Tony Romo saves the day for the Cowboys at Washington.

On another note, when the Lions were in the process of choosing their most recent coach, Mike Singletary, the interim head coach for the 49ers, was given a long look. I remember reading about how he was the best motivator in the history of the universe and he would get everyone to play like their mothers' lives depended on it. The only problem was that he had no head coaching experience so we couldn't take the risk of hiring him as our head coach. Instead, we hired Rod Marinelli who had no head coaching experience.

The Lions are so smart.


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If I Was GM of the Lions: Part 2

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I just got this Lions t-shirt about 4 weeks ago for 4.99 off ebay. I plan on wearing it in to work everyday when I become the new Lions GM. Anyway, someone recently came up to me on the street and inquired, "if you had to keep two Lions who would they be? And if you had to drop two Lions, who would they be?" After some heavy drinking, and some soul searching, I finally have my answers.

If I had to keep two current LIons players, I would keep Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith:

Calvin is a no brainer. He is probably the most talented WR in the NFL and if there is ever any doubt, I would just direct you to watch video shown here in Chip's piece. I want to believe so badly that the Lions are not going to let this talent go to waste. Anything short of a Herman Moore-like career in Detroit would be a complete and utter failure for this guy's talent. That being said, it would be just as big of a disappointment to see this guy go anywhere else and exploit defenses like he's very capable of doing, if he's thrown to. I would let go of my wife before giving up this guy.

Kevin Smith has put up some decent numbers when he actually gets carries and uses his magnifying glass to find holes to run through. Just like we thought when we drafted him, we got a steal and if given an offensive line that actually creates some room for him, he could be a more than serviceable running back in the NFL. He's not the next Barry Sanders by any means, but he's also not Ron Rivers or Tatum Bell (he definitely hasn't been caught stealing duffle bags). Kevin Smith is very deserving to be a number one running back and I want him to be successful in Detroit for many years to come.

If I had to drop only two current Lions, I would have a fat ass SB ring on my left ring finger. Uhhhh...Dropping more than two current Lions would be the reasonable, and RIGHT, answer here; to put it lightly. I'd rather not single only two players out and say, "they gots to go," when every other guy is just as culpable as the next. IF you hold a gun to my head and tell me I MUST pick two or else my brains will be splattered to the wall, I will very easily, and quickly, say that George Foster and Shaun McDonald "gots to freaking go, please don't shoot me."

First of all, George Foster is taking time away from our first round draft pick. There is no excuse for our first round draft pick to not be playing week in and week out. I don't care if he's hurt, pregnant, or blind. If we draft a lineman in the first round, we better be prepared to play him and get him experience to get better and better as games/season wear on. Secondly, Foster gets flagged for roughly 13,000 false starts, 200 holdings, and allows 30 sacks a game. How Marinelli even considers this guy to start, let alone play, in any games I will never fathom.

My reasoning for wanting Shaun McDonald gone is more personal than anything else. My personal dislike for him has logic behind it though. To put very bluntly, I've never liked this guy. Don't get me wrong, he put up some decent numbers last year in Martz's offense, at first. Then latter part of the season, he decided to drop more important balls than five 13 year old kids going through puberty do. I thought for sure the Lions were going to be smart enough to cut him loose before this season. Now that the Lions are 0-9, and he's still here, 5'10, and dropping passes, I can't imagine stomaching another LIons season with him lining up with the likes of Calvin Johnson. "Hes gots to go, please."

If you have any other thoughts on what I should do when I become GM of the Lions let me know. I'm well on my way, though. Refer back to my other article I wrote about being the Lions GM if you haven't already read that.



Wings Blow It...

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Wings blew it tonight. Up 5-2 with 16 minutes left in the third period, the Red Wings let the Penguins mount a third period come back, as Jordan Staal's goal with 23 seconds remaining sent the game into overtime. It was Staal's third goal of the period! I puked a little.

In overtime, a guy whose name I can't spell, nor pronounce, nor do I want to try, scored about a minute and a half in to give the Penguins a 7-6 victory. I know this game goes under the OT section of the standings, but the "loss" is painful. 4 goals in the third period is pretty Jason Grilli bad. However, it wasn't just the third period though. The Penguins scored 5 goals with less than 10 minutes to play! That absolutely can't happen ever again.

Chris Osgood in those last 10 minutes looked more like Goldberg in his first game against the Hawks rather than Julie the Cat Gaffney.

The Wings have gotten off to a great start this season, despite the defense and goal tending being less than stellar. Those two units will have to start playing better if the Wings expect to overcome the Sharks in the West and defend their Cup.


Some Detroit Game Day Thoughts, Doused with a Fantasy Football Story

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  • Wings take on the Penguins in a rematch of last year's Stanley Cup Finals. Franzen is back (and has already scored). The game is currently in the 3rd period with the Wings up 3-2. I'll let you know if anything changes throughout this post. It is on "national" television on VERSUS. As I have stated before, I can't wait until the NHL is back on ESPN. NBC games are fun though.

  • Pistons play the Kings tonight in Suckramento. The Pistons are ohhh and two in the Allen Iverson era thus far. The guy can play, but they better start winning. I'm not too concerned. However, I am concerned about Iverson looking like a drunk guy who passed out and got drawn on. (That's former NE Patriot cheerleader in that picture-BTDUBS) No wonder he wears sleeves all the time. I'd be embarrassed too.

  • I would like to venture back to last night where I was a part of the best fantasy football game that I have ever coached. Going into last night's game I was tied with Dupree in our Detroit4lyfe fantasy football league. I had Boldin and he had Gore and Fitzgerald. Late in the game, Dupree was up 8. With about 3 minutes remaining, Boldin caught a touchdown pass that tied it all up. 49ers get the ball and march down the field, despite not being able to get the ball to Frank Gore. A couple passes thrown his way were either over thrown, dropped, or whistled dead by refs right when he caught them.

    Anyway, Shaun Hill throws a terrible INT and the Cardinals get the ball back with just over two minutes to play. I think for sure that we're going to tie. Instead, the Cardinals decide to stupidly throw the ball on first down, instead of trying to run the clock out, and complete a pass to Fitzgerald. I'm down a point now, 130-129. Cardinals get stuffed on 2nd down so I'm thinking, well if they threw on first down they will for sure throw on 3rd and short to get the first down and run this clock out.


    They get stuffed on the run again. 49ers get the ball back and basically all my hopes and dreams are gone out the window.

    But wait right there, Dennis the Menace.

    The 49ers march down the field, again without getting the ball to Frank Gore. At this point I'm praying for a quick 49er touchdown so Arizona will get it back and have to throw. Instead, the 49ers get down to the 2 yard line, take forever to run the "spike the ball" play with 11 seconds left. Arizona decides to waste its last timeout at this point in time, virtually sending me into suicide watch.

    Then the unimaginable happens.

    Frank Gore comes in and gets a handoff and stumbles around the corner on his way to an easy touchdown that would put me out of my misery. Instead, he falls, lunges forward to get back to the line of scrimmage.

    I still lose.

    Not yet!

    The play is challenged and replays clearly show that Gore's knee was down about a yard behind the line of scrimmage.

    "So what?" you say?!?!?!

    Quit asking questions. Let me tell you all about it, Dr. Maguire. Gore was at 22 carries 100 yards before that run. This means he drops to 99 yards on 23 carries after this challenge. Dupree loses 2 points because he loses the point you get for every ten yards and the bonus point you get when a RB reaches 100. Therefore, I win if Gore doesn't score on the final play. And sure enough, not only does he not score, but he doesn't even get the carry!

    I doused my girlfriend in champagne and went to bed. Greatest fantasy football game I've ever coached and been a part of. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen

  • Datsyuk just scored.


Back, Hotter Than Ever

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I appreciate everyone who stuck it out through our rocky template transition. I think it's finally safe to say that we are back hotter than before. The change is exactly like Uncle Jessie's evolution from his 80's mullet to his 90's sleek look. Both are sexy in their own way, but it's obviously the polished look that's going to seal the deal with Aunt Becky. Have Mercy.

Anyway, here are some things I probably would have blogged about had I not been at the blarber (blog barber) getting this new due.

  • Pistons fell to 4-1 Friday night, losing their first game of the Allen Iverson era. Someone must have hacked into the NBA settings and changed Devin Harris' player rating from a mediocre 65 to a 95 because he went off like he was being controlled in a video game. He scored 38 points and that was really all the Jersey Nets needed to pull this one out. Seeing highlights, Iverson looked pretty good offensively and almost carried the team on his back near the end of the game. Unfortunately, Harris was too much to handle. I was gamecastin' so I didn't see, but I hope AI wasn't marking Harris. If he was, we could be in a lot of trouble.

  • Red Wings came out of hibernation last night and recaptured the pride the Pistons lost to New Jersey right back as they beat the Devils, 3-1. Our own Adam Banks in Marian Hossa scored twice. He is now tied for the team lead in goals with eight.

  • Interesting note from the Wings game. The Devils goalie, Kevin Weekes, is african american. That's about as rare as having a black president or a black kicker in football. Weekes is trying to be the Obama of the NHL, trying to attract diversity to a sport that has for so long been heavily populated by caucasions. I'm definitely cool with unity. Good job, Weekes.

  • Last night, I played whirly ball. As you can tell from the picture, it's essentially lacrosse in bumper cars. It's 5 on 5, intense as hell action. I love it. I did realize shortly into my 2nd game that I can't shoot. I can pass like freakin' John Stockton but my shot resembles that of Michelle Marciniak. Either way, I was a winner. I think my team won the first six games while I was holding down the #2 red car. In all, my team finished 9-1. Also, if there would have been sportscenter highlights I probably would have been on the top ten, for sure. I was facing the opposite direction coming from underneath the opposing goal, I get a pass in the middle and get smoked, sending my body and neck in opposite directions that it probably shouldn't do as a matter of physical law. Anyway, one of my teammates was driving right by me toward the goal so I just give him a little give and go flip as the ball touches my racket, no look obviously because my eye balls were somewhere on the electically charged surface from the hit I just took. Needless to say, my teammate drives right in for an easy shot. From that point on, I was known as the Jason Williams of Whirly Ball.

  • Story completely unrelated to sports. I was writing this post late last night when all of a sudden I heard a loud crash and my entire apartment went dark. I look outside to see what the fuss is and a Silver Beatle was resting horizontal in the road, right in front of one of the main power lines. I guess what happened was some drunk idiot was driving down my street too fast, probably drunk, and slammed into the pole, knocking out the power all along the street. Sure enough a police officer blowing his whistle, directing traffic while they fix the line wakes me up in the morning. All I could really say as I rolled around my bed was what Happy Gilmore said when he was run over by a slug bug: "Volkssswagen."

Okay, I have to go now, I have some cementing I need to finish up on before I go to the Falcons/Saints game.



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I have no idea what is going on in this picture, especially since these people have no necks, but the message is accurate. We are trying to enhance this site's visual appeal and post accessibility. Bare with us until we figure everything out and get the normal widgets, posts, etc., up and running again. Make sure you keep checking back every other two minutes to see if it's been updated. It'll be worth it.


Detroit4lyfe's Week 10 Picks

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Bobby Biscig's Week 10 Picks
Having games on Thursday totally messes with my man-strual system. I had to skip my classes this morning, so I could go to church and pray for a Lions victory, amongst other things, like I always do before the first game of the week.

Anyway, let's get to the picks. My record rests at a dismal 25-17 going into this week, so I've decided to get serious. These picks were definitely not easy to make this week. Some really great games lined up for our viewing pleasures.

My game of the week is going to be the one that I will be in attendance for: Saints @ Falcons. Falcons are proving that they are for real and Saints are going to come in hungrier than John Madden on Thanksgiving Day. They need a win, badly to stay in the NFC South Mix. I'm looking for a big offensive day out of both teams. Maybe 1,000 fantasy points for Roddy White and three 90 yard touchdown receptions from Devery Henderson would be really cool for my fantasy team. In the end though, I think the Saints will go marching home with a victory.

As if they didn't have enough issues, Detroit has a big one at QB this week. They are claiming they don't know who their starter is but it appears Daunte Culpepper has been getting most the snaps in practice this week. Today is Thursday. Frankly, I think they're better off starting the Eat 'Em Up Tigers dude. Lions still win, obviously.

After having picked Cinci to pick up their first win last week against Jacksonville correctly, this part of the picks will be a weekly focal point for high risk gamblers. My upset special for this week will be Seattle at Miami. Miami is 4-4 after having some very impressive wins against some very reputable football teams. However, I think they are exactly the type of team that will lay down for a very bad football team that is the Seahawks. Seahawks win, Seahawks remain in 2nd place at 3-6, and Holmgren still retires at the end of the season.

Those are my picks, now I'm gonna go grab one of my Hannah Montana kleenexes and pick my nose. Yeah... I 'accidently' bought kleenex boxes that have Miley Cirus on them.

Chips's Week 10 Picks

Man oh man, this is a tough week for picks. I might not be as successful as I normally am, but I still expect to get at least 12 of the 14 games right.

First thing's first, I have confidence in Brady Quinn and the Browns. It helps that Denver's defense is awful, but I also expect Quinn to be pretty good- he's had over a year's worth of practice time and the Browns have more talent than their record would indicate. It's tough to go with a qb making his first start, but I'll bite on that game.

Moving on, it doesn't matter which quarterback starts for the Lions- Daunte Culpepper or Drew Stanton- because all the Lions do is win and I don't see that changing this week.

I see Green Bay beating a punchless Vikings team in Minnesota because Aaron Rodgers is completely recovered from his sprained shoulder and the Vikings are still starting Gus Frerotte.

I picked Kansas City last week in my upset special and they rewarded me so I'm giving them another shot. I really just see the spread being way too big when they are playing a San Diego team that has struggled on defense.

Lastly, I picked the Monday Night Football game even though no one cares about it. Seriously, could there be a less compelling game? Cardinals win big.


Wings Just Loungin'

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I came out of my law school trance about three hours ago and thought, "Bob Saget! Did I miss the Red Wings game?!?" I check their schedule and lo and behold, not only did I not miss a game, but they don't even play again until Saturday.

That means that they will have had six days off between games. Unspeakable. I remember being pretty sore back in Squirt League after games, but we always played at most three days later. Charlie Conway had no problem playing 3 games a week.

I can't imagine that the Wings are actually practicing every day. Allen Iverson certainly would not stand for that.

So, I wonder what they do during all this down time. Here are my top ten guesses, which may or may not be in a particular order:

1) Kick it

2) Watch CNN

3) Brush their teeth or Lord Stanley forbid them from seeing a dentist

4) Get a awesome new haircut

5) Take their kids to the new Zac Efron movie

6) Find out what kids they might have throughout the nation/world (then take them to the new Zac Efron movie)

7) Travel to Toronto to support the Pistons

8) Do case briefs for fun

9) Read religiously

10) Actually practice.

Looking forward to the next Wings game. I certainly hope they are fresh.


Pistons Perfect After Four

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The Pistons improved to 4-0 after tonight's victory in Toronto. I'm not too particularly shocked about this start. Crazier things have happened.

For instance, Tony Parker forgot he's not an NBA phenom and dropped 55 points tonight like he was a stock on Wall Street; and then he had a pain au chocolat because they are absolutely delicious.

Also, the Atlanta Hawks are now 3-0 after beating one of the best teams in the NBA, the Hornets, on the road tonight. If it wasn't for their 37-45 team taking the Celtics to seven games in last year's playoffs, I probably would have forgotten Atlanta even had an NBA team. Then again, I am suffering from acute confusional senile dementia. Since I am living in Atlanta, I am very excited about seeing a good match up between my Stones and the Hawks at Philips Arena come December and March.

At any rate, Iverson did not play tonight because the deal is not officially finalized until Chauncey Billups takes his physical. If I have to fly to Denver myself, hold his balls, and tell him to turn his head and cough, I will. I am anxiously awaiting Ivy's first game. I guess that will come Friday in New Jersey. That will give him one game of experience with his new teammates before squaring off with the defending champs on Sunday in Detroit. That could make for an amazing debut. I'm psyched.


We, Us, Our...

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

For quite some time now, I have signed off all my posts with the simple, yet ever so powerful word: UNITY. Tonight, our country, the United States of America, voted Barack Obama into office.

Obama is the first black president of the United States of America, EVER.

For years, we have talked about change and progress. Well folks, tonight I think it's safe to say we have taken the biggest leap forward possible in uniting the people of America.

If you voted for John Mccain, it's irrelevant now. No matter your reasoning, it's all irrelevant now. My vote is irrelevant. His vote is irrelevant. Her vote is irrelevant. Your herpes problem is really irrelevant.

Mr. Obama is now OUR president of OUR country.

This is history. This is an extraordinary step toward UNITY. This is progress.

I'm all for a good ole fashioned disagreement between Republicans and Democrats, arguments between Packers and Lions fans, fisticuffs between Buckeyes and Wolverines fans, and even a muddy battle between two hot babes, but in the end we're all ONE. We all must put that behind us and come together as a part of the UNITED States.

I'm always proud to be an American, but I can safely say that after tonight's historical event, I am extra proud. Good job Amurrica.

Whatever you believe, whoever you voted for, this is certainly an historic night.

Our parents lived through segregation, and here we are, just a single generation removed from separate but equal, electing an African American as the most powerful man in the world. Like landing on the moon and 9/11, this moment will be included in all history books from now on. Our children and our children's children and so on will be studying the moment that we are living through as we speak.

It's certainly a step forward whichever way you slice it, and, like I have been so many times in the past, I'm proud of the country tonight.


King James Belongs in a Palace

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As I brushed on earlier in my astute analysis of the Allen Iverson trade, King James appears to be the future prize in the eye of Joe Dumars.

Today's trade will free up a lot of salary space come summer 2010, especially if Rasheed Wallace is not resigned. According to an article on Yahoo! Dumars knows exactly what he's doing.

As one GM in the league said, “Damn it, I am afraid Joe has this whole thing wired. He’s got everything in place to pull this off.”

Will we see King James playing his home games in the Palace of Auburn Hills come fall 2010?

Read the article and let me know what you think. Or don't. Just keep that as food for thought.


What Will Joe Do? Joe Provides Answer

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After Flip was fired this past summer and Joe Dumars vowed to shake up the roster in Motown, I got down on my knees outside the Palace and asked a very holy question: What Will Joe Do? Joe gave us an answer by appointing Michael Curry as head coach; and today, he provided us with another 'answer.' THE "Answer."

The "Answer" is Allen Iverson, who was shipped to Detroit in a blockbuster deal for Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb. However, the actual answer to our longing question lies much deeper further beneath the actual "Answer" that Allen Iverson is often referred to as.

Surely, most fans are going to look at this trade and feel like there are even more questions now about this team than actual answers. The question will undoubtedly turn from "what will Joe do?" to "What the hell has Joe done?"

Let me tell you the answer to that question, though. It's quite simple: It's business, and Joe Dumars is one of the best at it. The same way Jesus might answer our WWJD question bracelets, Joe Dumars provides us with a very similar, if not the exact same answer: I have a plan.

First of all, let's get something cleared up. The Pistons have had the same make up for about the past five years. They won a championship in 2004, the first year this team was together. In 2005, they lost in the NBA Finals. In 2006, the Eastern Conference Finals. In 2007, the Eastern Conference Finals. In 2008, the Eastern Conference Finals.

While it has been an amazing run, clearly these guys are not getting any younger, nor are they getting any more motivated to make it past that Eastern Conference Finals hump. Certainly, the same result in 2009 would have had fans calling for Joe Dumars head because he didn't make any changes to help generate that push over the hill. Again, while it was an amazing run, getting to the Conference Finals and losing was getting old, just like this core group of players.

Allen Iverson isn't any younger than Billups. In fact, he's a year older. This move wasn't about getting younger. It was made to mix things up a bit and generate excitement. At the same time, Iverson is still an elite NBA basketball player. Iverson is a scorer, whose career average is 13 PPG more than Billups, while still averaging a more than adequate assists per game at 6.3. Again, more than Billups' career average. If having a former NBA MVP and yearly threat to lead the league in scoring on your team doesn't excite you, then I'm presuming you're impotent.

This trade goes even deeper than the players involved, though. Like I said, Joe Dumars has a plan and this is a business.

Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess will make roughly a combined $17.8 million this season. Allen Iverson $20.8 million. Yes, that is more for the time being, but Iverson is a free agent after the season while Chauncey would still have three more years on his contract totalling in excess of $50 million. McDyess would have another year totalling near this year's $6.8 million. According to an ESPN article, this extra cap space, and extensions that are less likely to be given to other aging Pistons, will allow Joe Dumars the chance to go after one, if not two, of the prestigious summer 2010 free agents. Some of those names include, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Joe Johnson.

Now are you excited?

If you're not excited enough, and feel like the Pistons gave up too much for the time being, get this. Antonio McDyess is unhappy with the trade and will most likely receive a buyout from the Nuggets. This would more than likely end in the Pistons resigning him for the veteran's minimum. That means the Piston player who has the deepest hunger for a championship would be back on the team at more than $5 million less than before.

McDyess was the main reason why I was upset with the trade in the first place. However, after looking at the money numbers and realizing that this same team couldn't get it done four years in a row, I understand what Joe Dumars is doing here. He is taking a risk on an NBA superstar that many people may not want on their team, like he did with Rasheed in 2004. We know how that turned out.

If the worst case scenerio plays out and the Pistons fall in the first round of playoffs this year, or don't even make the playoffs, it will be no different than losing in the Conference Finals. The Finals is the ultimate goal and anything less is failure.

If failure occurs again this year, at least the Pistons can say they tried something different and they will be a lot richer; allowing them the ability to go out and make things better through free agency. No matter what though, we should believe in Joe Dumars.

Today, he led us down his path and gave us an Answer.


Breaking News: Allen Iverson to Detroit for Billups, McDyess

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The Denver Nuggets are sending Allen Iverson to Detroit for Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb. The deal comes just two games into the season for both teams, and after a summer when Joe Dumars promised a major shake up to the Motown roster. More information to follow...

Ohhhhhhhhh and Eight

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I wrote an article last week about how the Lions seventh loss of the season was 99.99999 (repeating of course) percent characteristic of all their losses. Week 9 was no different.

Today the Lions teased us Detroit fans some more by blowing a 10 point lead in Chicago en route to losing 27-23. Allow me to take you through another day at the circus with the Lions.

Aside from losing in the first quarter again, 10-0, the Lions came out strong in the second quarter with a touchdown. Sure enough, Jason Hanson slips on a banana peel and misses the extra point. Not a big deal to most football people, but any Lions fan knows this will turn out to be a very big deal.

The Lions allow us to forget about that missed extra point by building a ten point lead heading into the second half by scoring 23 points! Hanson redeemed himself with a huge 52 yard field goal and Dan Orlovsky actually looked like an NFL quarterback for most of the half.

After being held scoreless in the third and allowing a touchdown, the fourth quarter began with the Lions hanging on to a three point lead and me barely hanging on to my lunch. I knew what was coming, but I didn't want to admit any weakness.

The Lions were driving to start the fourth quarter, in Bears territory, when Orlovsky decides he no longer wants to be any different from all the past Detroit Lions quarterbacks. He throws an interception in the end zone, losing the Lions a chance to gain at least three points, if not seven.

The Lions did get the ball right back after a Rex Grossman interception. Rex is a free agent after the season, so I'm assuming this interception was his official try out for the Lions. I guess you could say he has the right idea on how to be a Detroit Lions QB.

I digress. Detroit and Chicago play hot potato with the football for the next few possessions. Chicago finally decides enough is enough and drive down the field to the Lions one yard line. This is when I couldn't hold my lunch in anymore. With about six minutes remaining in the game, and the Bears on the Lions one yard line, Detroit decides to take a terrible timeout.

I puke on my keyboard, right on cue.

The Bears are on the one yard line. Detroit took the time out because apparently there were 12 men on the field. Who cares? Take the HALF yard penalty, let them punch it in and keep your three timeouts. Instead, they waste a timeout and still give up a touchdown. Lions trail by four points, 27-23.

Lions got a couple more opportunities thanks to their defense. Then with three minutes remaining a dump pass to TE Gaines that would have put the Lions into Chicago territory ends in a fumble, turning it over to the Bears.

Again, the defense makes a stop and makes us fans think we have some hope. However, let's go back to the meaningless timeout we burned when the Bears had the ball at the one yard line of Detroit. After utilizing our last two during our defensive stop, instead of being able to stop the clock near the two minute mark on fourth down, the Bears are able to run the time all the way down to just over a minute.

The Lions continue to tickle us fans below the belt as they drove into Chicago territory. All to no avail though, because of Jason Hanson's slippage earlier in the game. Instead of a game tying FG, we have to score a touchdown and sure enough it doesn't happen. The Lions lose by four points as a last second hail mary fell to the ground.

Another Lions loss. 0-8. Officially half way through the season and the Lions are left jinxed like the O'Doyle family in Billy Madison. A banana peel forces a minor slip that slings them over a cliff to their death. In the Lions case, they have been falling fast for a long time now, finding new ways to lose every week. This week, it was our best player slipping on the turf in the second quarter that prohibited us from kicking a game tying field goal in the end. "Ohhhhhh man" is the common expression after such Lions defeats, but today all I can say is, "Ohhhhhh and eight."


Detroit4lyfe's Week 9 Picks, With the Spread

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Here on out, we are going to pick using the lines. This way, if you readers feel like winning a lot of money every week, you can decide which picks you like the best, then go place your bets knowing you're going to go into Tuesday morning a much richer man.

After going 10-4 last week (18-10) overall, I'm feeling pretty confident my picks will hold true this week. While I don't think the highlighted teams will necessarily win, I think they will cover. Of course, I think Detroit will cover and beat the Bears in Chicago. I've had enough of this 0-16 crap talk.

Getting the obvious picks out of the way, my upset special this week is Cincinnati v. the Jaguars. Cincinnati is going to pull their first win out of their ass today. Ryan Fitzpatrick really started to click late last week and being at home will help them against a team coming off a tough loss against another Ohio team. I guess I don't really care, though. As long as they lose by 9 or less though, I'll be a happy, rich man.
The Vikings are going to realize that there is a reason Gus Frerotte has been a career backup today when Andre Johnson and the Texans rodeo their way into Minnesota.

I'm taking the Chiefs to cover the spread at home when they play another vintage 1990s/early 2000s quarterback in Jeff Garcia.

The biggest spread this week is the 12.5 point whopper between the Lions and the Bears. Do you even have to ask who I'm picking there?

Finally, the Colts played a real solid game last week on the road against the Titans. I'm taking them at home against the Patriots. I'm still waiting for Matt Cassel to fall apart and I think that might happen this week.

I Know It's Kind of Late, But Happy Birthday

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Halloween 2008 marked the second birthday of the self-esteemed Detroit4lyfe blog. I just wanted to take this time to wish it a happy birthday, and share with some of our new readers the evolution of the blog that was formerly just a 'soggy blog' that started as a result of the growing blogging fad.

I created this blog back in 2006 simply as a way to write for fun and share my random opinions for some of my close friends. I never knew that one day I would have far greater aspirations for my writing and would eventually be sharing stories with over 200 readers a day. My hope now is for that number to continue to grow with the popularity of this blog.

Over the past two years, this blog has transformed from a very unprofessional, mind dump to a somewhat more coherent display of words, that predominantly gravitates toward sports. After a year or so, to spice things up a bit and provide a different outlook on the sports world, I added my best friends on as contributors to the blog. Their scholarly input is a big reason why the blog has so many new readers.

As time moves forward, we will attempt to provide a unique perspective to different situations in sports, and life as well. While we will continue to focus on the issues within the Detroit sports community, we will definitely touch bases with the rest of the sports world.

Sometimes our stuff is overtly sarcastic and we appreciate those people who realize and understand it. For those of you who don't, I highly recommend you get with the program. Life is too short.

Again, thanks to everyone who comes back day after day to read what we have to say. It is definitely greatly appreciated. Please don't be afraid to leave comments and help us as we diligently try to help inform you, and possibly force you to smile or laugh once in a while too. We are continously trying to think of ways to improve this site. Thank you for all those who have been instrumental in the process.

Happy birthday, Detroit4lyfe. Many more memories and stories to come.


Lions Ink Daunte Culpepper to Two Year Deal

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ESPN is reporting that the Lions have signed former Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper to a two-year deal. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed and it appears the official deal won't be signed until Monday.

This creates a very interesting situation for the Lions who continue to play Dan Orlovsky, despite the fact that he could very likely be gone next season. Meanwhile, Drew Stanton rests on the bench, not having taken a single NFL snap. I would like to see Stanton play before we write him off as not being our guy. This move serves without a doubt as a tryout for Daunte to see if he can be our starter in 2009.

I am interested to see how Daunte connects with Calvin Johnson. If you don't recall, Daunte and Randy Moss were the NFL's hottest duo for a couple years in Minnesota (Nevermind Oakland). If Daunte proves to be healthy and can create that same rapport with Calvin, the Lions would have a much better shot at winning each week, and I would be a much happier man.

I assume the opportunity to throw to a guy like Calvin was what enticed Culpepper to Detroit in the first place. That, and the fact that the Chiefs were the only other team showing a real interest in him. I guess it feels pretty good knowing that a three-time Pro Bowler chose the Lions over the Chiefs. \

If this chance to play for the Lions doesn't allow Daunte to end his career right, on a high note; it will most certainly provide him a great reason to pull out that hideous, Lions looking fur coat from his closet and wear it proudly.


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