Tonight, I'm a Jamie Moyer Fan

Posted by Bob Biscigliano in

I know I picked the Rays to win the World Series and I should probably root for them so they win and I look smart. However, tonight, I'm sticking with my father--Jamie Moyer.

Jamie Moyer is not actually my father. Although he could be (he's 45, while I'm 23), he's someone I look up to like I would a father figure. You see, Moyer is a fellow, soft tossing left handed pitcher. Like the Moyers of the league, I probably never touched 88 MPH during my life.

Tonight, at the age of 45, Jamie Moyer is starting for the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Three of the World Series. After 22 years in the MLB, this will be Moyer's first WS start. Moyer throws 81 MPH consistently; and consistently, gets major league hitters out.

In the latter part of my baseball career, I dealt with a variety of shoulder injuries that prohibited me from ever throwing my normal 83-85 MPH. It's guys like Jamie Moyer who would still give me hope, knowing I could still pitch at not only the college level, but perhaps at the next level.

Once the injuries started settling into my arm, I had nowhere near the same control as I did before. I remember there being outtings when I would pray my fastball even made it to the plate, let alone cross the plate as a strike. Nonetheless, if I ever become a High School science teacher at the age of 40, my arm becomes fully healthy again, and I want to follow my childhood dream, it's Jamie Moyer that will still give me that hope.

Jamie Moyer is the type of baseball guy self acclaimed baseball guys dream to be. He has mastered the art of pitching over his 22 years in the league and it is absolutely scary to think about how good he would be if he had a 90+ MPH fastball. I know that's what everyone thought when they saw me pitch. (wink)

Jamie Moyer is the epitome of America's Past-time. Yogi Berra says baseball is 90 percent mental and I would say that Moyer fulfills every single percentage point of that quota. He's an old school baseball guy and the numbers for those types of players are slimming. It's not often anymore we hear stories about guys playing a single sport their entire life and when they are finally in a World Series claim, "It's been something that I've been dreaming about my whole life;" and they actually work hard enough at the game to reach that point at some point in their career.

Moyer may not be the ideal baseball idol, but he certainly fits within the framework of a typical one for me. I want the Rays to win the series, but I'm rooting for Jamie Moyer tonight. Cheers, Mr. Moyer...or can I call you Dad?


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