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Palamalu, what's kind of ridiculous is your terrible facial hair. You look like Tom Hanks in 'Castaway'. Although I do agree with Mr. Palamalu, he needs to cut that shit. No one is going to take him seriously.

I think he's sort of right though. The NFL is starting to get soft on us. That ticky-tack lousy call made against the LIons in Minnesota last week was atrocious. However, even when some calls aren't made in games, they are still winding up costing players money. That is ridiculous.

The fines and suspensions in the NFL are starting to pile up because Commissioner Goodell wants to clean up the image of the NFL. I'm all for that, to an extent. I'm not for it if it's going to make games in the National Football League wind up looking like an MLS match or an episode of Sesame Street.

I don't think fining every player and their mother for excessive touching is going to make the NFL a big, happy, clean imaged family. Let the players play.


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