Philadelphia Fans: What Just Happened?

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I have a nice, brief message to the city of Philadelphia: Take a long look in the mirror and realize what just happened to you, your city, and one of your professional teams tonight. Your MLB team, you know the Philadelphia Phillies, the team that was the first franchise to reach 10,000 losses a few years ago, just won the World Series. The freaking Fall Classic. They are the World Champs. Champions. The Best. The first championship for your city in 28 years!

So I'm going to ask you in my shriekiest voice possible: Why the HELL are you booing the man on stage who is about to hand you that first championship trophy in 28 years? As Chip put it so eloquently, how could you possibly feel like booing anything at this particular juncture in your lives?

Give me one good, logical reason!

You can't.

"Oh the poor bastard almost ruined it for us by making us play in those awful wet conditions. Boo hoo." (to be read like it's coming from a sarcastic adult doing a baby voice)

A reasonable person might ask, but how? Bud Selig would not have cost the Phillies the series if they had gone on to lose it. That's like Bartman being a proximate cause during the Cubs demise in the 2003 playoffs. He had absolutely nothing to do with the shortstop making an error and the team losing Game Seven. Just like Bud Selig would have had nothing to do with the Phillies losing the series, let alone Game Five!

"Oh, but boo hoo our footsies were cold and it was raining before the game even started..."

Again, a reasonable person would respond, what does that have to do with Bud Selig?

Maybe I can help you understand something, Philly. Bud Selig suspended Monday's game just as he should have. Had the Rays not scored a run in the 6th inning, he still would have suspended the game. Either way you look at it, the Phillies win. The city gets their first championship in 28 years. End of story, you should be happy.

Why is Bud Selig still getting booed then?

Maybe he should have never started the game on Monday. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt though. He was antsy in his pantsies for playoff baseball, just like anyone would and should have been. I know in 2006, I was praying the Tigers were going to play Game Five that Tuesday it was raining and eventually rained out instead of being PPD until Wednesday (although I was flying home Wednesday for a potential Game Six so of course I was especially unhappy about the PPD game).

Any normal fan can attest that they can't possibly wait another day for their team to play a game in the World Series. Hell, I may be too hardcore of a fan, but I'm always bummed when Tigers games are PPD in the regular season! I'm sure Bud Selig is no different. He wanted to get that World Series game in Monday as much as any Philadelphia fan would have rather been showered with champagne at midnight instead of mother nature's tears.

Instead, you won Game Five on Wednesday, in somewhat normal Fall Classic baseball conditions. A championship for the city, finally! Let's get reasonable now and look back on Monday. Instead of freezing your butts off in the rain during your celebration, you can celebrate as dry as one can possibly be while totally hammered and celebrating a championship in their beloved city for the first time in 28 years. There is nothing raining down on your parade, literally, except for maybe some dollar bills if you decide to celebrate at the gentleman's club down the street.

However all the "Oh good for their city" feelings I had vanished when I heard you boo Bud Selig. The absolute nerve you people have to boo the old man that's about to hand your team the World freaking Series Trophy. That's like booing the Priest when he announces communion your first day at Church after being Saved. 28 years of being trophyless and you ruin the moment by booing the man that bears the gift.

I'm going to tell you fans the same thing I told the ex-convict who booed Santa Clause the first time he came down the chimney with real gifts instead of coal because one of those gifts wasn't his favorite Golden Girls DVD: If another 28 years pass, I'm not going to feel sorry for you.



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