The Perfect Season

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The Lions lost again today. They are now an atrocious 0-7. At least we're not the worst team in the NFL! The Bengals are 0-8.

Anyway, the Lions managed to lose this game very similarly to the way they always do when they at least have a chance to win. Continuously WRs came up a yard shy of a first down on third and five, six, or seven yards. Almost identical to the Dallas game last year, we failed to fall on a crucial fumble because a thickheaded lineman envisioned himself basking in the glory of a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. What are the odds of a 300+ D-lineman returning a fumble for a touchdown anyway? Slim. Just fall on it. We've had bigger earthquakes in the United States and have come out okay.

Once again, like so many times before, the Lions committed silly penalties, failed to execute on key possessions, and allowed one or two huge scoring plays that would turn out to be the difference. To summarize, on 4th and a short 3 yards at the end of the game, Calvin Johnson had a two yard reception in Redskin territory, with the Lions down 8. Game Over. Whether the Lions called for a two yard route or Johnson unawaringly ran a two yard route, a yard short of the sticks, I do not know. It's happened before, and it's inexcusable.

All I know, is that if, and I emphasize the IF, the Lions would have converted the fourth down and gone on to score, the Lions probably would have gone for one point with hopes to win after recovering an onside kick. Okay, maybe they are not that disconnected from Planet Earth. They probably would called a great play for the two point conversion, broken ten tackles, only to fall short on the one yard line. You think that's not possible, but I assure you, it's possible with the Lions.

That brings me to the issue of the Lions possibly going 0-16. People are talking about it, people are making shirts, people are actually hoping for it. That's where the Lions fans have made another grave mistake. If we hope for an 0-16, it most certainly will not happen. We'll probably kick a game winning field goal in week 17 to improve to 1-15. At the same time, the Bengals finish 0-16 and that win also loses us a chance at the #1 overall pick in the draft.

No matter what, no matter how: the Lions never fail to disappoint.



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